Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial

While discussing hairstyles for goths, we had mentioned classic goth hairstyles. there are various types of goths like Victorian Goth, Fetish Goth, Cyber Goth, Industrial Goth, trad goth, romantic goth, death rocker, emo goth, and so on.
In the previous article, we briefly introduced the goth makeup looks, then in this article, we take the trad goth makeup as the main perspective, and talk about how to do a trad goth makeup!


What is trad goth

When the gothic subculture began to dominate in the 80’s, the first genre to be introduced is now known as Traditional Gothic, an abbreviated form of the word “Trad”.

Influenced by the rock and punk styles of the 70’s and 80’s, this gothic style would leave its mark on traditional gothic clothing, jewelry, make-up, and hairstyles.

If you’ve seen the 1991 movie “The Addams Family”, then you’ll understand the fascination with this style!

Morticia Addams- The Addams Family in 1991
Morticia Addams- The Addams Family in 1991


Trad goth features:

  • Very pale skin
  • Black hair (usually black)
  • Black fishing nets (usually torn)
  • Straps (e.g. grommet straps)
  • Leather boots
  • Double spiral drill
  • Smokey eye makeup
  • Chains and bracelets
  • Metal necklaces

Trad goth makeup


Makeup needed

Foundation: the whitest shade you have, or one shade whiter than your skin tone

Eyeshadows: just use everyday eyeshadows, make sure you have the color you want, usually red and blue.

Mascara, false eyelashes, eyeliner… You can never have too many eye makeup products

Embellishments: sequins, metallic orbs and other small accessories that can be used around the eyes or anywhere you want to highlight

gothic makeup witch


Step One: Foundation

We all know that pale skin is the foundation of the gothic look, so refer to a foundation that is one to two shades lighter than usual when applying your foundation.

Use the lightest color of setting powder to set your makeup.

The gothic look is a delicate one, so we must not let the base makeup as a “canvas” appear dirty, want to base makeup natural and long-lasting, you can use your hands to apply foundation directly on the face. Because trad goth makeup tends to be thicker, we don’t use a puff, use a makeup brush to spread the foundation on the face. This ensures that the base makeup is flattering and the foundation is even.

One other thing to keep in mind when going for a leveled base is a makeup primer. Only with a good makeup primer can we prepare a competent canvas for our foundation.

pale foundation is a key to gothic makeup


Step Two: Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is the focal point of the entire goth makeup look, and the finer the eye makeup the higher quality trad goth makeup is achieved.

Don’t be afraid to overdo it. After framing your eyes with eyeliner, use layers of black eyeshadow in the effective area covered by the eyeshadow, and then smudge them with gray eyeshadow to create a decadent look.

For a more advanced look, consider a deeper shade of red eyeshadow and a pair of maroon pupils for a vampy glamorous look – perfect for the upcoming Halloween season!

Green and blue are also good choices, with blue adding a cooler tone and green adding a spooky and mysterious vibe. The color palette can help you create a gothic makeup look with a certain theme, and if you just like a certain color, that’s ok too, it’s not binding.

gothic eye makeup


Step Three: Lip Makeup


  • Blackberry, Black, Dark Red

Recommended Lipsticks

  • NYX #LCSL21 Taro Violet Gray
  • Wycon #31 Dark Mulberry Gray Violet
  • Sephora #44 Cement Feel but Beautiful Color
  • YSL #24 Intense Deep Purple Dark Punk
  • MAC #125Caviar Matte black, strong coverage

The way it’s applied

After the beige base, dip your finger in plum, cranberry or other creams in the center of the lips to create the effect of biting through the blood color of the lips.

After priming, lightly apply a light color (grey system) lip glaze, and then apply heavy tones (black, deep purple, mulberry, dark red) in the middle of the lips.

For trad goth makeup lip makeup, priming is a very important step to hide the original lip color in order to better show the color of the lipstick.

the black lipstick for goth makeup


Step Four: Contour

After the above two steps, we already have two delicate parts of our face, lip makeup and eye makeup. Since too much contour can easily ruin the overall delicacy, and may accidentally make the makeup look dirty.

