All About Pastel Gothic Aesthetic


When it comes to the Gothic subculture, there’s also the image of a gloomy man in a black robe that precedes it. The image is complemented by a “noir” style of makeup and accentuated by dark accessories. So, who are pastel goths and how do they differ from ordinary ones?


Gothic subculture framework

Modern gothic fashion is a popular subculture that grew out of the British post-punk scene, when goth fans began wearing leather jackets, chains, combat boots, and dark makeup. The formation of modern Gothic fashion has gone through about 40 years. They are:

1960s: The Velvet Underground, The Doors and Nico were among the first bands to be labeled “Gothic”.

1970s: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division began to embrace the “Gothic” genre.

1980s: The rise of goth music inspires London’s first goth club called The Batcave.

1990s: Gothic music influenced other rock bands, such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Portishead.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Thus was born Gothic fashion, a style so unique that goth fans aspired to look like the badass musicians they saw on stage and imitate their outfits.

Over the past 40 years, modern goth fashion has consisted of some iconic goth clothing styles. I will list a few for you below:

Punk Goth: A more casual take on traditional gothic style with studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Pastel Goth: This goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors.

Gothic Lolita: Lolita refers to a beautiful young lady whose innocent appeal was contrasted by Japanese fashionistas with the not-so-subtle theme of death to create Gothic Lolita.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Cyber Goth: They are technological outcasts from the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair.

Victorian Goth: Victoria is a traditional style, elegant and luxurious, famous for its structured corsets, similar clothing and beautiful hairstyles. When Victoria is combined with Goth, it becomes a new Goth style.

Vintage Goth: Like a gothic 1920s masked girl wearing vintage clothes and a tiny feathered hat. Retro goths use red lipstick instead of black lipstick.

Fetish Goth: Sexy NDSM goths love leather and latex, featuring figure-hugging silhouettes, thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings, and more.

Steampunk Goth: Steampunk blends classic medieval costumes with elements of a futuristic dystopia.

Vampire Goth: Well, Vampire Goth combined with the vampire craze at that time.

gothic pastel aesthetic

What is pastel gothic?

Pastel Goth, aka “scary cute,” is all about mixing cuteness, innocence, and the very disturbing. This look features pastels, glitter, decay, blood, tears, and bandages. Often wearing colorful 80s T-shirts, Japanese comics, children’s jewelry and eye-catching eye contact. This is a fashion associated with Gothic Lolita.

Pastel gothic is a new gothic style that has only become popular in recent years. It first became popular on Tumbler. Pastel Goth originally originated in Japan and has a crossover with Confident Goth. But there are distinctions: pastel goth looks like a cross between Lolita and death rock, while also following current fashion trends like leggings, tank tops, and more. Pastel Gothic uses typical Gothic elements such as crosses, pentagrams, bats, and lots of spikes and rivets, but some things are presented through softer tones such as light pink, lavender, lavender, or mint green. of. They prefer light eye makeup, dye their hair a light color, or wear a light-colored wig. The overall style is simply creepy and cute.

gothic pastel aesthetic


Pastel gothic aesthetic makeup

One of the main points of pastel goth makeup is to emphasize the piercing of various parts, especially on the face. Decorations such as lip rings, nose rings, and tongue studs are common, and earrings are often in the shape of rivets, closely following the crazy feeling of death rock style. .

The second point is the heavy eye makeup, which paints almost the entire eye area in thick black, almost covering the entire eye socket, showing the depth of the eyes, as mysterious as wearing a mask. This is one painting method, and of course there is another lighter painting method: you can choose a light-colored eye shadow that is similar to or matching your hair color, and apply the base color to the entire eye socket. The eyebrows need to be long and thin to highlight the thickness of the eye makeup.

gothic pastel aesthetic makeup

If you want to know more about goth makeup, you can check our previous article: How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide


Pastel gothic aesthetic hairstyle

The most obvious thing about pastel goth is their hair color. Just like when you think of cyber goth, they are all highly saturated red, blue and green, and when you think of pastel goth, their hair color is light pink or light purple.

