Uncovering the Origins: When Were Sweatshirts Invented?

When were sweatshirts invented,Sweatshirts have become a staple in casual fashion, providing comfort and style for individuals around the world. However, the origins of sweatshirts are often overlooked. This article aims to uncover the history of sweatshirts, exploring their invention, evolution, and impact on fashion. From their humble beginnings as functional sportswear to their status as a fashion statement, sweatshirts have come a long way.

I. The Early Days: The Birth of Sweatshirts

A. The Emergence of Athleticwear

The roots of sweatshirts can be traced back to the emergence of athleticwear in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As sports and physical activities gained popularity, the need for comfortable clothing that could absorb sweat and provide warmth became apparent. Prior to the invention of sweatshirts, athletes often relied on heavy, woolen garments that were not conducive to physical activity.

B. The Birth of the Sweatshirt

The birth of the sweatshirt as we know it today is difficult to pinpoint to a specific moment or individual. However, it is believed that the prototype of the modern sweatshirt was developed in the 1920s. This coincided with the rise in popularity of collegiate sports and the need for suitable athletic attire. The primary goal was to create a garment that could provide warmth and absorb sweat effectively.

During this time, a loopback fabric was introduced, which revolutionized the industry. The loopback fabric, also known as Terry cloth, featured loops on the backside, which allowed for better moisture absorption and ventilation. This fabric became a game-changer in athletic apparel, providing enhanced comfort and practicality for athletes.

when were sweatshirts invented

To further enhance the functionality of the garment, ribbed waistbands and cuffs were added. The ribbed construction created a snug fit that helped retain body heat and prevent the sweatshirt from shifting during physical activity. This combination of loopback fabric and ribbed details laid the foundation for the sweatshirt’s defining features.

The early sweatshirts were plain and utilitarian in design, often devoid of any decorative elements. They were primarily worn by athletes and laborers who needed comfortable clothing for their activities. However, it wouldn’t be long before sweatshirts evolved beyond their initial purpose and gained popularity as casual and fashion-forward attire.

In conclusion, sweatshirts were born out of the need for comfortable and functional athleticwear. The introduction of loopback fabric and ribbed details in the 1920s laid the groundwork for the modern sweatshirt. These developments revolutionized the industry, providing athletes and sports enthusiasts with a garment that offered comfort, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties. The journey of sweatshirts had only just begun, setting the stage for their transformation into a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple.

II. From Sports Gear to Fashion Statement

A. Adoption by Collegiate Athletes

Sweatshirts gained popularity among collegiate athletes in the early 20th century. The comfortable and practical nature of sweatshirts made them ideal for athletes during training sessions and cooler weather. Collegiate sports teams began to incorporate sweatshirts into their uniforms, further popularizing their use.

B. The Rise of Hooded Sweatshirts

In the 1930s, hooded sweatshirts, commonly known as “hoodies,” were introduced. The addition of a hood provided extra warmth and comfort, making hooded sweatshirts even more appealing for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Hoodies quickly became associated with a sense of casual coolness and rebelliousness, gaining popularity among young people.

when were sweatshirts invented

III. Sweatshirts Entering Mainstream Fashion

A. Post-World War II Influence

Following World War II, sweatshirts started to transition from athleticwear to mainstream fashion. Returning soldiers embraced the comfort and practicality of sweatshirts, and their adoption by influential figures, such as actors and musicians, contributed to their growing popularity.

B. The Influence of Pop Culture

Sweatshirts gained significant traction in the 1970s and 1980s with the rise of pop culture. Movies, television shows, and music icons embraced sweatshirts as part of their iconic outfits, propelling them into the spotlight. The association of sweatshirts with youth culture, leisure, and comfort made them a fashion statement in their own right.

when were sweatshirts invented

IV. Sweatshirts: A Blank Canvas for Self-Expression

A. Customization and Personalization

Sweatshirts provided a blank canvas for self-expression, prompting individuals to customize and personalize their garments. Embroidered designs, patches, and screen-printed graphics allowed wearers to showcase their interests, affiliations, or artistic inclinations. This customization trend allowed sweatshirts to become an extension of the wearer’s personality and a form of creative expression.

B. The Evolution of Graphic Sweatshirts

As technology advanced, the availability of graphic design and printing techniques expanded. Sweatshirts became a medium for bold and eye-catching graphics, ranging from brand logos and slogans to artistic designs and patterns. Graphic sweatshirts allowed wearers to make a fashion statement and stand out from the crowd.

V. Sweatshirts as Cultural Signifiers

A. Sweatshirts and Subcultures

Sweatshirts played a significant role in various subcultures, serving as a cultural signifier. From the punk movement in the 1970s to the hip-hop culture of the 1980s, sweatshirts became a symbol of identity and affiliation. Different subcultures embraced sweatshirts as a part of their fashion uniform, adding a touch of rebellion and individuality to their style.

B. Sweatshirts in Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion, which emerged in the 1990s, heavily incorporated sweatshirts into its aesthetic. Influenced by urban culture and hip-hop music, streetwear fashion embraced the casual and comfortable nature of sweatshirts. High-end fashion brands also began incorporating sweatshirts into their collections, blurring the lines between streetwear and high fashion.

when were sweatshirts invented

VI. Technological Advancements and Innovation

A. Performance Sweatshirts

Technological advancements in fabrics and manufacturing techniques led to the development of performance sweatshirts. These sweatshirts incorporated moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and temperature-regulating properties, making them suitable for athletic activities and outdoor adventures. Performance sweatshirts transformed the functionality of sweatshirts, expanding their use beyond casualwear.