Therefore, the main grooming parts of trad goth makeup are in: 1. nose; 2. cheekbones.

The nose of the grooming, is to make the nose appear more three-dimensional, drawing eyebrows goth makeup design lies in the eyes and lips of the sense of coordination, so ignore the eyebrow color, the lighter the better.

The grooming of the cheekbones, only need to use the grooming brush to shallowly bring over a few strokes, depicting the shape of the cheekbones can be.

goth makeup


Step Five: Facial Decoration

I’m not talking about nose rings, earrings, hair clips, all that. For this step, I’m only talking about facial adornment, like I mentioned in Makeup needed above.

I know some will draw a little heart (pink is good, black is also stunning) in the corner of their eye with eyeliner, or embellish a teardrop shaped diamond, or mimic a cute little freckle in the shape of a blush. You can check the tear drop makeup and tear trail makeup mentioned in our last post.

tear drop gothic makeup

How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide


The term Gothic comes from an early European nomadic group of northern Europeans called the Visigoths, a people who lived by destruction and plunder. Influenced by Christianity, these tribes practiced asceticism in their religion.

Historically, the period from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance, a period of about 1,000 years is known as the “Middle Ages”, the “Middle Ages” is a pejorative term used by Italian historians of the Renaissance who revered the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and they saw this millennium as a time of ancient civilization. They saw this millennium as a dark period between ancient civilizations and the Renaissance. Gothic art, on the other hand, represents medieval art. The word Gothic implies a regressive, crude, uncivilized art.

goth makeup looks

Goth Makeup Looks Features

  • Gothic Style: Strange, Eerie, Eerie, Exaggerated, Alternative, Neutral.
  • Gothic Colors: All types of black, mysterious and solemn. Various solid colors, low lightness and saturation, such as dark blue and dark red.
  • Makeup: Thin eyebrows, thick black eyeliner, black nails, dark lipstick or black lipstick are common. Hair style headdresses are exaggerated and high with black, bleached and very light blonde, red or purple hair.


How To Do Goth Makeup: Step by Step

Gothic makeup is known for its mysterious and eerie, the main color is cold and dark, usually with weak white and sharp black to form a sharp contrast, focusing on the eyebrow makeup, eye makeup and lip shaping.

Gothic makeup has always been the pursuit of contour and line sense, long curved thin eyebrows, thick and long and sharp eyeliner, dark matte lips, these gothic style details, only choose 1-2 to reflect enough.

Gothic makeup


  1. Foundation

According to the prevalent goth aesthetics, white foundation is a necessity because pale skin is a sign of aristocracy. Exaggerated goth makeup rarely appears warm vibe, its choice is the dark cool handsome kind. So this cool blackened sense of the foundation is basically very white (even pale), what lively and lovely blush are next door to the girl makeup of the limited vocabulary.

Goth makeup is more suitable for people with white skin, choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your own skin color. Also remember the foundation that is too white will appear to float on your face.

Foundation of gothic makeup

The key is to choose a matte finish foundation and full coverage foundation. Do apply your foundation as thickly as you can, a sheer foundation doesn’t work well here.

Gothic makeup foundation must be very detailed, any imperfections may ruin the overall effect. You don’t need to use too much contour on your face, as it will give you a dirty look, while highlighter is acceptable.

Des:Goth makeup must be very detailed, any imperfections may ruin the overall effect.


  1. Eye makeup

Use a large black eyeshadow to frame out the eyes, or use gray eyeshadow to bring out the decadent look.

In addition to retaining the charming smoky and dark solid color elements of the classic Gothic makeup, you can also add some tiny elements to the outer V, undereye area or your bottom waterline. Black little stars or moons, metallic beads, and white sequins are all good choices.