Many people choose wigs, but hair dyeing is also good. Some people choose wigs because they are not firmly committed to the pastel goth style, and their usual look will change between pastel goth and trad goth.

aesthetic pastel goth

More gothic hairstyles information, click here: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments


Pastel gothic aesthetic headwear

Goth headwear is rarely used, and more are earrings, necklaces, etc., but headwear is also good, especially when used in pastel goth. Match light pink with light purple headdress, light purple with light pink headdress, bow hairpins, and love-shaped hairpins.

aesthetic pastel goth

For a cool style, you can choose a headband with multi-rivet elements, while for a romantic and cute style, you can make a vine-structured garland, which has a soft and beautiful aesthetic.

aesthetic pastel goth


Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

From the 13th century to the first half of the 15th century, which was the late Middle Ages, Gothic architectural style blew into jewelry art. Pointed shapes replaced rounded forms, and the fineness of lines was also greatly improved. Pearls were inlaid at the tips of jewelry. Softening the sharp lines, pins, belts, rings and headdresses are the most typical jewelry accessories of this period.

Gothic jewelry flows with the oldest black blood, with mysterious magnificence, mixed with a little romance, spreading power in silence.

Advocating the ultimate complexity in darkness, with a bit of weirdness, it carves out the eternal soul, penetrating the line of sight like the beautiful smile of the Gothic princess, and staying in your bone marrow.

Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

Gothic jewelry has a very eye-catching performance in major brands. The American jewelry brand Bochic is inspired by the Gothic style. Its earring series is embellished with black, white, gray, brown and other diamonds, and uses exquisite hand-carving techniques to present a gothic classic style full of charm.

The mysterious black diamonds and metallic platinum create a magical dark night atmosphere; while a huge star inlaid in the middle reflects the shining of the lone star in the dark night.

Pastel gothic jewelry is matched with a variety of colors.

pastal goth


Goth Foundation Recommendations and Tips

Goth Foundations Recommendations

I have prepared five recommendations for goth foundations in this section. Because of the characteristics of gothic makeup, they are basically foundations with strong concealer characteristics.


MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation

This foundation focuses on goth makeup. It can show a velvety white, matte finish and is friendly to Cosplay and Everyday Use. In addition to Goth White, there are also Black Raven, Blue Moon, Poison Ivy Green, Translucent and Vampire’s Kiss Red colors. Of course, we all know that if you only apply foundation on your face, the boundary between your face and neck will be very obvious. This foundation can end your worries: it can be used for both face and body!

goth makeup white face MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation


Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

This foundation is a popular choice among goth makeup enthusiasts, known for its high coverage and long-wearing effect. Also offers a matte finish, and is available in a wide range of shades to suit different skin tones.

It is said that many people use it to cover tattoos. Now you know that its covering power is really good! It is said that only 2 pea-size droplets are needed to achieve complete full coverage.

white face goth makeup Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

This foundation also provides the ultimate skin realism effect and with 26 shades to choose from, including pale tones often favored in goth aesthetics. This foundation also has a matte look, but with a subtle sheen. Although the makeup is sheer, it can be built up, making it ideal for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, as it can switch from a transparent and natural base to a rich and flawless base. I like to use a fluffy round brush to layer the skin’s base, starting in the middle of the face, closer to the nose, and blending in circular motions.
white face goth makeup Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation


NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

The bottle of this foundation has a dropper design, which is my favorite cosmetic bottle design, more convenient and cleaner than any other.

Before use, use the dropper to add an appropriate amount to your brush and beauty blender to control the coverage of this matte foundation.

white face makeup goth NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

Tips for advanced makeup artists: Simply adjust the number of drops of foundation for different foundation shades to create your perfect color match.

It also has strong coverage and a soft matte finish.


Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation

Another Manic Panic product. Manic Panic Dreamtone Perfecting Liquid White Foundation and Toner is a favorite among goths, vampires, clowns, pantomimes, zombies, cosplay, theatre, stage, SFX and makeup artists. Professional makeup artists who want to create a white base for their face. Dreamtone Liquid Foundation is also suitable for people with pale or very pale skin tones as a semi-matte – a fine, oil-free white face base or as a foundation mixer.

goth white face makeup Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation

The main difference between Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation and MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation is that the former is Demi-Matte, the latter is Matte, the former is Sheer to Full Coverage, and the latter is Medium to Full Coverage, but there are no applicable occasions. Big difference. The former is Liquid Foundation and the latter is Cream-to-Powder Foundation. You can choose the product that is suitable and familiar to you.


Application techniques of goth foundation

We’ve mentioned gothic makeup in two previous articles: Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial and How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide.

Regarding facial foundation, people with fair skin are more suitable for gothic makeup. Usually, the foundation color can be one shade lighter than their own skin color. Foundation that is too white will feel like it is floating on the face.

goth white face makeup

Of course, this is for daily makeup. If your purpose is to create a mask-like stage makeup effect, such as dress up like Edward Scissorhands, then a mask-like pale face is what you need.

Try to choose a matte foundation and a foundation with strong covering power. The foundations we recommend above all meet this requirement. Be careful not to apply the foundation too thinly, because Gothic makeup requires a very detailed foundation, and the slightest flaw may destroy the entire Gothic effect.

No matter what style of foundation you choose, you need to ensure that your skin tone is even, so after choosing a color, focus on applying your foundation evenly. The makeup tools suitable for each person’s skin type are also different. Some people use makeup brushes, some use soaked sponges, and some use powder puffs. Just choose the one that suits you.

goth white face makeup

Generally speaking, the coverage power of these foundations I recommend should be sufficient. If that’s not enough, before you put on foundation, lightly apply concealer on blemishes and dark circles to effectively ensure the makeup effect. Also, don’t hesitate, I asked the makeup artist, concealer can be applied before or after foundation, the order doesn’t matter.

There are no fundamental rules for Gothic makeup, but it basically has to meet three conditions: the color contrast between weak white and dark, distinct contours and lines, and the overall dramatic effect. Therefore, the base must be pale and matte. Light-colored foundation is the foundation of Gothic makeup. When applying foundation, you can use a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than usual, and use the lightest color powder to set the makeup.


Goth makeup tips

Gothic makeup is basically a sharp contrast between pale white and sharp black. White foundation is a must. If you want a smooth skin texture, you can use products with moderate coverage and only cover areas that are easily noticeable, such as under the eyes and around the nose. After that, finish the look with a slightly brighter powder of the same tone.

The three-in-one BB cream that conceals, isolates and foundation can create a natural, flawless effect and make large pores and uneven skin tone disappear. Combined with mineral powder, the look becomes more matte and flawless.

Natural eye makeup: Use natural colors such as beige and flesh to modify the eye shape without revealing anything.

goth foundation

Eyeliner: It is best to use eyeliner, which is easy to operate, you can freely control the thickness, the color is obvious, and it has a luxurious feel.

Lipstick: Full red lipstick. It is best to outline the lip line with a lip liner to prevent the lipstick from spilling out and make the lip makeup look more refined and stylish. This red lip is a cool-toned red.


8 Goth Temporary Tattoos Ideas In 2023


Don’t know if you have seen the article we wrote before about goth tattoo ideas: Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023? If you haven’t thought about what kind of tattoo you want to get and are hesitant, or you just want a temporary tattoo to attend a gothic-themed party or prepare for Halloween, then you should consider a temporary tattoo. We also have goth temporary tattoos ideas for you.


Black Cross Tattoo

The preferred color for goth temporary tattoos is the same as goth tattoos, which is of course black, and black is also the most common color for tattoos.

Cross tattoo designs are relatively common even among tattoos that do not have a specific style. Gothic style cross tattoos are mostly modified and beautified crosses. The body of the cross is basically made like a Gothic font. Special style embellishment.