B. Sustainable Sweatshirts

With the increasing focus on sustainability in the fashion industry, sweatshirts made from organic materials or recycled fabrics have gained popularity. These sustainable sweatshirts not only provide comfort and style but also promote ethical and environmentally friendly practices. The incorporation of sustainable materials into sweatshirt production aligns with the growing importance of conscious consumerism.

when were sweatshirts invented

The Lasting Impact of Sweatshirts

The invention and evolution of sweatshirts have had a lasting impact on both fashion and culture. From their humble beginnings as functional athleticwear to their status as a fashion statement, sweatshirts have transcended their original purpose. The comfort, versatility, and ability to serve as a canvas for self-expression have made sweatshirts a timeless wardrobe staple. As fashion continues to evolve, sweatshirts will undoubtedly remain a symbol of comfort, style, and individuality.

All About Pastel Gothic Aesthetic


When it comes to the Gothic subculture, there’s also the image of a gloomy man in a black robe that precedes it. The image is complemented by a “noir” style of makeup and accentuated by dark accessories. So, who are pastel goths and how do they differ from ordinary ones?


Gothic subculture framework

Modern gothic fashion is a popular subculture that grew out of the British post-punk scene, when goth fans began wearing leather jackets, chains, combat boots, and dark makeup. The formation of modern Gothic fashion has gone through about 40 years. They are:

1960s: The Velvet Underground, The Doors and Nico were among the first bands to be labeled “Gothic”.

1970s: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division began to embrace the “Gothic” genre.

1980s: The rise of goth music inspires London’s first goth club called The Batcave.

1990s: Gothic music influenced other rock bands, such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Portishead.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Thus was born Gothic fashion, a style so unique that goth fans aspired to look like the badass musicians they saw on stage and imitate their outfits.

Over the past 40 years, modern goth fashion has consisted of some iconic goth clothing styles. I will list a few for you below:

Punk Goth: A more casual take on traditional gothic style with studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Pastel Goth: This goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors.

Gothic Lolita: Lolita refers to a beautiful young lady whose innocent appeal was contrasted by Japanese fashionistas with the not-so-subtle theme of death to create Gothic Lolita.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Cyber Goth: They are technological outcasts from the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair.

Victorian Goth: Victoria is a traditional style, elegant and luxurious, famous for its structured corsets, similar clothing and beautiful hairstyles. When Victoria is combined with Goth, it becomes a new Goth style.

Vintage Goth: Like a gothic 1920s masked girl wearing vintage clothes and a tiny feathered hat. Retro goths use red lipstick instead of black lipstick.

Fetish Goth: Sexy NDSM goths love leather and latex, featuring figure-hugging silhouettes, thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings, and more.

Steampunk Goth: Steampunk blends classic medieval costumes with elements of a futuristic dystopia.

Vampire Goth: Well, Vampire Goth combined with the vampire craze at that time.

gothic pastel aesthetic

What is pastel gothic?

Pastel Goth, aka “scary cute,” is all about mixing cuteness, innocence, and the very disturbing. This look features pastels, glitter, decay, blood, tears, and bandages. Often wearing colorful 80s T-shirts, Japanese comics, children’s jewelry and eye-catching eye contact. This is a fashion associated with Gothic Lolita.

Pastel gothic is a new gothic style that has only become popular in recent years. It first became popular on Tumbler. Pastel Goth originally originated in Japan and has a crossover with Confident Goth. But there are distinctions: pastel goth looks like a cross between Lolita and death rock, while also following current fashion trends like leggings, tank tops, and more. Pastel Gothic uses typical Gothic elements such as crosses, pentagrams, bats, and lots of spikes and rivets, but some things are presented through softer tones such as light pink, lavender, lavender, or mint green. of. They prefer light eye makeup, dye their hair a light color, or wear a light-colored wig. The overall style is simply creepy and cute.

gothic pastel aesthetic


Pastel gothic aesthetic makeup

One of the main points of pastel goth makeup is to emphasize the piercing of various parts, especially on the face. Decorations such as lip rings, nose rings, and tongue studs are common, and earrings are often in the shape of rivets, closely following the crazy feeling of death rock style. .

The second point is the heavy eye makeup, which paints almost the entire eye area in thick black, almost covering the entire eye socket, showing the depth of the eyes, as mysterious as wearing a mask. This is one painting method, and of course there is another lighter painting method: you can choose a light-colored eye shadow that is similar to or matching your hair color, and apply the base color to the entire eye socket. The eyebrows need to be long and thin to highlight the thickness of the eye makeup.

gothic pastel aesthetic makeup

If you want to know more about goth makeup, you can check our previous article: How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide


Pastel gothic aesthetic hairstyle

The most obvious thing about pastel goth is their hair color. Just like when you think of cyber goth, they are all highly saturated red, blue and green, and when you think of pastel goth, their hair color is light pink or light purple.