Eye makeup of goth makeup looks


Speaking of which, this reminded me of MET GALA 2018, which I was most impressed by. Since the theme of that time was religion, gothic style just happens to be a branch of religion, and therefore we were fortunate to see a lot of beautiful wordless gothic red carpet looks.

One of the most unforgettable is Lily Collins’ dark Madonna look. She wore a strapless black Givenchy gown with a black glowing tiara and earrings.

The tear drop makeup also elevated the look, fitting the theme and emphasizing her own temperament.

Lily Collins Dark Madonna red carpet look


Eyeliner is definitely the focus of the entire goth makeup look.

You can draw the shape first with an eyeliner and then take a heavy liner to fill it in just for insurance. Remember to always go with an eyeliner to get the effect.

For girls with small eyes, start drawing eyeliner 1mm higher than the upper eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

The eyeliner should be drawn with a certain width, gradually getting thicker from the inner corner of the eye outward, and drawing an upward arc to the end of the eye, which is approximately at a 45-degree angle to the end of your eye.

In daily life, if you draw upper eyeliner, you don’t need to draw lower eyeliner. Basically, you don’t need to wear eye shadow, just use light coffee eye shadow to outline the outline.

Eyeliner of your goth makeup

  1. Lip makeup

For lip makeup, of course, go for a thick, dark matte color! Wearing a black gothic headdress is actually not that “special”, but brings a natural mystery and sexiness!

Choose matte lipstick, black is suitable for people with fair skin, and raspberry red lipstick is also a very good choice. If you want to create dry and burnt lips, apply lipstick gradually from the inside to the outside of the lips without being too even.

Lip makeup of your goth makeup

  1. Full body matching

The gothic look is not only related to your makeup, but also to your clothing and hair. We’ve written a more complete article about hairstyles for goths before, you can move over and take a look if interested. We have summarized various gothic hairstyles, including gothic hairstyles for long hair, you can choose the right hairstyle IDEA for you as needed~


Goth Makeup Looks Ideas

  1. Colorful witch makeup

I call this inspired look the “colorful witch” because it’s always associated with color, using light or vibrant colors to create highlights. This style is often associated with hairstyles and hair colors that complement each other and have a pastel goth look.

Colorful witch makeup about goth makeup


  1. Tear stain makeup

Tear stain makeup, as the name suggests, is makeup that looks like tear stains. Unlike Lily Collins’ tear drop makeup above, tear streaks are more irregular, covering the under-eye area in patches, either with sequins or glitter. Tear drop makeup can easily portray a sense of despair – giving a hollow feeling of people gone and tears running out.

Tear stains makeup is also often used in various stage, red carpet and magazine occasions.

tear stains makeup


  1. Red and Black Match

Red eyeshadow + black lips, red eyeshadow + black eyeshadow, black eyeshadow + red lips, no matter what kind of match, the combination of red and black is the most suitable for goth! Unlike the eerie and creepy feeling of all black, red adds blood color and gives a vampire-like charm.

Red and Black Match



In recent years, goth makeup has transcended its niche status and made its way into the mainstream fashion and beauty industries. As I mentioned above about MET GALA 2018. There are also shows, magazines, etc. that are reintroducing the goth style. And my tutorials on goth makeup here today also confirm the re-popularization of the goth style.

Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments

Definition and origins of goth hairstyles

Our previous topic also briefly touched on Gothic fashion, and I’m sure that everyone has their own understanding of Gothic fashion now. We all know that typical goth fashion includes dyed black hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick, and dark clothing.

While hairstyle is a characteristic that we can notice when we meet someone for the first time. Goth hairstyles can also effectively create the decadent color of Goth.

Gothic fashion is sometimes influenced by Victorian and Elizabethan fashion. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion and emo fashion.


goth hairstyles


Classic Goth Hairstyles

Gothic culture has developed to this day and has been divided into various factions. Here we look at the characteristics of different goth hairstyles in different gothic styles.


Traditional Goth

The biggest characteristic of traditional Goth is black hair, which is princess cut, long and straight, and the classic image of Wednesday from “The Addams Family” as we know it. The classic image of two black braids is also a major hairstyle of traditional Goth.