In addition, many gothic iconic elements will be added. Although the Gothic cross itself can be used as a symbolic image, other elements are usually added, such as roses, thorns, etc. Roses and thorns are usually wrapped around the cross. on it, turning it into a beautiful, luxurious, yet dangerous and mysterious gothic cross image.

Black Cross Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Flower Sleeve Tattoo

The reason why it is flowers is because the vine and flower patterns are particularly suitable for spreading and covering an entire arm. If you want to make an eye-catching sleeve tattoo that can be seen at a glance, then Flower Sleeve Tattoo can surely be your first choice.

Like I mentioned above, flowers and thorns work well together. But now there are so many types of goth temporary tattoos, you can definitely find a unique pattern that attracts you. For example, in this picture there is a scene of clocks and flowers entwining.

There are also different types of flowers. The most common ones are of course roses. In addition to black and white, there are also bright red roses. Lotus is also widely used. The petal tips of Lotus are very beautiful and have special significance in Buddhism, symbolizing the realm beyond this world and the awakening of the soul.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Neck Tattoo

I mentioned in my previous article the benefits of chokers on the completion of goth outfits, so you can imagine the benefits of a ring-neck choker on goth style.

Whether it is a tattoo that wraps around the neck or a half-circle tattoo on the front, it can perfectly modify the neck. Remember to pair it with a tube top skirt or a square collar top or a small suspender belt to ensure that your entire neck tattoo is exposed.

And in view of the special position of the neck, the tattoo pattern here can be conceived with some special ideas, such as surrounding it in a circle, such as using soft and sharp lines to create a sense of agility as shown in the picture below. Paired with a pendant, then they would be like some magical aura released from your magical necklace.

Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Arm Ring Tattoo

You can actually find that the pattern of this tattoo is the same as the previous neck tattoo. This also illustrates the flexible way of temporary tattoos: you can use them anywhere.

Temporary tattoos that can be used as a ring on the neck can naturally also be used as a ring on the arms and calves. If the detail you want with temporary tattoos is small enough (you can definitely cut out the parts you want to the size you want), you can also attach it as a real ring (on your finger!).

Arm Ring Tattoo Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Skull Tattoo

Another classic goth temporary tattoos pattern.

There’s one pattern that’s almost inevitable when creating a gothic look: skulls. Moreover, the image of a skull is particularly suitable for goth temporary tattoos because its size is controllable and it can be made very small. You can also stick one on each finger. It will be a very interesting creation.

But if it is too big, it may not exist alone. Some background decoration must be done. You can cut out other goth temporary tattoos (such as large flowers and thorns) as the background and stick them together with the skull tattoo. This kind of stacking Be careful not to overlap the two. It is best to wait twenty minutes for the previously applied tattoo to dry completely before attaching the other one.

In addition, there are many styles of skull patterns, because this is a relatively popular pattern, so naturally there are all kinds. You can find any style of skull pattern and stick it wherever you want.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Tiny Pattern Tattoo

Gothic designs such as flowers, space, moons, snakes, and other gothic-inspired elements. Likewise, these tattoos can be placed on the arms, neck, shoulders, collarbones, or any other part of the body you want.

Tattoos of this size are really the most flexible. Like I suggested for skull tattoos, you can also try sticking several tiny pattern tattoos together, such as the knuckles of four fingers, or around the thigh. in a circle. Of course, don’t forget to match it with your outfit. If your outfit is backless, wear it at the shoulder. Trust me, that’s a fantastic spot.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Lower Back Tattoo

Although it is a lower back tattoo, this kind of slender-shaped tattoo is very easy to use and can be used in many places, such as the arm rings and neck rings we just talked about, as well as the lower abdomen, collarbone and other places. These are all popular places that people mostly sticked on.

Like the one in the picture, the shape of a bat’s spread wings is used to outline the appropriate size well. Moreover, popular patterns include hearts with wings, extended flower vines, intertwined snakes, sun, moon and stars, etc.

Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

Butterfly patterns are also a very popular category in the tattoo industry. I specifically mention the butterfly tattoo on the collarbone here, because in my opinion this is the most appropriate location. I wonder if you have ever watched the Japanese movie “Swallowtail Butterfly”? The heroine in it just has a butterfly tattooed on her chest.

The butterfly tattoo represents fragility and beauty, mystery and freedom, and it rests on the collarbone, giving it a feeling of spreading its wings and ready to fly.

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


Gothic Flat Shoes: Step Out of The Cozy Mystery


Although we mentioned the characteristics of Platform Soles in our previous article about Goth Lolita shoes, this does not mean that all goth shoes are high heels. Although high heels have the benefits of heels, flat shoes are also a popular choice. Some people are uncomfortable wearing high heels, and some people may simply not like high heels, and that’s okay. In order to cater to everyone’s different choices, we have prepared this special edition of gothic flat shoes for everyone!

gothic ballerina shoes


Gothic leather flats

Leather shoes are almost the first choice for gothic shoes. After all, leather shoes and elegance are closely related. Convenient and comfortable in terms of function, easy to wear and versatile in style. Although we say that there are many goth types, no matter which category, you can’t go wrong with Gothic leather flat shoes.

It should be noted that flat shoes are not suitable for wearing with tight pants, especially those worn without socks and exposing the ankles, which will make you look like a broken carrot.

When choosing flat shoes online, take a look at the soles. If the store has a picture of the shoes folded in half, you can see the softness of the soles. It would be better if there is a video. Second, look at the heels. Soft leather ones will not rub your heels. Third, look at the size. In addition to size, you should also choose the size of shoes according to the width of your feet. Remember to observe the store’s notes and reviews, and follow the size standards given by different merchants.

Gothic leather flats gothic flat shoes


Gothic ballet lace up flats

George Balanchine once said, “Ballet is woman.” Ballet aesthetics are considered romantic, soft, and full of femininity, but it can also bring out the rebellion of girls.

“Ballet Aesthetics” is inspired by ballet dancers’ performance and rehearsal costumes. The core elements include wrap tops, leotards, delicate tulle skirts, ballet flats, stacked leggings, headbands, and more, creating an elegant look. Charming “ultra-feminine”.

goth ballet flats

Ballet flats are exquisite and compact, making them very suitable for integration into daily wear and matched with different types of long skirts. The styles are different but equally elegant.

Paired with leather pants of the same color, it also has a unique flavor. It is cool and has a soft side at the same time, which is worth learning from cool girls.

Gothic ballet lace up flats


Gothic canvas flats

Canvas shoes, whether lace-up or Slip-Ons, are really lightweight and comfortable. The canvas fabric is quite special and brings a simple but not too luxurious style, making it the first choice for casual shoes. Unlike leather materials, the texture of cloth-textured fabrics is more obvious and can show a sense of layering. And now that DIY canvas shoe uppers are popular, you can buy a DIY set of canvas shoes to create your own creation!

Canvas shoes are generally not suitable for overly formal attire, and a formal ruffled long-sleeved shirt with a pair of espadrilles might look ridiculous. But some cute and breezy skirts and your collection of quirky patterned shorts and tights might work perfectly.

Gothic canvas flats goth flats


Gothic flat sandals

Who says sandals can only be worn in summer! Thick stockings and thick Roman-style strappy sandals are a look that many Japanese styles have long developed. T-strap or Ankle-strap is lightly buckled on the ankle. The sense of restraint highlights the slenderness of the ankle, and at the same time modifies the sole and instep of the foot, making the overall leg line visually longer.

In daily wear, the atmosphere of flat sandals looks like a summer beach, and the salty smell of the sea breeze should be mixed with the softness of the long skirt. The same goes for goth flats. Long skirts and shorts are both suitable. The former is more friendly, while the latter is cuter and cooler.



