A Complete Introduction About Goth Emoji in 2023


From black leather jackets, black trousers, black court clothes, to evil symbols such as pentagrams and inverted crosses, vampires, Frankensteins, witches, The Addams Family, The Cure band… Goethe (Goth is associated with death, darkness, horror movies, and mysticism.

This subculture, which originated from post-punk and Gothic rock music in the 1980s, is everlasting and has a wide range of influence, including music, movies, fashion, makeup, hairstyling, visual arts, and literature animation, video games and other different fields, full of the classical aesthetics of the Germanic peoples in medieval Europe and the pessimism of the late 19th century, it is still popular among many people today.


Goth Emoji Recommended

In this section, I will directly introduce to you some useful Gothic remojis that I usually use. The words are not expressive, but the pictures are ok! Feel free to share your favorite goth emoji with me.


Black Children Goth Emoji

“Goth Emojis” is designed for this group of sentimental “black children”. It has all the major Gothic cultural icons and is carefully designed by Lisen Haglund, an illustrator with the online name “NATTSKIFTET”. It is now available on the App Store and Facebook. If you have a crush on a cool Gothic beauty who likes to wear black eyeliner and eye shadow, white foundation, vest and black silk stockings, and you feel that she is too cool and difficult to approach, you might as well download and WhatsApp her, she may open up a conversation. But it’s not a mistake to talk to your elders, so I’ll bother you.

Black Children Goth Emoji goth emoji combos


Laughing and breaking your heart

“Although the expression is smiling, the glasses are very sad.” The second creation of the classic smile emoji adds black split hearts and crying black eyeshadow, which reflects the gothic black makeup style and the gothic style. The hearts are also all black hearts.

Laughing and breaking your heart gothic emoji


Tiny gothic emojis

That is, classic emojis. Although there are so many memes now, and everyone seems to be able to easily create their own emojis, it is also a very interesting process to give new meanings to classic original emojis. If you are just chatting with a friend and suddenly discover the wonderful use of a certain classic tiny emoji, this becomes an internal joke between you and can suddenly heat up the relationship between you.

Tiny gothic emojis goth emoticons


Love goth emoji

If you need a friendly and convenient emoji, and your style is gothic style, then you can definitely use this emoji!

This goth emoji with a black heart can not only convey your friendliness well, but also reflect your personal uniqueness and personality.

Love goth emoji Black Children Goth Emoji goth emojis iphone


Nail polish goth emoji

I found that everyone’s transformation of gothic emojis is very accurate and interesting. It only requires the smallest changes to get the biggest laughs.

Just like this nail polish emoji, you should have seen it a lot. Normally the nail polish here should be pink, but someone changed it to black nail polish, and it suddenly became a goth emoji!

I don’t know what the official meaning of this emoji is. In fact, the use of many emojis is quite different from their own meanings. But I usually use it when expressing “I don’t care” or “whatever”, etc. It is really very refreshing and can give people the feeling of a master who doesn’t care about everything.

Well, this nail polish goth emoji even has variants and upgraded versions, so you can add the pattern you want (skull, bat, whatever) to your nails. You can even have your own goth emoji!

Nail polish goth emoji Frowning goth emoji gothic emojis


Frowning goth emoji

This is so cute! The moment I saw this frowning emoji with long slanted bangs, many faces seemed to flash through my mind. If the bangs were purple and the hair was a little more fluffy, he would be my boyfriend in Stardew Valley: Sebastian.

This is another example of small changes, big laughs.

Frowning goth emoji gothic emojis


Gothic iconic emojis

These are all emojis that contain gothic classic images, but they are not very used in daily life. They are not as practical as the ones I mentioned above. After all, the emojis we use in our lives generally express emotions. Mostly.

However, when you send social posts such as SNS, they can often help you enhance your copywriting. A beautiful gothic castle or a small black cross is almost more useful than a real scene and a lot of text description.

Gothic iconic emojis


Minimalist goth emojis

In fact, this set of emojis does not highlight the Gothic style too obviously, but you can tell at a glance that it is a Gothic style emojis, why? Maybe it’s because of the solid but hollow glasses, the thick black lines, and the contrasting black and white colors!

This set of gothic emojis is also very commonly used. I often use it when making electronic handbooks or electronic posters. It is very suitable for both paintings and text. If you want to try making a gothic poster yourself, this set of cute goth emojis will be your source of inspiration!

Minimalist goth emojis


The influence of Goth emojis

Due to the popularization of new media such as the Internet and mobile phones, the economic and technical barriers for young people to use new media have been broken. They themselves have gradually become the subjects of discourse and continue to build their own discourse environment. Adults use emojis to assist text to express their feelings better.

This is why I say emojis can convey meaning better, a small goth emoji can perfectly reflect your personality and cuteness.

emoji gothic

Spread of subculture among youth groups. Internet emoticons combine text, images, sounds and other technical means to easily participate in the production and dissemination of subculture. With the popularization of Internet media, youth groups have won a broader and freer “writing” space for themselves by skillfully using new media technologies, and have realized the “openness” from a relatively closed “niche group” to the overall youth society. “Generalization” turn.

Our goth emojis not only serve as cute spices during chatting, but also play an important role in spreading culture.

emoji gothic



Today we introduced the impact of Goth emoji on cultural communication, and also recommended some commonly used goth emojis. If you want to know more about Goth, we have also written about Goth Temporary Tattoo before. If you are special Whichever goth emoji pattern you like, you can also make it into a temporary tattoo and stick it on your body, that would be really funny.


8 Goth Temporary Tattoos Ideas In 2023


Don’t know if you have seen the article we wrote before about goth tattoo ideas: Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023? If you haven’t thought about what kind of tattoo you want to get and are hesitant, or you just want a temporary tattoo to attend a gothic-themed party or prepare for Halloween, then you should consider a temporary tattoo. We also have goth temporary tattoos ideas for you.


Black Cross Tattoo

The preferred color for goth temporary tattoos is the same as goth tattoos, which is of course black, and black is also the most common color for tattoos.

Cross tattoo designs are relatively common even among tattoos that do not have a specific style. Gothic style cross tattoos are mostly modified and beautified crosses. The body of the cross is basically made like a Gothic font. Special style embellishment.

In addition, many gothic iconic elements will be added. Although the Gothic cross itself can be used as a symbolic image, other elements are usually added, such as roses, thorns, etc. Roses and thorns are usually wrapped around the cross. on it, turning it into a beautiful, luxurious, yet dangerous and mysterious gothic cross image.

Black Cross Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Flower Sleeve Tattoo

The reason why it is flowers is because the vine and flower patterns are particularly suitable for spreading and covering an entire arm. If you want to make an eye-catching sleeve tattoo that can be seen at a glance, then Flower Sleeve Tattoo can surely be your first choice.