Many people choose wigs, but hair dyeing is also good. Some people choose wigs because they are not firmly committed to the pastel goth style, and their usual look will change between pastel goth and trad goth.

aesthetic pastel goth

More gothic hairstyles information, click here: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments


Pastel gothic aesthetic headwear

Goth headwear is rarely used, and more are earrings, necklaces, etc., but headwear is also good, especially when used in pastel goth. Match light pink with light purple headdress, light purple with light pink headdress, bow hairpins, and love-shaped hairpins.

aesthetic pastel goth

For a cool style, you can choose a headband with multi-rivet elements, while for a romantic and cute style, you can make a vine-structured garland, which has a soft and beautiful aesthetic.

aesthetic pastel goth


Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

From the 13th century to the first half of the 15th century, which was the late Middle Ages, Gothic architectural style blew into jewelry art. Pointed shapes replaced rounded forms, and the fineness of lines was also greatly improved. Pearls were inlaid at the tips of jewelry. Softening the sharp lines, pins, belts, rings and headdresses are the most typical jewelry accessories of this period.

Gothic jewelry flows with the oldest black blood, with mysterious magnificence, mixed with a little romance, spreading power in silence.

Advocating the ultimate complexity in darkness, with a bit of weirdness, it carves out the eternal soul, penetrating the line of sight like the beautiful smile of the Gothic princess, and staying in your bone marrow.

Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

Gothic jewelry has a very eye-catching performance in major brands. The American jewelry brand Bochic is inspired by the Gothic style. Its earring series is embellished with black, white, gray, brown and other diamonds, and uses exquisite hand-carving techniques to present a gothic classic style full of charm.

The mysterious black diamonds and metallic platinum create a magical dark night atmosphere; while a huge star inlaid in the middle reflects the shining of the lone star in the dark night.

Pastel gothic jewelry is matched with a variety of colors.

pastal goth


9 Impressive Goth Cartoon Characters


I believe that everyone has a certain understanding and curiosity about goth cartoon characters. Maybe some people’s understanding of goth begins with some goth cartoon characters, so let’s talk about these goth cartoon characters specifically!


Sam Manson from “Danny Phantom”

High bun, purple lipstick, purple tights, baby shirts…that’s Sam Manson, one of the main characters in the animated series “Danny Phantom.”

You can tell her goth style by the large expanses of black and purple she wears.

She’s not your typical goth cartoon character. Beyond combat boots and necklaces, there’s also a spirit of challenging convention at every turn. Whether advocating for her super-recycled vegan beliefs or delving into ghostly adventures, Sam’s gothic flair isn’t just about appearance, it’s a bold statement of her strong personality. In a world where trends are fleeting and superficial, Sam stands out, proving the authenticity and depth that goth culture prizes.

Sam Manson from Danny Phantom goth cartoon characters
Sam Manson from Danny Phantom


Lucy L. Loud from “The Loud House”

Lucy Loud stands out in The Loud House as the embodiment of all things goth, even amidst the chaos of ten siblings.

As young as 8 and later 9, she began delving into Gothic poetry and led the undertakers club at Royal Woods Primary School. Her pale complexion and black hair mysteriously cover her eyes, adding to her eerie aura.

Although dressed in monochromatic outfits and often exuding a melancholic air, Lucy has a heart; she feels deeply and is more sensitive than her stoic appearance might suggest.

This dark-loving damsel not only has the style and mysterious appearance of Edgar Allan Poe; She’s a multifaceted character who occasionally shines through dark gloom, proving there’s more to her than meets the (hidden) eye.

goth cartoon characters Lucy L. Loud from The Loud House
Lucy L. Loud from The Loud House



Shego from “Kim Possible”

Shego is a very popular character, indeed. I often see the combination of Kim Possible and Shego in some cosplay situations. They are very suitable for group dress up.

Now let’s talk about her goth style. In fact, for cartoon goth characters, the most obvious features are black hair and black lips. Shego’s typical green tights suit shows her character’s classic color combination: green and black. This almost modern clothing is actually an evolved gothic style. Who says that gothic style must be trad goth or victoria goth?

goth cartoon character Shego from Kim Possible
Shego from Kim Possible


Marceline from “Adventure Time”

Marceline has a tomahawk-modified bass guitar, which is actually an important feature of goth characters in cartoons: they always seem to have to carry a guitar.

Playing the guitar melancholy under the moonlight seems to be one of the important scenes in animation to show the character of a Goth.

The painting style of Adventure Time is very cute, but this is not inconsistent with Marceline’s gothic style. Her long hair and little fangs are also cute, as are the bat patterns on the lamps and bedside in the room.

Marceline from Adventure Time goth cartoon character
Marceline from Adventure Time


Raven from “Teen Titans”

If you really want to dress up as a cartoon goth, I think it’s easiest for you to dress up as Raven. It’s not that she is the most gothic, but her costume is very simple: you only need a cloak.

The cloak is almost one of the most mysterious clothing. It is half-covered and only the lower half of the face is exposed. Walking in the dark will automatically turn into a black shadow – fantastic!

Raven actually has straight hair under the cloak, of course, black hair, again! It seems that we often see this kind of character in cartoons: expressionless, taciturn, mysterious but beautiful. Raven can be said to be the originator of this type of character.

Raven from Teen Titans goth characters in cartoons
Raven from Teen Titans


Andrea from “Daria”

Andrea is a very individual person, and obviously goth characters in cartoons are very individual. She often expresses dissatisfaction, like for every aspect in school. She also has a kind of dry humor, or a sense of sarcasm, which is the same with many gothic cartoon characters. They usually don’t speak, but when they speak, they are full of sarcasm.