Wednesday from The Addams Family, the Goth girl
Wednesday from The Addams Family


Punk Goth

Punk Gothic style is often associated with punk rock and features studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Punk Goth hairstyles are more casual than traditional gothic styles and may feature dark hair dyes, such as crimson or deep orange. More typical is medium-length hair that looks a bit messy.


Punk Goth, goth fashion, goth hairstyle
Punk Goth


Emo Goth

Emo is the abbreviation of Emotional hardcore, which is a variety of rock music that focuses on self-emotional expression. In terms of hairstyle, long hair with bangs covering half or most of the face and hair dyed with rich and bright colors are their classic elements.


Emo Goth, a kind of goth fashion, mostly about emotion.
Emo Goth


Pastel Goth

This kind of goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors. Pastel Goth is usually a combination of purple, pink, and silver, and it looks particularly beautiful and cute at first glance. This style is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Pastel Goth, a kind of goth style nowadays, special unique fashoin.
Pastel Goth


Victorian Goth

Victorian Goths have similar characteristics to traditional Goths, such as sinful paleness, smoky eyes and soft lips, and long hair. Elegant and luxurious, known for its structured corsets, similar garments and graceful hairstyles. Long black curly hair and a hat that adds a mysterious touch to the gothic look.


Victorian Goth style goth style fashion


Cyber Goth

They are the technological outcasts of the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair. Neon hair and crazy glasses are their hallmarks.


Cyber Goth
Cyber Goth


Styling Techniques and Accessories


  1. Backcombing and teasing: Adding volume and texture to the hair

The high crown of the skull is a major feature of Goth hairstyles, and the fullness of the skull is very important to the completion of Gothic hairstyles. If your haircut looks flat, it won’t support the gothic look of this hairstyle.


Backcombing and teasing


  1. Hair dyeing and color techniques: Achieving the desired goth aesthetic

Regarding the dyeing of Gothic hairstyles, it was also mentioned above. The bright colors of Pastel Goth and Cyber Goth, and the dark colors of Emo Goth and Punk Goth are all very good choices. What everyone often overlooks is black dyeing. The deep black of Traditional Goth is actually a good hair dye choice. It is classic and simple, and can easily create a Gothic style.

Hair dyeing of Goth hairstyle


  1. Gothic hair accessories: Incorporating chains, spikes, and lace for added flair

Gothic style seems to be inseparable from various decorations. Decoration is a tool for getting twice the result with half the effort in the Gothic style. Similarly, different styles of goths require different hair accessories. You can return to the second part of this article to choose suitable hair accessories according to different styles. Overall, chains, nails, and lace are all great hair accessories for gothic style.


Gothic hair accessories


Maintaining and Caring for Goth Hairstyles

Gothic style has very strong requirements for hairstyle. You may need to frequently perm, dye and style your hair, so you will naturally need to strengthen the maintenance and care of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will easily become dry and frizzy, which will not only affect the beauty of your hairstyle. , will also affect your mood.


  1. Use conditioner like a spa treatment

Ordinary conditioner can also have a good protective effect. Most people don’t understand hair conditioner well enough, and some people regard conditioner and hair mask as the same thing. In fact, conditioner and hair mask have different functions. Conditioner only acts on the epidermal layer of hair, while hair mask not only has the same effect as conditioner, but also penetrates deep into the hair, providing comprehensive care from the inside out. Although conditioner only works on the surface of the hair, it can have a greater hair care effect if used wisely. We can use conditioner as a spa treatment, because when the conditioner is heated, it wraps more tightly on the surface of the hair, resulting in better gloss.


hair care


  1. The color-locking effect of conditioner

After washing your hair, apply conditioner to the ends or dry parts of your hair, rub theconditioner into your hair, comb your hair, wipe off the conditioner with a towel, apply it again, and wrap your hair with a shower cap to stay 10 minutes and finally rinse.