Like I mentioned above, flowers and thorns work well together. But now there are so many types of goth temporary tattoos, you can definitely find a unique pattern that attracts you. For example, in this picture there is a scene of clocks and flowers entwining.

There are also different types of flowers. The most common ones are of course roses. In addition to black and white, there are also bright red roses. Lotus is also widely used. The petal tips of Lotus are very beautiful and have special significance in Buddhism, symbolizing the realm beyond this world and the awakening of the soul.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Neck Tattoo

I mentioned in my previous article the benefits of chokers on the completion of goth outfits, so you can imagine the benefits of a ring-neck choker on goth style.

Whether it is a tattoo that wraps around the neck or a half-circle tattoo on the front, it can perfectly modify the neck. Remember to pair it with a tube top skirt or a square collar top or a small suspender belt to ensure that your entire neck tattoo is exposed.

And in view of the special position of the neck, the tattoo pattern here can be conceived with some special ideas, such as surrounding it in a circle, such as using soft and sharp lines to create a sense of agility as shown in the picture below. Paired with a pendant, then they would be like some magical aura released from your magical necklace.

Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Arm Ring Tattoo

You can actually find that the pattern of this tattoo is the same as the previous neck tattoo. This also illustrates the flexible way of temporary tattoos: you can use them anywhere.

Temporary tattoos that can be used as a ring on the neck can naturally also be used as a ring on the arms and calves. If the detail you want with temporary tattoos is small enough (you can definitely cut out the parts you want to the size you want), you can also attach it as a real ring (on your finger!).

Arm Ring Tattoo Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Skull Tattoo

Another classic goth temporary tattoos pattern.

There’s one pattern that’s almost inevitable when creating a gothic look: skulls. Moreover, the image of a skull is particularly suitable for goth temporary tattoos because its size is controllable and it can be made very small. You can also stick one on each finger. It will be a very interesting creation.

But if it is too big, it may not exist alone. Some background decoration must be done. You can cut out other goth temporary tattoos (such as large flowers and thorns) as the background and stick them together with the skull tattoo. This kind of stacking Be careful not to overlap the two. It is best to wait twenty minutes for the previously applied tattoo to dry completely before attaching the other one.

In addition, there are many styles of skull patterns, because this is a relatively popular pattern, so naturally there are all kinds. You can find any style of skull pattern and stick it wherever you want.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Tiny Pattern Tattoo

Gothic designs such as flowers, space, moons, snakes, and other gothic-inspired elements. Likewise, these tattoos can be placed on the arms, neck, shoulders, collarbones, or any other part of the body you want.

Tattoos of this size are really the most flexible. Like I suggested for skull tattoos, you can also try sticking several tiny pattern tattoos together, such as the knuckles of four fingers, or around the thigh. in a circle. Of course, don’t forget to match it with your outfit. If your outfit is backless, wear it at the shoulder. Trust me, that’s a fantastic spot.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Lower Back Tattoo

Although it is a lower back tattoo, this kind of slender-shaped tattoo is very easy to use and can be used in many places, such as the arm rings and neck rings we just talked about, as well as the lower abdomen, collarbone and other places. These are all popular places that people mostly sticked on.

Like the one in the picture, the shape of a bat’s spread wings is used to outline the appropriate size well. Moreover, popular patterns include hearts with wings, extended flower vines, intertwined snakes, sun, moon and stars, etc.

Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

Butterfly patterns are also a very popular category in the tattoo industry. I specifically mention the butterfly tattoo on the collarbone here, because in my opinion this is the most appropriate location. I wonder if you have ever watched the Japanese movie “Swallowtail Butterfly”? The heroine in it just has a butterfly tattooed on her chest.

The butterfly tattoo represents fragility and beauty, mystery and freedom, and it rests on the collarbone, giving it a feeling of spreading its wings and ready to fly.

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


Goth Bathroom Ideas: Create Your Goth Room


If you are interested in goth indoor finishings, be sure to read our article on goth bathroom ideas for your goth bathroom! We have also written about goth kitchen before, and we hope to write a collection of goth indoor finishings for the whole house in the future!


Wall colors

If you want to create a goth bathroom with an instantly recognizable style, then the color of choice must be black. The wall is the largest background color block in a room, and its color selection is very important, as it can determine the main color and tone of the room.

Graphite and dark gray, deep purple and burgundy, red, and even white or silver are all goth bathroom ideas for wall colors worth considering. Outside of the main colors, a space can be given a more subtle touch with metals in shiny and matte finishes such as silver, gold, brass and copper.

goth bathroom ideas black goth bathroom

Or on the contrary, if you have decided on your furniture early, such as a perfect goth bathtub, and want the style of the entire bathroom to compromise for this bathtub, then you can choose the wall according to this bathtub The colors must not be exactly the same, otherwise it may look like a mass of black, without layering and beauty.

black and red goth bathroom

Well, the combination of black and red as shown in the picture above is bold and outstanding, and can catch others’ attention at once. However, when designing in black and red, you must pay attention to the orderliness of space lines. Use straight lines (choose square furniture and accessories). Only mirrors and bathtubs are enough for rounded lines. Don’t put too many things, otherwise it will look very cluttered.


Wall treatments

We mentioned the issues of layering and beauty above, so we have to mention some special wall designs that many people are using. Be it wallpaper or ceramic tiles, you can easily create the gorgeous wall feel you want.

First of all, considering that what we want are goth bathroom ideas, emphasizing the following bathroom features, the first thing that comes to mind should be waterproofing.

Therefore, the wall paint and wallpaper we choose should have this characteristic, and do not plant hidden dangers for future life just for the sake of pure beauty.

In addition, the most common wall in a bathroom is probably ceramic tiles, which is something I highly recommend. The tiles themselves are very reasonable, so you don’t have to worry too much about water stains. Some people don’t like the smooth surface of ceramic tiles, but in fact, there are now matte ceramic tile walls, and you can choose this. Besides, ceramic tiles are inherently thick materials that can create a layered background. With proper use, you can get a perfect goth bathroom wall.

goth bathroom wall


Floor coverings

Bathroom floors can also be made of ceramic tiles, or black marble, black tiles or granite. Some floors with finely detailed patterns will bring you a wonderful experience.

The black and white checkerboard tile floor has never gone out of style, whether it is retro style finishings, our goth style, or some simple modern style, it seems to be perfectly suitable.

black and white bathroom

Wooden flooring is a bold choice, although placing the wooden floor in the bathroom will make people question its longevity: will it be damaged by water? But don’t worry! Nowadays, there are many wooden floorings, such as SPC stone plastic flooring, which not only retains the visual texture and aesthetics of wooden floors, but also avoids the weakness of wooden floors that are not suitable for long-term contact with water.

gothic bathroom floor

Wooden flooring is a bold choice, although placing the wooden floor in the bathroom will make people question its longevity: will it be damaged by water? But don’t worry! Nowadays, there are many wooden floorings, such as SPC stone plastic flooring, which not only retains the visual texture and aesthetics of wooden floors, but also avoids the weakness of wooden floors that are not suitable for long-term contact with water.