Andrea’s interest in alternative music, art, and counterculture is also mentioned in the plot, and these seem to be the interests of Goths in many plot arrangements.

Andrea from Daria goth characters in cartoons
Andrea from Daria


Draculaura from “Monster High”

As the name suggests, you can tell that she is a vampire figure. If you have read our previous articles, you know that one of the goth styles is the vampire goth. Not to mention her pink and black matching, which is very consistent with pastel goth’s aesthetic: it not only cleverly combines Victorian elegance and modern punk clothing, but also embodies a lively and cute feeling.

Draculaura is also a pure vegetarian vampire who does not drink blood but eats vegetables. This setting gives this character a counter-cultural sense of rebellion, which is very much in line with our goth spirit.

Draculaura from Monster High goth cartoon characters female
Draculaura from Monster High


Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice”

The animated Beetlejuice is inspired by Tim Burton’s film of the same name, Beetlejuice. Just like our impression of director Tim Burton, the animation is also full of fantastic colors. It is worth mentioning that the role of Lydia Deetz in the movie is played by Winona Ryder.

Lydia Deetz from "Beetlejuice" goth cartoon characters female

Lydia Deetz in the movie is very similar to her image in the cartoon, sharing a high short ponytail hairstyle, an all-black jumpsuit, and a big, round black hat. Like many gothic characters, Lydiau enjoys reading some literary classics, such as the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King and other gothic and horror writers. There is no doubt that she is creative, smart, lively, perceptive, and has just the right amount of cute quirkiness.

Lydia Deetz from "Beetlejuice" goth cartoon characters female
Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice”


Gaz from “Invader Zim”

Gaz’s outfit is really a typical teenage goth look, with an oversized skull pattern top, red striped jeans, purple dyed hair, black or dark purple eye shadow, maybe and a skull necklace…classic.

Her expression always seemed impatient, as if any sarcastic words coming out of her mouth were appropriate. Her favorite things are pizza and video games, and her personality is grumpy, dark, cynical, and even antisocial.

What’s also interesting is that her hairstyle looks like a roaring mouth: with five fangs.

Gaz from Invader Zim cartoon goth characters
Gaz from Invader Zim



Through our introduction to 9 goth cartoon characters, now do you now know more about goth cartoon characters?

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Multiple Male Victorian Goth Ideas 2023 (Part.1)

Gothic style changes

If you want to do a male Victorian goth style cosplay, then please take a look. We have prepared Gothic features in different style categories classified by time period, just for your reference.

male victorian goth


Medieval Male Victorian Goth Style

In fact, if you look closely at Notre Dame de Paris, you can draw the main signs of Gothic style:

  • Pointed arch;
  • Stained glass windows;
  • Frustrated;
  • Pointed, elongated shape;
  • Mythical monsters that scare passers-by.

These characteristics are also reflected in the clothes. During the Dark Middle Ages and the reign of Queen Victoria, lower-class women could not wear clothes made of expensive fabrics such as silk or velvet, so this material and fabric in turn reflected the status of the nobility. And the longer the clothes, the more noble the noble status is reflected. Medieval Gothic shoes were also common, with grotesquely long toes, sometimes up to half a meter long.

male victorian goth

Intrinsic attributes of male victorian goth clothing:

  • Velvet;
  • Men’s tall pointed hat;
  • Pointed toe elongated shoes;
  • Stand collar;
  • Sharp cuffs;
  • Gorgeous sleeves for coats and caftans.

By the way, black started to take hold much later. The clothes back then were bright and vibrant: burgundy, blue, lavender and green. Fabrics with floral decorations are also common.


1970s Punk Goth

Most people think that goth is goth and punk is punk, but punk goth is indeed a very common style. In the later period of the punk era, the Gothic style began to ferment. During this chaotic period, what emerged was punk goth, which was full of black pop and filled with depression and decadence.

Features: straps, messy hair, dark circles, rivet elements, black nails, red plaid trousers

1970s male punk goth


1980s New Romantic Goth

The big trend in the 1980s was elegance, which is most in line with what we all call “retro style” now. Compared with the previous male goth style, it pays more attention to hairstyle and eye makeup. It will become more delicate and delicate than the previous rough lines, and some elements of formal bow ties and decent straps will be added.

Features: Exquisite eye makeup (purple or blue tones), elegant curly hair, large collared tops, coats with large hemlines, straight trousers…etc.

1980s new romantic goth


1985s Trad Goth

Trad Goth style is generally regarded as the most well-known and “orthodox” Gothic style. Deep black eyeliner, eye shadow, messy hair, headbands, metal cross necklaces, boots with metal decorations, fishing net, black leather clothing, etc. These elements that have been used to this day also gradually took shape at this time.

trad goth male


1990s The Vampire Goth

Fashion is a cycle indeed. And Gothic style is constantly changing between rough and elegant. Step into the 90s, here comes the vampire goth style. I have to mention the vampire craze at that time. Various vampire stories, legends, movies, and animations were everywhere, setting off a trend of loving vampires. And our goth style coincides with the image of vampires because of its dark and mysterious characteristics. Black and red became the main colors of goth style in this period, and because of the famous Duke Nicholas, the vampire goth was very suitable for male goth.