This method is mainly suitable for dyed hair, especially for the first shampoo 48 hours after dyeing, and has the best effect. Because hair color loss is mainly related to hair washing, after shampooing, strengthen the effect of conditioner, and use the wrapping properties of conditioner to close the hair scales more tightly, so that the rate of pigment loss will be slowed down a lot. If your permed hair is dry, you can also use this method to increase smoothness and gloss.




In this article, we discuss the about typical Goth hairstyles of different styles of Goths, also mention some tips for styling Goth hairstyles, and provide knowledge on hair care. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and gained the knowledge you need or some inspiration on hair styling through it.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to try different hairstyles. I hope you can find the goth hairstyle that suits you and that you like!

80s Goth: A Journey into Dark Subculture – Dark Enchantments

Definition and origins of 80s goth subculture

The definition of 80s Goth, as the name suggests, is the Gothic style of the 1980s. Gothic subculture began in the mid-1980s, so 80s Goth can be said to be the original and purest Gothic style.

Goth culture originally emerged from the gothic rock scene, which in turn is a variation of that genre and the post-punk movement.

gothic rock band
Gothic rock band

This subculture girl aesthetic is usually strongly associated with black clothing and pale facial makeup. Dressing styles within this subculture include Victorian, punk, and death rock, or even a combination of these offshoots.

However, until today, it’s difficult to clearly trace the development of Gothic culture back to its origins. The various branches, large and small, are inseparable from each other.


80s Goth – Distinctive fashion trends and styles

The popularity of Goth among certain groups of people is like a continuous and turbulent river, bottomless, mysterious and unpredictable. People are fascinated by its complex and mysterious charm, and are fascinated by it, unable to extricate themselves.


Dark and dramatic clothing choices

Gothic clothing always seems to be dark. Black, for 98% of occasions. The exclusivity of black makes it inherently mysterious, which coincides with the cultural connotation of Goth.

The combination of velvet, lace, fishnet stockings, gloves, high heels and jewelry symbolizes religious and mystical themes. These are all synonymous with Gothic fashion. It is said to be influenced by the medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian eras. They often represent pagan imagery, mysticism, and other religious imagery.


Iconic hairstyles and makeup

The darker the clothes, the whiter the facial makeup. This deliberately exaggerated color contrast is also one of the characteristics of Gothic style.

Not just pale makeup, but also dyed black hair, black eyeliner, and black nails. Some people deliberately get piercings and wear some silver jewelry. Silver and black and white also play a role in color contrast and foil.

*Welcome to check out our previous article about Goth nails! = )


Thematic and Lyrical Content of Gothic Music

Since we say that Goth was born out of punk music and originated from music, what exactly is Goth music like?


Exploring death, love and the supernatural

In fact, I think readers can relate to these themes: love, death, and the supernatural. Sounds a bit like Love, Death & Robots?

Love, Death & Robots Season 3
A pic from Love, Death & Robots Season 3


It is popular among “pagans” in the UK (here specifically refers to people who do not believe in the Anglican Church). It has an obvious anti-traditional color and is hostile to orthodox sexual morality and religious beliefs; it praises darkness, the dark side of human nature and the beauty of death; although musically Contains electroacoustic effects and dance beats, but overall it is slow, melancholy, depressed and morbid;

Gothic bands and fans will elevate death to an aesthetic concept, which is the black clothing and pale makeup paint mentioned above.

Every performance is like a grand banquet.


Emotionally charged and introspective lyrics

Gothic rock is dark, decadent, cold, and has a terrifying atmosphere, making people feel depressed and desperate. It expresses the yearning for death and blackness, and is full of artistic temperament. It not only has exquisite beauty, but also creates a sense of disharmony.

Compared with punk, punk believes that social reality is ugly and therefore wants to rebel against it. Goths believe that social reality is ugly and therefore want to escape from it.

The difference in worldview between punk and goth determines the difference in their musical styles. Punk music is loud and noisy, and the atmosphere is warm. Gothic music is cold, low-key, and world-weary.