Lamps are an effective part of furniture, indispensable, and very suitable for goth style.

Dark chandeliers, wall lamps or candles can create a unique and mysterious atmosphere in a Gothic bathroom. You can choose lamps and chandeliers with ancient or ornate designs. The more ornate the better. If you are not in the habit of reading in the bathroom, then lighting The darker the better. Well, even if you have the habit of reading while taking a bath, you can also prepare candles – it will create more atmosphere!

goth lighting


Metal fittings

Copper bathtub, gold faucet, bathtub paws, mirror. These are some of the most gorgeous items you can buy ready-made for goth bathrooms.

gothic copper bathtub

As shown in the picture above, you can leave the highlight of the bathroom to the bathtub alone, and other parts do not need to be too gorgeous, so that the overall bathroom reveals a low-luxury beauty.


Furniture And Decorations

Let’s talk from bottom to top. If your floor is a solid color, then choosing a carpet with a special pattern will be a wonderful match and can provide the finishing touch. Also, a little plant can neutralize the overly dull tone of your goth bathroom without being too overwhelming, and green can blend into almost any color palette, I say.

goth carpets

As for the bathtub, this is almost the core piece of furniture in the bathroom. Many goth bathroom ideas suggest black bathtub, and I agree. In fact, even if I wasn’t going to do goth style, I would still want a black bathtub. It would be too boring for everyone to have a white bathtub.

When talking about metal fittings, I also mentioned brass bathtubs, which have an incomparable sense of thickness and luxury.

In addition, the design of the bathtub claw highlights Goth’s weird features.

It should be noted that if the lines of other design elements in your bathroom are very rounded and have no edges and corners, and you have not decided on your bathtub, then you can actually choose a square bathtub to highlight its own presence.

gothic bathtub

Another important point in the bathroom is the sink. The design of this one is more free and diverse, especially the matching mirror. Is there any object that can highlight the Gothic style more than a gorgeous black-framed mirror?

gothic bathroom

There are two main styles of goth bathroom sinks, either rough stone or gorgeous porcelain. Moreover, generally speaking, in order to highlight the mirror or painting (some goth bathroom finishing directly replace the mirror with paintings, but it may not be convenient, it depends on your own wishes), the sink itself will not be too gorgeous, and in order to To neutralize black, white is mostly used.

But there are also some very personal style sinks, such as the vine sink in the picture below, or the sink is directly carved from a large piece of stone, or a wine barrel is used as the home of the sink. Create a “wine cellar style” bathroom design.

unique gothic bathroom


Small decorations

The example pic below shows a perfect way to take advantage of small decorations to show ingenuity. Skeleton figures hanging on the lampshades, butterfly wall decorations, exquisite black branch frames, hand towels with goth iconic patterns, skull paw soap dishes, skull vases, branch night lights, and black candlesticks, just buy them and you won’t go wrong.

gothic decorations



Goth Flowers: Black And Purple Garden

Purple goth flowers

When it comes to goth flowers, black and purple are the main ones. Let’s first take a look at the purple goth flowers.



When it comes to purple flowers, the first thing that comes to mind must be lavender, known as the “Queen of Vanillas.” The leaves and colors of lavender are all beautiful and elegant, and the blue-purple inflorescences are long and beautiful. They are suitable for planting in clusters or strips along the flower path. The continuous blue-purple flowers are the ultimate dream. The flower language of lavender is “waiting for love”.

Lavender gothic flower



Agapanthus has linear-lanceolate leaves, umbels, and funnel-shaped flowers. It is a flower of love full of mystery and romance. The flower language of Agapanthus is: the visit of love, the communication of love.

Agapanthus flower goth



Violet has lush flowers, bright colors, strong fragrance, long flowering period and long inflorescences, making it suitable for potted viewing. The flower language of purple violets is: Falling in love with you in dreams, you will always be so beautiful to me.

Violet goth flower



The purple of lilac is a lavender red, which is more gentle and elegant, not ostentatious or gaudy. The flowers are elegant in color and luxuriant in leaves. When they bloom, they are fragrant, bright and lovely. They are quiet and full of vitality, giving everyone a comfortable visual enjoyment and perfect healing effect. The flower language of purple lilac: It is first love, it is a flower of love.

Lilac gothic flowers


Platycodon Flower

The blue-purple flowers of Platycodon flower are beautiful in shape, quiet and elegant, and very eye-catching. The flower language of purple platycodon flowers: it is both eternal love and hopeless love.

Platycodon Flower gothic flowers


Snake Whip Chrysanthemum

The snake-whip chrysanthemum has small, slender petals, and its small head-shaped petals are gathered into dense and long spike-shaped flowers. The small flowers bloom in sequence from top to bottom. Snake whip chrysanthemum flower language: vigilance and hard work, as well as the burning love.

Snake Whip Chrysanthemum pastel goth flowers


Purple Rose

The calm and calm purple rose has a sweet aroma and warms the heart. It can regulate depressed mood and enhance vitality. It also has the function of balancing hormones. The flower language of purple roses: quiet, waiting, protecting love.

Purple Rose flowers for goths



The purple color of wisteria has another flavor, perhaps because of its low-hanging inflorescences, which are elegant and appear more gentle and sentimental. When the flowers bloom every spring, they are like a curtain of romantic purple dreams, and they are also purple waterfalls, swaying in the wind, and the beauty is not like the scenery on earth. The flower language of wisteria: intoxicating love, Yiyi’s yearning.

Wisteria flowers for goths


Black Goth Flowers

As we all know, black is the main color of goth flowers. Let’s take a look at what black goth flowers are.


Black Tulip

Black tulip is one of the flower colors of the Liliaceae flower tulip. It was cultivated by three students from the Singapore Polytechnic in early February 2005. It is commonly known as the “Queen of the Night”. It is one of the rare tulip varieties. This flower color is still rarely available in the market. See. The deep purple petals, because they reject the refraction of light, are completely immersed in their own world. Isolated from the world, it looks lonely and a little strange.

Black Tulip flowers for goths


Black Rose

There are two common types of black roses, one is called “Black Magic”: the flower shape is regular and beautiful, with thick petals that are black with red, and red with black, giving it a thick velvety feel.

The other type is called “Black Beauty”, the flower shape is slightly smaller, but it is more exquisite and unique. The flower color is black and red, and it shines like black gold velvet. Everyone should have seen it.