If you want to dress up as a charming vampire for the upcoming Halloween, don’t forget these points: black sharp nails, small fangs, red pupils, long straight black hair, white lace aristocratic shirt, black cloak robe.

Vampire Goth male


1995s Industrial Goth

Industrial goth is also closely related to the social environment at that time. Industry developed rapidly and there were more and more factories. Therefore, there was also an industrial style becoming a trend in the fashion industry.

Whether it’s the slender ends of hair that have been deliberately dampened with hairspray, the sleeveless black leather jacket, or the leather gloves and boots, they are all unique products of the industrial goth of this era. This kind of gothic style is a rare one that highlights muscle strength and exposes skin, so it is also very suitable for male’s dressing up.

industrial goth male


2000s Cyber Goth

Cyber goth is truly a super unique category that stands out even among the various gothic styles: you can easily identify the cyber goth style by its unique dreadlocks and oxygen masks, and maybe their colorful designs.

The update of fashion is inseparable from the development of the general environment of the times. The fashion of the 2000s is inseparable from the fast development of the Internet. People highly admire content contain the elements like future, technology, and cyber themes, so much so that almost formed a mania.

This also makes cyber goth have a big difference from other gothic styles: it boldly uses bright and conspicuous fluorescent colors, while before this, almost all gothic styles only used gloomy and dark colors.

cyber goth male


2005s Emo Goth

Emo goth is also a very special type, which gave birth to the sorry not sorry attitude that I personally like very much. This straightforward way of expressing one’s emotions is still worth learning today: learning to express can save a lot of things.

Emo itself is actually an independent subculture. Some people think that emo is emo and goth is goth, just like the relationship between punk and goth. Emo goth is goth who prefers emotional hardcore (that is, the full spelling of emo). style, paying more attention to self and emotion. I don’t know if it’s because of this, but one of the characteristics of emo goth is a lot of piercings, in addition to long hair that covers half of the face, tight jeans, and riveted belts and bracelets.

male emo goth


2010s Edwardian Goth

Edwardian goth has been very in line with modern people’s aesthetics. Many people don’t know this category because it is almost in line with mainstream aesthetics.

With his pale face and black suit, he is not much different from a somewhat gloomy aristocratic young man. Many people will pair it with a black gentleman’s hat and a cane to increase the atmosphere and momentum. If you don’t mind a little more exaggeration, shoulder feathers and a glimpse of a spiky mustache would fit in better.

Edwardian goth male


2015s Death Rock Revival Goth

What am I saying? After elegance comes wildness.

Death rock revival goth is almost a middle ground between traditional goth and punk, with overall attire influenced by ghost literature, immortal comic book characters and punk rock music.

If there is a style that has the most torn fishnet stockings, the thickest eye makeup, and the messiest hair, I would definitely say death rock revival goth. Boys who like wild themes should not miss this style.

2015s Death Rock Revival Goth


2020s Pastel Goth

The closest goth style to our time. From my understanding, the most obvious characteristic of Pastel Goth style is actually its cuteness.

Compared with all the cold metal jewelry before, Pastel Goth give it a chance to use plastic, small and cute pastel jewelry, like hairpins, earrings, necklaces, etc.

Pink and purple have become the main colors, which is a further evolution of cyber goth.

Don’t worry, of course boys can try the Pastel Goth style. This is a style where everyone can become cute and beautiful, I’m telling you.

male Pastel Goth



I believe that after these sorting out, you already know the male goth style you want, and also know how to highlight the characteristics of this style. If you still want to know how to wear modern and fashionable gothic style daily outfit, please continue to follow us.

Goth Ita Bag: Questions And Answers


Do you know what ita bag is? Do you know what the essence of ita bag is? Do you know what types of ita bags there are? Do you know how to clean ita bag? Starting from goth ita bag, we have prepared a complete guide for goth ita bag for you! Come and find out!

goth ita bag


What is goth ita bag?

First, for ita bag, which refers to a bag covered with anime character badges and dolls. Because such a bag makes people feel “strange and exaggerated (“pain” in Japanese means this)”, it is called “itabag”.

In simpler terms, an itabag is a bag with a transparent interlayer on the outside, and then you can fill the interlayer with your favorite things and show it to everyone!

In fact, “ita culture” has already been formed in many places.

Many countries even hold “itacar competitions” where you can see all kinds of exaggeratedly decorated cars.

ita car

Or even, ita plane!!!



What is the essence of itabag?

As mentioned before, the biggest feature of itabag is its display! Well, what is on display is obviously the essence of itabag!

The items in itabag are unified into goods, and this is what makes itabag different from other ordinary bags.

Goods refers to all commodities and goods.

In the context of the ACG cultural circle, goods specifically refers to peripheral products related to ACG works, such as badges, cards, figures, pendants, standing plaques, etc.

Based on this, a unique display philosophy was derived. Making itabag is one of the expressions of ita culture.

goth ita bag


What types of itabags are there?

We have already briefly understood what itabag is, so let’s talk about the scope it covers in detail.

Generally speaking, ita bag combines two important elements: ACG elements + exaggerated shape.

Many girls who wear Lolita clothing will carry an itabag, which can be called a lolita itabag. So as the name suggests, a goth ita bag is a goth style ita bag.

