2023 Goth Yoga Pants:All You Want To Know

We have introduced goth jeans and goth shorts before. Today we are also going to talk about goth bottoms. Today’s protagonist is: goth yoga pants!


As the name suggests, “yoga pants” are pants worn when practicing yoga. Of course, they can also be called leggings and slimming pants. Fashion is changing rapidly. New fashion elements will be born every season. Where does the fashion wind come from and where will it go? No one knows the end! With the rise of indoor sports and fitness trends, everyone also has expectations for fashionable yoga pants, which originally only carried sports functions.

goth yoga pants


Finding goth-inspired yoga pants

In fact, we have already explained the elements and features related to Gothic bottoms very clearly in the last two articles. If you are interested, you can take a look. Because the type characteristics of goth yoga pants (for yoga) determine that their styles will not be too diverse, so we will only briefly mention three types here.


Belt Design

The use of bundled lace elements is common in Gothic clothing. It is very common in both tops and bottoms. There are belts, lace ups, and zipper designs. This kind of design can easily create a new attractive point when used in bottoms. If it is not a completely decorative design, then the skin can be divided into several color blocks to create a vaguely sexy and attractive look. It also has the effect of making your legs look slimmer or longer.

goth yoga pants


Wide Leg Design

This kind of wide-leg hem actually does not meet the definition of yoga pants, because it is a bit beyond the original purpose of exercise, but more reflects the goal of beauty.

But it doesn’t matter, it’s beautiful anyway, isn’t it?

The wide-leg design is loose, comfortable and tall, simple and elegant, not only giving a sense of width but also a sense of fashion. The solid color wide legs are loose and cover the flesh, and are very tolerant to the body shape and modify the body defects; while the long straight design is neat and fashionable to wear.

Moreover, wide-leg pants have a retro flavor that is versatile and easy to wear. If you add a deliberately distressed effect, add a belt and a wide-brimmed straw hat – you are a cowboy!

goth yoga pants


Gothic Pattern

goth yoga pants obviously goth images are indispensable. Due to the limitation of the version of yoga pants, in order to reflect the Gothic style, this style is actually the most common, because the Gothic style pattern is the best to present, and it is also the easiest to reflect the characteristics of Gothic fashion.

What are the gothic patterns? You must have known a lot of iconic Gothic patterns from our previous articles, such as bats, skulls, crosses, roses, thorns, moons, etc. All patterns that can embody mystery and horror can be accommodated in the Gothic style.

gothic yoga


Goth yoga pants brands worth considering

Here we directly list for you a few trustworthy brands that focus on sports and yoga pants. I hope everyone can find goth yoga pants that suit them!



The creator of the athleisure trend. Luxurious user experience and the most innovative retail concept sell quality sweat life lifestyle. The quality, design, style and details of the products are all of the highest quality and will not lose shape for 5 years.

Lululemon’s leggings include nearly 10 series including Align, Wunder Under, Fast& Free, Wunder Train, Invigorate, Swift Speed, Base Pace, Power Thru, and Tighest Stuff. The broad categories are divided into yoga, training, and running. Support from low to high.

Lululemon’s low-intensity exercise yoga and Pilates series include align, instill, and wunder under.

gothic yoga


Alo yoga

A must-have for celebrities and Internet celebrities when they go out on the street. Los Angeles internet celebrity sports brand. Full of street style, a must-have for street photography of European and American stars. Product features: antibacterial, quick drying, hollowing, splicing, hole design, moto leggings



A niche high-quality brand. Brand Features: Buttery soft athleisure that your body loves; empowering you to feel good in your own skin. Product features: space-dyed fabric, seamless, lightweight, super soft, all size all sharp. To support the local Los Angeles fashion industry as a promotional point.

gothic yoga



Los Angeles fashion brand. Product features: metallic, camouflage, printed, built-in shaping briefs, velvet. Made and designed in usa, highly recommended by Something Navy blogger Arielle Noa Charnas and fitness expert Bethany Meyers.



American Los Angeles brand, Latin multiculturalism.

Product features: Eco-friendly, powerful, punk, bright colors, metallic luster, fabrics such as leather pants.

goth athletic wear


How to wash and care for yoga clothes?

  1. Newly purchased yoga clothes must be gently washed with clean water to remove the floating color and then dried before wearing. Just rinse with water. There is no need to use washing powder and detergent for the first time. The clothes have fixatives. Washing can strengthen the dyeing and make the clothes more durable. Fixed colorants are more stable.


  1. Be especially careful not to wear unwashed yoga clothes directly for regular or high-temperature yoga. A large amount of sweat will decompose the fixative in the clothes, causing the clothes to fade. Moreover, when practicing yoga, the pores will open and the clothes will easily fall off. Color invades the skin.

goth athletic wear

  1. For daily cleaning, it is best to hand wash with cold water. The maximum water temperature should not exceed 30°C. After sweating a lot, please wash and dry as soon as possible or keep it ventilated. If you use a washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag first, turn it over and wash it. It is recommended to wash it gently.


  1. Be sure to wash dark and light colors separately; soak for 1-2 minutes. Do not soak for a long time. It is best to use color-protecting or underwear washing liquid. Do not place it in a hot and humid place, and do not dry or iron it. Do not add bleach, fluffing agent, or laundry detergent and softener containing bleaching ingredients; please lay it flat to dry as soon as possible after cleaning.


  1. The fabrics of yoga clothes are very professional and high-end. The more high-end the fabrics of yoga clothes, the less likely they will use heavy fixatives (such as formaldehyde), so the color will fade slightly during washing (especially for the first time or Bright colors will be more obvious). As long as the color of the clothes is as new after drying and no spots appear, it is normal.