Black roses are actually black roses, or dyed black roses.

black rose flowers for goths


Black Peony

The black peony is the king of peonies. Not only are black peonies rare in number, they are also very difficult to find. Black peonies refer to peonies that are almost black, not really as black as charcoal. The most famous ones are Oolong Womochi, Qinglong Womochi, Guanshi Moyu, Smoke Velvet Purple, etc. It is very difficult to artificially create black flowers, and even through crossbreeding, the chance of obtaining black flowers is extremely slim. Therefore, among the colorful flowers, black peony has become very precious because of its scarcity.

Black Peony goth garden flowers


Black Iris

The best growing environment is sandy soil with good drainage at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level. The sunshine should be more than 8 hours, and the temperature should not be too low. Humidity and frost will affect its growth. It is endemic to Jordan.

It has extremely high ornamental value. The shape of the black iris is like an orchid, mysterious and noble. Its posture swaying in the mountain wind is like a beautiful Middle Eastern girl covered with a veil. The cold and glamorous appearance hides a burning passion, which is confusing and dizzy. It is the national flower of Jordan. Symbolizing royalty, hope, faith, bravery and wisdom.

Black Iris goth garden flowers


Black Datura

Black Datura is the noblest and rarest species of Datura. Datura in the dark is a flower that looks like a lily and has a light and elegant fragrance, but the real black datura is a fragrance that can cause you to have slight hallucinations if you smell it too much. It is beautiful, with enchanting branches and leaves, but it is highly poisonous and has no cure, so it is also called the love flower.

The flower language of black mandala – endless love and revenge! Represents unpredictable death and love.

Black Datura Stramonium aesthetic goth flowers


Black lily

Black lily grows on high mountains with an altitude of 2,400 to 2,500 meters, and is known as a lonely flower.

Because of the special growing environment, it is almost impossible to see it in ordinary flower shops.

Black lily aesthetic goth flowers


Black Calla Lily

Black calla lilies are very rare. “Black calla lilies are very tenacious. Because they are black, they absorb all colors of light and the temperature will rise, but they will adjust themselves to protect themselves from being burned.” Black calla lilies The language of flowers means beautiful hope, pure love, purity, elegance and happiness. Because the flower language of the calla lily itself means eternity, and the color black represents nobility and elegance, the flower language of the black calla lily means eternal happiness.

Black Calla Lily goth flowers



If you just want to make a bouquet, then the first choice should be the combination of black roses and purple tulips. If you want to make a flower basket to decorate your room, or create a goth garden, then the above flower types can be your choice!

In addition, if you are interested in other goth topics, you can read our previous articles:

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Goth Kitchen Ideas: Design Inspiration in 2023


As we all know, Gothic architecture is a very representative part of the Gothic style, so all Gothic enthusiasts will definitely be interested in Gothic style decoration. Kitchen decoration is a part worth talking about in all decorations. In this article, we will talk about the inspiration for Gothic kitchen decoration!


What are the characteristics of Gothic style?

If you want to know how to decorate a Gothic kitchen, we must grasp the main factors of the Gothic style.

Goth, originally refers to the Goths, a Germanic tribe in Western Europe. At the same time, Goth is also an artistic style. The main characteristics are towering, gloomy, weird, mysterious, and terrifying. It is widely used in architecture and sculpture. , painting, literature, music, clothing, fonts and other art fields.

Gothic art is exaggerated, asymmetrical, peculiar, light, complex and multi-decorated. It is characterized by the frequent use of vertically extending lines. The main representative elements include bats, roses, solitary castles and crows, crosses, blood, black cats and more.

The specific word Gothic originally meant the Germanic tribes of Western Europe.

In terms of architectural culture and writing from the 18th to 19th centuries, the so-called “Gothic Revival” dug out the dark sentiments of the Middle Ages from the tomb of historical context.

goth kitchen


Goth Kitchen Ideas

In this part, we will provide you with some goth kitchen ideas, mainly through five aspects.


Selection of color

First of all, according to the basic rules of decoration, we know that the overall tone of the house decoration needs to be unified, so it is best not to have more than three colors. For the goth kitchen style, the overall background color is of course mainly dark colors, such as black, gray, and small white color blocks for decoration.

If you want the overall color of the house to focus in a certain direction, you can choose dark purple, dark red, dark blue or dark green.

Color is something that people can see at a glance and reflects coordination. In goth kitchen decoration, regardless of small items, at least the hard parts of the floor, ceiling, tiles, and cabinets must be consistent in tone.

goth kitchen


Decorative Elements

Decoration is generally the part that gets twice the result with half the effort. Just a small detail can elevate the style of the entire decoration to a new level, such as replacing your cabinets with a luxurious copper handle, or a retro copper faucet, or a Crystal chandeliers can unify the decoration tone of your entire kitchen, and use one finishing touch after another to transform the entire kitchen into the vampire castle style you imagined.

Here we recommend some black and white paintings, or ancient oil paintings. Remember to use the most beautiful framed paintings with complex patterns to show the luxury of your kitchen.

gothic kitchen decor


Lighting Effects

Beginners in decoration may always ignore lighting, but friends who have done a lot of homework in the field of decoration must know the importance of lighting! Why do magazine shoots need a lighting artist? Because the influence of lighting on the style and tone is crucial.

For a goth kitchen, you can’t go wrong with soft or even dim lighting. Obviously, putting a very modern lamp in the goth kitchen will definitely look very abrupt. We can find another way: there are many choices of decorative lamps now, and you don’t have to worry about insufficient lighting brightness, because there is still enough technology under those attractive shells strength. Thanks to the development of decorative lighting, we have many choices. Candles, wall lamps, and chandeliers can all bring a mysterious and charming atmosphere to your kitchen.

goth kitchen

Here is a little matching tip for you. If you have decided on the main color of the entire room (here I mean colors other than black, white and gray), then you can choose some dark lampshades for your retro lamps, black Or red, this kind of lampshade can usually be made of tassels, made of velvet, beautiful and graceful, and some can let the light show a little color, reflecting in the room, full of charm.


Textures and Materials

Layering really matters in the decoration area. How to reflect the sense of hierarchy? Textures and materials can be your perfect tool. Choosing walls, cabinets or countertops with embossed or carved patterns can quickly enhance the sense of space in a room. Paired with black marble or quartz countertops, it can reflect the cold and hard style of the stone. It can also be paired with black leather-textured decorations to neutralize some of the hardness.

According to the style characteristics of Gothic architecture, the doors and windows can be changed from the Roman-style semi-circular arch type (many people now make semi-circular arch indoor doors) to the pointed arch type, allowing you to have your own church spire.

goth kitchen decor

Moreover, you can create beams and columns out of thin air, carve them into Roman columns, or carve them with your favorite Gothic patterns. In addition, flying buttresses are a major feature of Gothic architecture. They can play the role of diagonal braces between beams and columns, and can also play a decorative role.

Even a fringed velvet curtain under the cabinet is an excellent choice to create a sense of space.

gothic kitchen appliances


Accessories and details

In a goth style kitchen, details and accessories can be the finishing touch.