In fact, everything can be “ita” as you want. You can put any product you want to display in itabag, literally everything, as long as it can fit.

goth ita bags


Features Of Goth Ita Bags

The first is color. As we all know, the representative colors of our goths are dark colors such as black, white, and purple. If you want to match your gothic style, remember to choose the base color!

Secondly, it is decoration. In fact, the charm of most ita bags mainly relies on the owner’s own decoration. The commonly used accessories of our goth ita bags are also easy to imagine, such as rivets, crosses, metal chains (combine them to get metal crosses!), bat wings, roses thorns, and butterflies, butterflies, butterflies! !

Generally, ita bags will use large pieces of transparent material, but this does not mean that you cannot innovate. The use of elegant leather and velvet can well neutralize the cheap feeling of plastic. Don’t forget the embroidery element, this is also an advanced tip to enhance the beauty of ita bag!

Features of goth ita bags


Goth Ita Bags In Different Shapes

Based on the generally superb DIY abilities of the owners, ita bags come in almost all kinds of shapes that you can’t even imagine, but they couldn’t do it without them! Next, we will introduce one by one the ita bag shapes that are more suitable for goth style. There may be types you have never thought of!


Square Goth Ita Bag

The first is the square shape. In fact, most ita bags are square. The square shape can ensure a large number of goods and ensure the largest space to display your exquisite badges and dolls, but it also limits other DIY ideas. . If you are a novice, buying a square ita bag is an unmistakable choice.

square goth ita bags


Heart Shaped Goth Ita Bag

Compared with the square heart, the heart-shaped ita bag is more suitable for goth style. The shape of heart reflects the two important cores of goth: emotion and love.

The particularity of the heart shape makes the entire ita bag look special and can directly express your love for the displayed character(s)!

And, regardless of anything else, the heart shape is really cuuuuute!

heart goth ita bags


Coffin Shaped Goth Ita Bag

If I were to nominate a kind of ita bag that is most suitable for goth style, I would have to say it is this coffin-shaped goth ita bag!

When I saw it for the first time, I was shocked, but I quickly felt that this black humor-like display was really in line with the essence of goth style personality.

In fact, many people will put their characters who really died (in the original work) in a coffin ita bag. This can be regarded as a funeral full of rituals and an exquisite form of mourning.

In addition, many people will put their BJD dolls of suitable size in this kind of coffin ita bag for display. To be honest, it is really a work of art.

Thanks to its unexpected shape, the coffin ita bag is eye-catching without too much decoration.

coffin goth ita bags


Goth Ita Bag In Other Shapes

In fact, most ita bag owners generally have superb DIY skills, so many ita bags are literally made by themselves, not to mention the display layer, even the shapes are also various and versatile.

For example, Hatsune Miku’s ita bag, which was very popular a while ago, uses the image of the character itself. The ita layer is Miku’s big mouth. It’s sooooo cute and creative! ! I think every Miku will want to own such an adorable itabag and show off all the Miku goods they’ve got!

If you want to make your own unique ita bag, this completely DIY way is also highly recommended!

miku itabag


The general process of making ita bags

What many people don’t know is that the goods displayed in itabag are all fixed to ensure that the entire display will not be messed up when the bag is moved. Now let’s talk about the general process of fixedly displaying goods.

  • Prepare a board of suitable size, and after imagining the layout, use glue to glue or tie the goods (usually the badge first).
  • Place various accessories on the panel at appropriate places.
  • Put the tie plate into the protective layer of the bag and adjust the position.
  • If there is a plush ball, place it at the bottom to prevent it from blocking the badge.
  • The more accessories the better, they mainly serve as a foil to make the goods look better.

goth ita bag


10 Goth Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

Halloween is coming soon, have you decided what to dress up as? We have prepared 10 perfect goth Halloween costume ideas here! Classic icons never go out of style!



Vampires are elegant, terrifying and spectacular creatures. They represent the sophistication and elegance of the dark side. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the only vampire at your Halloween party. You can make your costume look impressive by adding a unique touch to your gothic jewelry, Halloween accessories. Don’t forget about the makeup and the long vampire cloak, these are one of the most important details of the vampire costume.

Costumes of vampires can be black, red, white or purple. You can also combine these colors.

goth halloween ideas: vampire



Through the influence of various film and television works and fairy tales, witches seem to have a fixed image in our minds: hooked nose, wrinkled face, pointed hat, robe, crutch… But you can create a unique one for sure! Maybe your version of a witch is young, stunning and attractive.

Suitable colors for witches would be: black, sapphire green, dark blue, crimson… Right, please don’t forget your wand~

goth costume ideas- witch



In fact, the image of the devil is different in different works. The anime I watched recently is called Helluva Boss. The background of the story is hell. I believe you can find the little devil you like~

Helluva Boss Halloween ideas
Helluva Boss

The Miss Hellhound in the picture is called Luna. The character is that of a classic goth teenager: earrings, black gloves, black short top… Did anyone notice that her suspender is a five-pointed star? Cool! I think she should be my candidate for Halloween costume this year.


Little Red Riding Hood

Wear all red and throw on a cape to look like you’ve stepped out of this classic tale, and it’s even more perfect if you add a picnic basket for grandma. But since we are a goth-themed site, let’s make a few small changes: either you change the bright red cape to a darker red, or you can be bold and go all black with a black hat!