Gothic fashion work
Alexander McQueen work-1

Influence on fashion, music, and pop culture

80s Goth’s modern influence is a bit vague. There are many unique styles, and we are currently in a multi-cultural world with profound influences, and we have brought about a common cultural heritage that has come to us since then.


Goth fashion in contemporary trends

This style has had a lasting influence on the fashion industry, with elements of goth fashion frequently seen on runways and in street style.

Alexander McQueen is a famous British fashion designer, known as the bad boy, and is considered the godfather of British fashion. Also known as the “terrible urchin” and the “British fashion gangster”.

McQueen is an out-and-out genius in the fashion industry. His designs are always eccentric, full of unconstrained creativity and extremely dramatic. His works often express emotional power, natural energy, romantic yet decisive modernity in a wild way, and are highly recognizable.


goth fashion work from Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen work-2

Impact on alternative and dark music genres

Bands like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Sisters of Mercy pioneered the goth music genre. Songs written by others with a unique Japanese singing voice. You can check out the content of our previous chapter.


Reflection on the enduring appeal of 80s goth

  1. Nostalgia and revival of goth aesthetics

Some people believe that the nostalgia and revival of Gothic aesthetics in recent years are inseparable from the negative atmosphere in the late period of the epidemic.


In the post-epidemic era, “people are trying to rebel against traditional cultural values in response to the economic instability at that time.”


  1. Continued relevance of goth ideals and values

Why do the values and ideals embodied in 80s Goth have such enduring influence on people of all subsequent eras? Obviously because the values behind it coincide with some of people’s essential pursuits.


First, seeking for personality. Gothic culture pursues individuality and encourages people to truly express themselves. But this is actually what people of any era want to pursue, and it is even more obvious in some eras or societies that emphasize obedience.


Secondly, the goth subculture is fascinated by darkness, death, and horror. We all know that people have a life instinct, but people tend to ignore their death instinct. Death should not be a taboo topic, but should be mentioned and discussed. Only when people clearly understand death can they appreciate life better.


80s goth


In addition, there is no need to emphasize the pursuit of mystery. I think that no matter in any era and in any place, people will have curiosity about the unknown. Exploring mystery and the unknown is a wonderful experience. This is one of the important reasons for Gothic culture’s enduring appeal.




80s Goth is not only the origin of various Gothic factions, but also the golden age of Gothic culture. This is a culture that you will be deeply fascinated by once you understand it. Come and learn about it with me~

Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas


Goth, as a unique subculture, has led a generation of trends. What comes to mind when you think of Goth?

Dark, lace, or even witch?

Draw inspiration from the mysterious darkness, today Dark Enchantments will take you to experience the unique charm of goth nails!


goth nails


The concept and fashion trends of goth nails

Goth nails, as the name suggests, are nail art derived from gothic culture.

Let us first take a look at the definition of goth nails. Goth nails rely on Gothic culture, inherit its dark and mysterious characteristics, and get inspiration from Gothic art.


Create interest in goth nails

Goth nail is dark, sophisticated, and full of mystery. If you like goth and happen to be a nail art lover, you will definitely love this!

Or maybe you just want to try out a new manicure style. That’s OK! Although we say that goth is a niche culture, we always welcome new members to join. With goth nail’s dark and edgy aesthetic, it can be your perfect first step to join us!


Features and design of goth nails


Color selection

Well, BLACK!!! The first color that comes to mind when thinking of Gothic culture is obviously black! The emptiness and mystery that come with black are unmatched by other colors. Actually, did you know that black also has different classifications? There are carbon black, iron black, pitch-black, dull black and so on…

Of course, in addition to black, there are also some colors that go well with goths, such as red and purple. What I mean here is obviously deep red and deep purple, if you wear fluorescent red nails it will be difficult to match the goth style.

There is also a special color – Metallics! Whether it is gold, silver or brass, it can echo the retro Gothic colors.