In our previous understanding of Gothic style, we can already know the representative patterns and images of Gothic style, so it is not difficult to choose the corresponding accessories for decoration.

Of course, not to mention all kinds of gothic kitchen supplies. In this era where all kinds of hobbies can be put into good use, of course you can choose any bowls and plates you like, not to mention cutlery sets, and There are candle holders, they are simply made for goth kitchen decor!

gothic kitchen appliances

If you just want a light Gothic kitchen, you can also use Mediterranean style to neutralize the main tone of pitch black, and use some Mediterranean-style furniture to create a rustic style, but black or gray must be used as the main color. Black and white can create a strong visual effect, incorporating the gray that has been popular in recent years, and easing the visual conflict between black and white. This kind of space is full of cold modernity and futuristic sense, rational, orderly and professional. In this way, the tone of the entire room will actually be more biased towards the simple and elegant European style. Of course, it’s also very good looking.

gothic kitchen accessories



Above, we talked about all goth kitchen decoration ideas from several aspects. I’m sure you can get your own ideas and build your own goth kitchen!

If you want to know more elements related to goth design, you can also check out our previous articles to get your goth kitchen ideas: 80s Goth: A Journey into Dark Subculture – Dark Enchantments and Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023!

gothic kitchen accessories


10 Goth Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

Halloween is coming soon, have you decided what to dress up as? We have prepared 10 perfect goth Halloween costume ideas here! Classic icons never go out of style!



Vampires are elegant, terrifying and spectacular creatures. They represent the sophistication and elegance of the dark side. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the only vampire at your Halloween party. You can make your costume look impressive by adding a unique touch to your gothic jewelry, Halloween accessories. Don’t forget about the makeup and the long vampire cloak, these are one of the most important details of the vampire costume.

Costumes of vampires can be black, red, white or purple. You can also combine these colors.

goth halloween ideas: vampire



Through the influence of various film and television works and fairy tales, witches seem to have a fixed image in our minds: hooked nose, wrinkled face, pointed hat, robe, crutch… But you can create a unique one for sure! Maybe your version of a witch is young, stunning and attractive.

Suitable colors for witches would be: black, sapphire green, dark blue, crimson… Right, please don’t forget your wand~

goth costume ideas- witch



In fact, the image of the devil is different in different works. The anime I watched recently is called Helluva Boss. The background of the story is hell. I believe you can find the little devil you like~

Helluva Boss Halloween ideas
Helluva Boss

The Miss Hellhound in the picture is called Luna. The character is that of a classic goth teenager: earrings, black gloves, black short top… Did anyone notice that her suspender is a five-pointed star? Cool! I think she should be my candidate for Halloween costume this year.


Little Red Riding Hood

Wear all red and throw on a cape to look like you’ve stepped out of this classic tale, and it’s even more perfect if you add a picnic basket for grandma. But since we are a goth-themed site, let’s make a few small changes: either you change the bright red cape to a darker red, or you can be bold and go all black with a black hat!

A dark version of Little Red Riding Hood is perfect for dressing up and asking for candy on Halloween! She even brought a little basket for candy! Who can say no to a little basket?

Little Red Riding Hood Halloween idea goth halloween costume ideas


Sailor Moon

A long-lasting series, one of the great benefits of famous characters is: everyone knows who you are! Although this is already a very classic Japanese anime, it still has a lot of potential for transformation. What do you think of the dark version of Sailor Moon?

To cosplay Sailor Moon better, what you need is actually the overall color matching and the gemstones that match your color image~

Sailor Moon Halloween idea


Hotel Transylvania

This movie is almost a hodgepodge of monsters, I believe you will be able to find your favorite characters in this movie! And because there are so many classic characters, this movie is also a good reference for friends and family who want to form a group for Halloween cosplay.

Mavis is also one of my Halloween choices ~ a cute little vampire princess, a simple black dress and classic black hair and black lips, what a simple and modern gothic outfit.


Count Dracula is also a very good candidate for goth Halloween costume ideas. First of all, he is really famous. There are only two classic parts: fangs and cloak. The main points of the cloak are: black on the outside and red on the inside, and a large stand-up collar (reminds me of my dog’s Elizabethan collar though)


Hotel Transylvania Halloween
Hotel Transylvania


The Addams Family (movie)

A gothic classic that needs no introduction.

I have already mentioned Wednesday and Madam Morticia in my previous article. Wednesday’s classic braids and black skirt may make people who see her for the first time think she is a very well-behaved child.

Morticia Addams, slim-fitting black fishtail skirt, classic gothic makeup, always elegant figure – no wonder Mr. Addams always: oh, Cara Mia~

Friends who don’t know how to apply Goth makeup can refer to our previous article: Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial

The Addams Family Halloween ideas
The Addams Family


Wednesday (TV series)

Wednesday is the personal episode of Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family that I mentioned above. In terms of image, the biggest change on Wednesday seems to be the addition of bangs.

The reason why I added this TV series to the recommendation list is mainly because I really like the character called Enid Sinclair from the show. She is Wednesday’s colorful werewolf roommate at Nevermore Academy. One of the characteristics of her image is colorful. She is sooooooo cute! Her fashion style is very consistent with the pastel goth we mentioned before, which is a gothic form that combines colorful features and contemporary aesthetics.

Enid Sinclair, Wednesday
Enid Sinclair, Wednesday


Edward Scissorhands

This is a famous movie in every dimension. Although people may not necessarily think of this movie first when they think of Gothic, this movie is undoubtedly a Gothic movie. Director Tim Burton’s technique and aesthetics are amazing. Edward has scissor blades for hands. This classic image from film and television is naturally very suitable for our gothic Halloween costume ideas!

Edward’s scissor hands can be realized with gloves. DIY or purchasing props directly are both very good choices. The former is fun and the latter is convenient. In addition to his iconic hands, his hair and makeup are also obvious features to achieve. His hair is messy, as if he woke up after applying too much hairspray. As for his makeup, it’s pale, white for face, black for the eyes and the lips.

Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands



Many people may not know this animation, but I particularly like this work. You can easily see girls wearing Lolita clothing in Japanese anime, but rarely see some real goth themes. But Gosick is one of those series gothic animations. The theme about Gosick is basicly about mystery and the two main characters falling in love. The hero meets heroine Victorique on the top floor of the school library (she lives there).

Victorique de Blois is a strange, doll-like little girl. Victorique is the classic image of a Goth girl. The background of the animation is set in the Victorian era. Victorique’s clothes are exactly the classic Victorian Gothic style!

Victorique, Gosick
Victorique, Gosick


For matching to complete our goth style, you may want to know our article on goth nails: Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas


Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023

Want to get a goth tattoo? We have prepared a series of goth tattoo ideas that you can draw from.


Common Elements of Gothic Style Tattoos

Gothic tattoos generally use dark as the base color, which is suitable for those who like black patterns and can easily create an ancient and mysterious atmosphere.