A dark version of Little Red Riding Hood is perfect for dressing up and asking for candy on Halloween! She even brought a little basket for candy! Who can say no to a little basket?

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween idea goth halloween costume ideas


Sailor Moon

A long-lasting series, one of the great benefits of famous characters is: everyone knows who you are! Although this is already a very classic Japanese anime, it still has a lot of potential for transformation. What do you think of the dark version of Sailor Moon?

To cosplay Sailor Moon better, what you need is actually the overall color matching and the gemstones that match your color image~

Sailor Moon Halloween idea


Hotel Transylvania

This movie is almost a hodgepodge of monsters, I believe you will be able to find your favorite characters in this movie! And because there are so many classic characters, this movie is also a good reference for friends and family who want to form a group for Halloween cosplay.

Mavis is also one of my Halloween choices ~ a cute little vampire princess, a simple black dress and classic black hair and black lips, what a simple and modern gothic outfit.


Count Dracula is also a very good candidate for goth Halloween costume ideas. First of all, he is really famous. There are only two classic parts: fangs and cloak. The main points of the cloak are: black on the outside and red on the inside, and a large stand-up collar (reminds me of my dog’s Elizabethan collar though)


Hotel Transylvania Halloween
Hotel Transylvania


The Addams Family (movie)

A gothic classic that needs no introduction.

I have already mentioned Wednesday and Madam Morticia in my previous article. Wednesday’s classic braids and black skirt may make people who see her for the first time think she is a very well-behaved child.

Morticia Addams, slim-fitting black fishtail skirt, classic gothic makeup, always elegant figure – no wonder Mr. Addams always: oh, Cara Mia~

Friends who don’t know how to apply Goth makeup can refer to our previous article: Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial

The Addams Family Halloween ideas
The Addams Family


Wednesday (TV series)

Wednesday is the personal episode of Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family that I mentioned above. In terms of image, the biggest change on Wednesday seems to be the addition of bangs.

The reason why I added this TV series to the recommendation list is mainly because I really like the character called Enid Sinclair from the show. She is Wednesday’s colorful werewolf roommate at Nevermore Academy. One of the characteristics of her image is colorful. She is sooooooo cute! Her fashion style is very consistent with the pastel goth we mentioned before, which is a gothic form that combines colorful features and contemporary aesthetics.

Enid Sinclair, Wednesday
Enid Sinclair, Wednesday


Edward Scissorhands

This is a famous movie in every dimension. Although people may not necessarily think of this movie first when they think of Gothic, this movie is undoubtedly a Gothic movie. Director Tim Burton’s technique and aesthetics are amazing. Edward has scissor blades for hands. This classic image from film and television is naturally very suitable for our gothic Halloween costume ideas!

Edward’s scissor hands can be realized with gloves. DIY or purchasing props directly are both very good choices. The former is fun and the latter is convenient. In addition to his iconic hands, his hair and makeup are also obvious features to achieve. His hair is messy, as if he woke up after applying too much hairspray. As for his makeup, it’s pale, white for face, black for the eyes and the lips.

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands



Many people may not know this animation, but I particularly like this work. You can easily see girls wearing Lolita clothing in Japanese anime, but rarely see some real goth themes. But Gosick is one of those series gothic animations. The theme about Gosick is basicly about mystery and the two main characters falling in love. The hero meets heroine Victorique on the top floor of the school library (she lives there).

Victorique de Blois is a strange, doll-like little girl. Victorique is the classic image of a Goth girl. The background of the animation is set in the Victorian era. Victorique’s clothes are exactly the classic Victorian Gothic style!

Victorique, Gosick
Victorique, Gosick


For matching to complete our goth style, you may want to know our article on goth nails: Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas


Everything About Victorian Goth: All You Want To Know

Victorian Goth Era

Where did gothic fashion originate?

While writing this blog about Victorian Goth, we cannot fail to mention the Victorian Era, their lifestyle and customs. While Gothic fashion has evolved broadly into modern Cyber Goth and Pastel Goth, the classic Victorian Gothic style remains at the core of the movement.

In a previous blog about Gothic hairstyles, we mentioned these Gothic categories. Friends who are interested can take a look.

victorian goth


What is Victorian Goth style?

Essentially gothic mourning clothing.

Victorian Gothic clothing was primarily black, but was often accented with darker tones of purple, crimson, or green.

Death was a constant presence in the Victorian era due to high mortality rates. While society now tends to view death and darkness as “taboo,” the Victorians considered these elements a part of their daily lives and were very open about death.

Their willingness to face death leads them to use clothing to express their state of mourning. Everything is black to express the deep sadness of their loss, and then as time passes, during “semi-mourning,” the colors lighten to gray tones.


What is Victorian Goth style?


The men wore black gloves and dark suits, and if they wore a hat, it was specially paired with a black strap.

For women, mourning dress was very strict, with lots of black, often scratchy pleated material, and widows often wore a black veil, which could be changed to white later. While men were only required to wear mourning clothes for a few months, women were required to wear mourning clothes for two years.

Since it was considered unlucky to leave mourning clothes in the house after the mourning period was over, they were often disposed of, so purchasing new mourning clothes was commonplace in the Victorian era.

Since 1994, fans of the Victorian Goth aesthetic have descended on the North Yorkshire town of Whitby for the annual Goth Weekends, which have grown to become one of the premier Goth events in the world.


victorian goth dress


What is the difference between gothic and Victorian Gothic style?