Deep red goth nails
Deep red goth nails

Patterns and Textures

Friends who have seen manicures know that manicures are not just about painting your nails a u-color, but also having a variety of patterns and textures!

So what patterns can be made with goth nails?

Crosses, spider webs, skulls…sounds like they not only go well with goths, but are also perfect for painting on Halloween night!

Talking about textured nails, let me share you a little tip: tell your manicurist (or your own hands) to use matte nail polish to create velvet textured nails. This will make the texture of your goth nails look very noble—— just like the duchess of the last century.


black goth nail
Black goth nail with gothic patterns

Glitter and Decoration

If you want to do an advanced version of manicure, glitter and decorations are essential.

In the previous section, I mentioned the beauty of matte nail polish. Well, the glitter accent nails can combine the hazyness of matte nail polish and the sparkle of glossy nail polish. You can only choose one or two nails to achieve this effect, which saves time and provides a more scattered look than doing it all.

As for accessories, today we have many options: nail stickers, rhinestones, charms, and nail art pens. Just choose any one or several you like.

The only difference between decorations and patterns is their irreplaceable three-dimensionality. A cross pattern and a genuine cross give people completely different feelings. Three-dimensional accessories are more eye-catching, but they also add to the inconvenience of daily life – however, this level of inconvenience is completely acceptable to me.

In addition, if you are good at painting, perhaps nail art pens will be the most suitable for you. Since they allow for the most precise detailing. Also, creating your own unique goth nail art can be truly attractive.


Glitter and Decoration
Glitter and Decoration of goth nails.


Tips and maintenance suggestions for goth nails


How to implement the design of goth nails

If you plan to find a manicurist to do your goth nails, you can actually skip this chapter, because all you have to do is “find your manicurist/nail salon”- “state your needs clearly” and “pay”.

But if you plan to complete this design alone, then I may be able to provide you with some empirical suggestions:

1.Prepare your nails:

It is not enough for you to just have “nails”, but also to have “repaired and polished nails”. You don’t want to see the look of nail polish on uneven nails.

2.Base Coat:

Believe me, this step is really important!! Although applying a layer of base coat in advance increases the time of the whole process, it can help you avoid a lot of subsequent troubles: it not only protects your nails, but also creates a smooth surface for the following nail polish.


Base Coat nails
Applying Base Coat


3.Apply the base color and design:

This step is the comprehensive reflection of the above chapters. Just enjoy designing your own goth nails!

4.Top Coat:

I call it a great invention that goes hand in hand with Base Coat. Base Coat and Top Coat are like the bread at both ends of a sandwich, wrapping the filling. It not only protects the inside from the outside world, but also prevents your hands from getting inside.



How to maintain and care for goth nails

It’s a cliche to talk about protecting your nails. Don’t touch sharp objects, don’t touch chemicals… everyone knows this. So, the following suggestions I make are based on my friends and my personal experiences. I hope they can help you:

1.Hand Cream:

Yes, you can still use hand cream even if you have a manicure. If you are still doubtful, check the ingredients of your hand cream or ask the merchant’s customer service for confirmation.

Hand cream can not only protect hands, but also prevent nails from becoming dry and brittle. In fact, there are already many creams specially used for nail protection on sale, you can also choose armor cream as appropriate.

2.Use Nail Strengtheners:

Consider using a nail strengthener or hardener to help fortify your nails and prevent them from breaking or splitting.

3.Professional Care:

Consider visiting a professional nail technician for regular manicures or nail treatments. Sometimes we have to admit: professional things still have to be left to professionals.


pretty goth nails
Pretty goth nails



As I said at the beginning, trying goth nails will be a bold but special decision. To me, goth nail is not only about aesthetics, but a form of self-expression. Just imagine, you are walking down the street after getting a goth nail, and you meet another person who has done the same. You look at each other and smile through the crowd. This is a tacit pleasure, and I believe many people share my passion for Gothic culture and desire to embrace the uniqueness and charm of it.


Perhaps our nails can be the canvas through which we express ourselves.