Iconic elements: horror, death, supernatural, castle, vampire, skeleton, bat, black wings, etc.


goth tattoo ideas


Architectural Goth Tattoo Ideas

Gothic architectural style originated in France in the second half of the 11th century and became popular in Europe from the 13th to the 15th century. We can usually see the Gothic architectural style in the design of Catholic churches. The most obvious features are: the towering spiers and the huge and colorful glass paintings on the windows.


This style not only has a huge influence on architecture, but is also a great source of inspiration for our tattoos. The cold feeling of the building is suitable for the Gothic style, reflecting the mysterious, sad and sublime atmosphere.


goth tattoo ideas


French tattoo artist Lahhel is 34 years old. He left Paris and moved to Bordeaux, his beloved city, and opened Noir Tattoo Studio.

He defines his tattoo style as “architecture”, which of course also includes decoration, graphics, blackwork, etc. His style will also involve the Middle Ages, sacred geometry, etc…


Lahhel Tattoo


Lahhel started tattooing 5-6 years ago. Prior to this, he worked in the advertising industry as an art director. But he hated the job and hated living in Paris. So Lahhel returned to the south of France and began to follow his own interests and create many paintings. After his sister saw it, she suggested he become a tattoo artist.

Prior to this, although Lahhel had some tattoos on his body, he had never considered becoming a tattoo artist.


Lahhel Tattoo


Then Lahhel immediately began his tattooing career. He traveled to several tattoo studios and worked as an apprentice in them for a period of time. He had to learn all the tattoo techniques, colors, realism, oldschool tattoos, all aspects of tattooing.

For him, continuing to learn and making new friends is a priority in life.

When Lahhel started tattooing, British illustrator Iain Mac Arthur was his idol. Lahhel likes the rigor of lines, as well as mandalas and other decorative graphics. Mosques, synagogues, temples, ruins, architectural works, and sometimes even forests can give Rahel new ideas.


Lahhel Tattoo

Since many Gothic tattoo designs echo hairstyles, you can also take a look at our article on hairstyles: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments.


Gothic Font Tattoo

The main characteristics of Gothic fonts are: thin, slender, weird, retro, gorgeous, dark and sacred colors, and clear black and white.

Gothic fonts are mainly used in Latin alphabet systems (English, German, Russian, French, etc.), and are especially suitable for ancient book covers, scripture transcriptions, etc. Of course, Gothic fonts are also particularly suitable for tattoos.

Whether it is a letter with extraordinary meaning, a lucky number, or a sentence that impresses you, it can all serve as a wonderful source of inspiration for simple goth tattoo.


Gothic Font Tattoo


One of the biggest features of Gothic fonts is their magnificence, which is an exquisite painting in itself. You can also ask a tattoo artist to design a pattern based on Gothic fonts for you, or even design it yourself, write a Gothic calligraphy work yourself, and then Ask the tattoo artist to copy it onto your body.


Animated Goth Tattoo

If you want to get some cute goth tattoo ideas, then animated goth tattoos will be your best choice!

Before I learned about it, I never thought that Gothic and animated characters could be combined so well! If you want a mix of cuteness and gothic noir style, try this animated tattoo.


Animated Goth Tattoo


Dark Flora Tattoo

Plant elements are also very common in Gothic tattoo designs, such as roses, thorns, beautiful but dangerous flowers, etc.

Roses and thorns often appear together and can be colored in deep red to echo the black background. Generally speaking, beautiful roses imply painful thorns, withered future and other meanings, showing the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

It is generally believed that the thorns on the rose represent the suffering of love.

I don’t know if you have heard of the two-choice question: once owned, or forever?

Is the beauty of a red rose something that can only be immortalized in memory?

Looking forward to your answer.


Dark Flora Tattoo, rose tattoo


Dark Fantasy Creatures

Vampires and werewolves have always had a fascination, and their mysterious imagery and medieval origins make them perfect inspiration for gothic tattoos.

Vampires, synonymous with power, immortality and taboo, wear gorgeous black dresses, have pale skin and cold eyes. They are played by the most charming actors in various film productions, and thus have become the most fascinating creatures.

Meaning: Exploration, fascination, and mystery of death and supernatural powers.

Werewolves almost correspond to vampires. Unlike vampires who are strict and restrained, werewolves represent wildness and freedom. Werewolf tattoos often show a half-man, half-animal image, emphasizing the fusion between human and animal nature. This type of tattoo takes on a free and indulgent feel.

Meaning: wildness, freedom, the power of transformation, exploration of animal instincts.

Another choice: werewolf or vampire?


Dark Fantasy Creatures, tattoo ideas


Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial

While discussing hairstyles for goths, we had mentioned classic goth hairstyles. there are various types of goths like Victorian Goth, Fetish Goth, Cyber Goth, Industrial Goth, trad goth, romantic goth, death rocker, emo goth, and so on.
In the previous article, we briefly introduced the goth makeup looks, then in this article, we take the trad goth makeup as the main perspective, and talk about how to do a trad goth makeup!


What is trad goth

When the gothic subculture began to dominate in the 80’s, the first genre to be introduced is now known as Traditional Gothic, an abbreviated form of the word “Trad”.

Influenced by the rock and punk styles of the 70’s and 80’s, this gothic style would leave its mark on traditional gothic clothing, jewelry, make-up, and hairstyles.

If you’ve seen the 1991 movie “The Addams Family”, then you’ll understand the fascination with this style!

Morticia Addams- The Addams Family in 1991
Morticia Addams- The Addams Family in 1991


Trad goth features:

  • Very pale skin
  • Black hair (usually black)
  • Black fishing nets (usually torn)
  • Straps (e.g. grommet straps)
  • Leather boots
  • Double spiral drill
  • Smokey eye makeup
  • Chains and bracelets
  • Metal necklaces

Trad goth makeup


Makeup needed

Foundation: the whitest shade you have, or one shade whiter than your skin tone

Eyeshadows: just use everyday eyeshadows, make sure you have the color you want, usually red and blue.

Mascara, false eyelashes, eyeliner… You can never have too many eye makeup products

Embellishments: sequins, metallic orbs and other small accessories that can be used around the eyes or anywhere you want to highlight

gothic makeup witch


Step One: Foundation

We all know that pale skin is the foundation of the gothic look, so refer to a foundation that is one to two shades lighter than usual when applying your foundation.

Use the lightest color of setting powder to set your makeup.

The gothic look is a delicate one, so we must not let the base makeup as a “canvas” appear dirty, want to base makeup natural and long-lasting, you can use your hands to apply foundation directly on the face. Because trad goth makeup tends to be thicker, we don’t use a puff, use a makeup brush to spread the foundation on the face. This ensures that the base makeup is flattering and the foundation is even.