  1. Different styles and concepts
  • The Victorian style reinterprets the meaning of classics, abandons mechanical and rational aesthetics, and begins a new definition of artistic value in human life.
  • Gothic architectural style expresses strong emotions of mystery, pathos and sublimity with excellent architectural skills.
  1. The time of rise is different.
  • The Victorian style was an artistic restoration style formed during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) in England in the 19th century.
  • Gothic architectural style originated in France in the 12th century and lasted until the 16th century, earlier than the Victorian style.
  1. Is it religious?

From an architectural perspective, the Victorian style was non-religious, it mainly reflected the art of royalty. Gothic style architecture has a strong religious color, and its buildings are mainly used for churches.


victorian goth dress


Victorian Goth Fashion

Common elements: black, lace, corset, dress, top hat, cape top

While the Queens may have been unwitting trend-setters, they were already inspiring future goth and punk kids, long before the Sex Pistols played God Save the Queen, long before Morrissey whispered “The Queen is dead” in frustration.

After her husband’s death in 1861, Queen Victoria of England fell into mourning for the rest of her life. The impact on fashion was evident almost instantly, as many began to sympathize with the Queen’s all-black wardrobe. The popularity and persistence of black as the color of death not only created associations with evil, sin, darkness, and death, but also evolved into the color of anti-establishment rebellion.


Queen Victoria of England
Queen Victoria of England


Black Clothing as an Expression of Separation

By wearing black every day for more than four decades, Queen Victoria may have unwittingly influenced a subtle form of protest fashion known as the “black bloc” – wearing all black as a means of separating oneself from mainstream society.

Queen Victoria of England
Queen Victoria of England


The influence of Victorian fashion on modern Gothic style

In addition to the influence of Queen Victoria’s choice of black as the main color of her wardrobe, the influence of the Victorian era in general remains an ever-present part of the gothic aesthetic. Elements such as lace and ribbons can be seen in Gothic Lolita fashion, High Goth fashion, and a variety of romantic Goth clothing. Even the pastel goth clothing retains some Victorian influence.


Victorian Goth Fashion And Bauhaus Band

In the 1980s, gothic fashion reached new depths with the emergence of bands such as The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Bauhaus, whose fashion trends embodied It captures the moody, dark aesthetics of Gothic culture.

The Victorian gothic style is still accompanied by a new macabre cocktail that includes fishnets, elaborate makeup, pale skin and a dash of the Westwood Mardi Gras aesthetic.


Bauhaus Band, goth band
Band Bauhaus


Bauhaus‘s influence soon permeated the emerging subculture, as their dark, atmospheric live performances of music and theater were highlighted by their signature black leather, fishnet stockings, and dramatic makeup—all of which became known as goth stylish logo.

One of the most iconic elements of the Bauhaus fashion style was the use of the “bat” symbol, which became synonymous with the band’s look and aesthetic. The symbol is still incorporated into various Gothic fashion pieces, appearing on jewelry, accessories and clothing.


Bauhaus Band symbol bat
symbol bat of Bauhaus Band



Victorian Goth Makeup

Black and purple are the absolute protagonists of Victorian goth makeup. The melancholy of black and the romance of purple not only have the unique complex and elegant atmosphere of the Victorian era, but are also very suitable for matching with Victorian-style clothing.

In terms of hairstyle, smooth and elegant buns and long wavy hair parted in the middle are very suitable. It should be noted that in order to cater to the Victorian goth style, the color of the hairstyle should not be too bright. Unlike our popular pastel goth style, rich black may not be a wrong choice.


Victorian Goth Makeup


For more goth makeup information, you can see our previous article for details: How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide.

Victorian Goth Clothing

In this section, let’s discuss about Victorian Goth Clothing. I’ve listed four features of Victorian dress here for your information and reference.



As the most representative of Victorian style, I chose lace, which has an antique feel to it.

The finest lace is handmade and expensive, and has a couture feel to it. During the Victorian era, women loved lace on necklines, cuffs and hemlines. At tea time, white embroidered lace tablecloths and napkins were also used to create a moody atmosphere.


Victorian Goth Clothing:Lace



Ruffles are simply synonymous with gentleness and elegance, revealing the classical and noble temperament of the new era. After incorporating the British royal temperament, the stretched ruffles spread across the entire shoulder of the dress. In conjunction with the cutting of the round skirt, the ruffles are modified with wx drapey lines, which further shows the elegant charm of the aristocracy.

The most famous are the Victorian style cake dresses, and even today, short cake dresses for everyday wear and long cake dresses for balls are very popular.


Victorian Goth Clothing:Ruffles


Wrap Buttons

Buttons are, in fact, an essential detail of a Victorian costume, delicate and elaborate. Wrapping the buttons in silk or satin, the same material as the garment, shows a seamless decorative touch and reflects the meticulous workmanship of customized craftsmanship.


Victorian Goth Clothing:Wrap Buttons


Bow Tie

There’s nothing to say, everyone knows.

The bow is an important symbol of the Victorian era and remains popular throughout any era. Who can resist a bow tie?

To be honest, the bows of the Victorian era emphasized the long ribbons. Whether it is a thick and wide ribbon or a slender rope, it has an elegant beauty flowing in the wind.


Victorian Goth Clothing:Bow Tie