One other thing to keep in mind when going for a leveled base is a makeup primer. Only with a good makeup primer can we prepare a competent canvas for our foundation.

pale foundation is a key to gothic makeup


Step Two: Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the focal point of the entire goth makeup look, and the finer the eye makeup the higher quality trad goth makeup is achieved.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it. After framing your eyes with eyeliner, use layers of black eyeshadow in the effective area covered by the eyeshadow, and then smudge them with gray eyeshadow to create a decadent look.

For a more advanced look, consider a deeper shade of red eyeshadow and a pair of maroon pupils for a vampy glamorous look – perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!

Green and blue are also good choices, with blue adding a cooler tone and green adding a spooky and mysterious vibe. The color palette can help you create a gothic makeup look with a certain theme, and if you just like a certain color, that’s ok too, it’s not binding.

gothic eye makeup


Step Three: Lip Makeup


  • Blackberry, Black, Dark Red

Recommended Lipsticks

  • NYX #LCSL21 Taro Violet Gray
  • Wycon #31 Dark Mulberry Gray Violet
  • Sephora #44 Cement Feel but Beautiful Color
  • YSL #24 Intense Deep Purple Dark Punk
  • MAC #125Caviar Matte black, strong coverage

The way it’s applied

After the beige base, dip your finger in plum, cranberry or other creams in the center of the lips to create the effect of biting through the blood color of the lips.

After priming, lightly apply a light color (grey system) lip glaze, and then apply heavy tones (black, deep purple, mulberry, dark red) in the middle of the lips.

For trad goth makeup lip makeup, priming is a very important step to hide the original lip color in order to better show the color of the lipstick.

the black lipstick for goth makeup


Step Four: Contour

After the above two steps, we already have two delicate parts of our face, lip makeup and eye makeup. Since too much contour can easily ruin the overall delicacy, and may accidentally make the makeup look dirty.

Therefore, the main grooming parts of trad goth makeup are in: 1. nose; 2. cheekbones.

The nose of the grooming, is to make the nose appear more three-dimensional, drawing eyebrows goth makeup design lies in the eyes and lips of the sense of coordination, so ignore the eyebrow color, the lighter the better.

The grooming of the cheekbones, only need to use the grooming brush to shallowly bring over a few strokes, depicting the shape of the cheekbones can be.

goth makeup


Step Five: Facial Decoration

I’m not talking about nose rings, earrings, hair clips, all that. For this step, I’m only talking about facial adornment, like I mentioned in Makeup needed above.

I know some will draw a little heart (pink is good, black is also stunning) in the corner of their eye with eyeliner, or embellish a teardrop shaped diamond, or mimic a cute little freckle in the shape of a blush. You can check the tear drop makeup and tear trail makeup mentioned in our last post.

tear drop gothic makeup


Also, if you are interested in goth hair styles, please check our previous article here: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments

After all, everyone knows that beautiful makeup and hairstyle are inseparable!

Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments

Definition and origins of goth hairstyles

Our previous topic also briefly touched on Gothic fashion, and I’m sure that everyone has their own understanding of Gothic fashion now. We all know that typical goth fashion includes dyed black hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick, and dark clothing.

While hairstyle is a characteristic that we can notice when we meet someone for the first time. Goth hairstyles can also effectively create the decadent color of Goth.

Gothic fashion is sometimes influenced by Victorian and Elizabethan fashion. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion and emo fashion.


goth hairstyles


Classic Goth Hairstyles

Gothic culture has developed to this day and has been divided into various factions. Here we look at the characteristics of different goth hairstyles in different gothic styles.


Traditional Goth

The biggest characteristic of traditional Goth is black hair, which is princess cut, long and straight, and the classic image of Wednesday from “The Addams Family” as we know it. The classic image of two black braids is also a major hairstyle of traditional Goth.


Wednesday from The Addams Family, the Goth girl
Wednesday from The Addams Family


Punk Goth

Punk Gothic style is often associated with punk rock and features studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Punk Goth hairstyles are more casual than traditional gothic styles and may feature dark hair dyes, such as crimson or deep orange. More typical is medium-length hair that looks a bit messy.


Punk Goth, goth fashion, goth hairstyle
Punk Goth


Emo Goth

Emo is the abbreviation of Emotional hardcore, which is a variety of rock music that focuses on self-emotional expression. In terms of hairstyle, long hair with bangs covering half or most of the face and hair dyed with rich and bright colors are their classic elements.


Emo Goth, a kind of goth fashion, mostly about emotion.
Emo Goth


Pastel Goth

This kind of goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors. Pastel Goth is usually a combination of purple, pink, and silver, and it looks particularly beautiful and cute at first glance. This style is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Pastel Goth, a kind of goth style nowadays, special unique fashoin.
Pastel Goth


Victorian Goth

Victorian Goths have similar characteristics to traditional Goths, such as sinful paleness, smoky eyes and soft lips, and long hair. Elegant and luxurious, known for its structured corsets, similar garments and graceful hairstyles. Long black curly hair and a hat that adds a mysterious touch to the gothic look.


Victorian Goth style goth style fashion


Cyber Goth

They are the technological outcasts of the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair. Neon hair and crazy glasses are their hallmarks.


Cyber Goth
Cyber Goth


Styling Techniques and Accessories


  1. Backcombing and teasing: Adding volume and texture to the hair

The high crown of the skull is a major feature of Goth hairstyles, and the fullness of the skull is very important to the completion of Gothic hairstyles. If your haircut looks flat, it won’t support the gothic look of this hairstyle.


Backcombing and teasing


  1. Hair dyeing and color techniques: Achieving the desired goth aesthetic

Regarding the dyeing of Gothic hairstyles, it was also mentioned above. The bright colors of Pastel Goth and Cyber Goth, and the dark colors of Emo Goth and Punk Goth are all very good choices. What everyone often overlooks is black dyeing. The deep black of Traditional Goth is actually a good hair dye choice. It is classic and simple, and can easily create a Gothic style.

Hair dyeing of Goth hairstyle


  1. Gothic hair accessories: Incorporating chains, spikes, and lace for added flair

Gothic style seems to be inseparable from various decorations. Decoration is a tool for getting twice the result with half the effort in the Gothic style. Similarly, different styles of goths require different hair accessories. You can return to the second part of this article to choose suitable hair accessories according to different styles. Overall, chains, nails, and lace are all great hair accessories for gothic style.


Gothic hair accessories


Maintaining and Caring for Goth Hairstyles

Gothic style has very strong requirements for hairstyle. You may need to frequently perm, dye and style your hair, so you will naturally need to strengthen the maintenance and care of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will easily become dry and frizzy, which will not only affect the beauty of your hairstyle. , will also affect your mood.


  1. Use conditioner like a spa treatment

Ordinary conditioner can also have a good protective effect. Most people don’t understand hair conditioner well enough, and some people regard conditioner and hair mask as the same thing. In fact, conditioner and hair mask have different functions. Conditioner only acts on the epidermal layer of hair, while hair mask not only has the same effect as conditioner, but also penetrates deep into the hair, providing comprehensive care from the inside out. Although conditioner only works on the surface of the hair, it can have a greater hair care effect if used wisely. We can use conditioner as a spa treatment, because when the conditioner is heated, it wraps more tightly on the surface of the hair, resulting in better gloss.


hair care


  1. The color-locking effect of conditioner

After washing your hair, apply conditioner to the ends or dry parts of your hair, rub theconditioner into your hair, comb your hair, wipe off the conditioner with a towel, apply it again, and wrap your hair with a shower cap to stay 10 minutes and finally rinse.

This method is mainly suitable for dyed hair, especially for the first shampoo 48 hours after dyeing, and has the best effect. Because hair color loss is mainly related to hair washing, after shampooing, strengthen the effect of conditioner, and use the wrapping properties of conditioner to close the hair scales more tightly, so that the rate of pigment loss will be slowed down a lot. If your permed hair is dry, you can also use this method to increase smoothness and gloss.




In this article, we discuss the about typical Goth hairstyles of different styles of Goths, also mention some tips for styling Goth hairstyles, and provide knowledge on hair care. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and gained the knowledge you need or some inspiration on hair styling through it.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to try different hairstyles. I hope you can find the goth hairstyle that suits you and that you like!

Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas


Goth, as a unique subculture, has led a generation of trends. What comes to mind when you think of Goth?

Dark, lace, or even witch?

Draw inspiration from the mysterious darkness, today Dark Enchantments will take you to experience the unique charm of goth nails!


goth nails


The concept and fashion trends of goth nails

Goth nails, as the name suggests, are nail art derived from gothic culture.

Let us first take a look at the definition of goth nails. Goth nails rely on Gothic culture, inherit its dark and mysterious characteristics, and get inspiration from Gothic art.


Create interest in goth nails

Goth nail is dark, sophisticated, and full of mystery. If you like goth and happen to be a nail art lover, you will definitely love this!

Or maybe you just want to try out a new manicure style. That’s OK! Although we say that goth is a niche culture, we always welcome new members to join. With goth nail’s dark and edgy aesthetic, it can be your perfect first step to join us!


Features and design of goth nails


Color selection

Well, BLACK!!! The first color that comes to mind when thinking of Gothic culture is obviously black! The emptiness and mystery that come with black are unmatched by other colors. Actually, did you know that black also has different classifications? There are carbon black, iron black, pitch-black, dull black and so on…

Of course, in addition to black, there are also some colors that go well with goths, such as red and purple. What I mean here is obviously deep red and deep purple, if you wear fluorescent red nails it will be difficult to match the goth style.

There is also a special color – Metallics! Whether it is gold, silver or brass, it can echo the retro Gothic colors.


Deep red goth nails
Deep red goth nails

Patterns and Textures

Friends who have seen manicures know that manicures are not just about painting your nails a u-color, but also having a variety of patterns and textures!

So what patterns can be made with goth nails?

Crosses, spider webs, skulls…sounds like they not only go well with goths, but are also perfect for painting on Halloween night!

Talking about textured nails, let me share you a little tip: tell your manicurist (or your own hands) to use matte nail polish to create velvet textured nails. This will make the texture of your goth nails look very noble—— just like the duchess of the last century.


black goth nail
Black goth nail with gothic patterns

Glitter and Decoration

If you want to do an advanced version of manicure, glitter and decorations are essential.

In the previous section, I mentioned the beauty of matte nail polish. Well, the glitter accent nails can combine the hazyness of matte nail polish and the sparkle of glossy nail polish. You can only choose one or two nails to achieve this effect, which saves time and provides a more scattered look than doing it all.

As for accessories, today we have many options: nail stickers, rhinestones, charms, and nail art pens. Just choose any one or several you like.

The only difference between decorations and patterns is their irreplaceable three-dimensionality. A cross pattern and a genuine cross give people completely different feelings. Three-dimensional accessories are more eye-catching, but they also add to the inconvenience of daily life – however, this level of inconvenience is completely acceptable to me.

In addition, if you are good at painting, perhaps nail art pens will be the most suitable for you. Since they allow for the most precise detailing. Also, creating your own unique goth nail art can be truly attractive.


Glitter and Decoration
Glitter and Decoration of goth nails.


Tips and maintenance suggestions for goth nails


How to implement the design of goth nails

If you plan to find a manicurist to do your goth nails, you can actually skip this chapter, because all you have to do is “find your manicurist/nail salon”- “state your needs clearly” and “pay”.

But if you plan to complete this design alone, then I may be able to provide you with some empirical suggestions:

1.Prepare your nails:

It is not enough for you to just have “nails”, but also to have “repaired and polished nails”. You don’t want to see the look of nail polish on uneven nails.

2.Base Coat:

Believe me, this step is really important!! Although applying a layer of base coat in advance increases the time of the whole process, it can help you avoid a lot of subsequent troubles: it not only protects your nails, but also creates a smooth surface for the following nail polish.


Base Coat nails
Applying Base Coat


3.Apply the base color and design:

This step is the comprehensive reflection of the above chapters. Just enjoy designing your own goth nails!

4.Top Coat:

I call it a great invention that goes hand in hand with Base Coat. Base Coat and Top Coat are like the bread at both ends of a sandwich, wrapping the filling. It not only protects the inside from the outside world, but also prevents your hands from getting inside.



How to maintain and care for goth nails

It’s a cliche to talk about protecting your nails. Don’t touch sharp objects, don’t touch chemicals… everyone knows this. So, the following suggestions I make are based on my friends and my personal experiences. I hope they can help you:

1.Hand Cream:

Yes, you can still use hand cream even if you have a manicure. If you are still doubtful, check the ingredients of your hand cream or ask the merchant’s customer service for confirmation.

Hand cream can not only protect hands, but also prevent nails from becoming dry and brittle. In fact, there are already many creams specially used for nail protection on sale, you can also choose armor cream as appropriate.

2.Use Nail Strengtheners:

Consider using a nail strengthener or hardener to help fortify your nails and prevent them from breaking or splitting.

3.Professional Care:

Consider visiting a professional nail technician for regular manicures or nail treatments. Sometimes we have to admit: professional things still have to be left to professionals.


pretty goth nails
Pretty goth nails



As I said at the beginning, trying goth nails will be a bold but special decision. To me, goth nail is not only about aesthetics, but a form of self-expression. Just imagine, you are walking down the street after getting a goth nail, and you meet another person who has done the same. You look at each other and smile through the crowd. This is a tacit pleasure, and I believe many people share my passion for Gothic culture and desire to embrace the uniqueness and charm of it.


Perhaps our nails can be the canvas through which we express ourselves.