Gothic Mary Jane flats

Mary Jane shoes are usually high heels and thick soles, but flat Mary Jane shoes are not bad either, revealing a sense of simple elegance.

Mary Jane shoes generally have round toes, with a dull cuteness and not too many decorations. The most classic ones are black, which is versatile and tolerant. The deep burgundy color has a rich sense of elegance, like the beautiful vampire duchess, and feels very suitable for holding a glass of red wine.

Gothic Mary Jane flats goth ballet flats

Most of the Mary Jane models of gothic flat shoes on the market have round toes and matte surfaces. In addition to the simplest styles, some are embellished with gothic elements, such as rivets, roses, bat patterns, etc.

The simplest Gothic Mary Jane flats are the best to match. No matter what kind of Gothic style clothing, whether it is complicated with several layers, or simple everyday style, wearing these Mary Jane shoes will look very good, Mary. Jane flat shoes are more suitable for skirts that reach to the knee. They can expose half of the calf and look great with or without pantyhose.

Gothic Mary Jane flat goth boots


Gothic flat shoes matching rules

Although there are many ways to wear them, there are two combinations of the flat shoes I mentioned above that you can’t go wrong with.


Black dress and fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings, pantyhose, stockings, whatever. Either a dress or a skirt is fine. Don’t make your upper body too bulky, and don’t wear a coat that is too long. A plush coat is not OK, but a short ruffled coat is fine.

The key point of this look is that the skirt ends at the knees, exposing the calf, and the hem of the skirt contrasts with the leg line to highlight the beauty of the leg line. And the purpose of wearing pantyhose is to prevent your legs from looking too empty and top-heavy.

vgothic flat shoes


Black miniskirt and leather jacket

If the above set of outfits are sweet, then this set of looks focuses on sweetness + coolness. The cuteness of the mini skirt and the retro coolness of the leather jacket are paired together, making her look like a rebellious high school girl who can not only get first place in her grade but also play bass in rock concerts.

For inner wear, you can choose a tight-fitting tube top or suspenders, which contrasts with the loose leather jacket. The texture is rich, sublimating the overall look to another level, and giving you a confident and fashionable look.

goth shoes flats


Read more

If you want to know more about goth outfits and matching tips, you can check our previous articles: 7 Alternative Goth Glasses in 2023: How to Match? and 5 Goth Belt Ideas And How To Style Them.


Goth Lolita Shoes: Styles and Matching Tips in 2023

Different designs of goth lolita shoes

Goth lolita style, simply put, is a new style that combines Gothic and Lolita styles. It is like the middle part of the Venn diagram between the Gothic circle and the Lolita circle.

Speaking of goth lolita shoes, the main categories are Mary Janes, Tea Party shoes, boots, and rocking horse shoes. Next we will talk about some unique designs of goth lolita shoes.

goth lolita shoes


Lace and Ruffles

The clever use of Lace and Ruffles is not only outstanding in the field of goth lolita shoes, but also highly respected in all fields.

Lace and ruffles themselves have an elegant and soft nature, so style and sweetness are bound. Although we say that gothic style has little to do with sweetness, goth lolita style is indeed the sweetest branch of all goth styles. Therefore, the use of lace and ruffles elements on goth lolita shoes is an unmistakable choice.

In terms of clothing matching, you can also choose a match with lace and ruffles elements according to the shoes, otherwise only lace on the shoes may appear a bit abrupt. In addition to the lace of the shoes themselves, you can choose socks with lace and ruffles to match. A pair of socks that are beautiful in themselves can often add a lot of points to your outfits.

Lace and Ruffles goth lolita shoes


Bows and Ribbons

As I said above, bows and streamers are also elements bound to cute and sweet styles, but black bows and streamers can always give people a black angelic sense of mystery.

The top can be paired with a classic shirt characterized by a stand-up collar and exaggerated ruffles on the front, in black, of course. Adding a bow from the collar to the chest can further emphasize the impression of a lady.

The principle of matching is harmony and balance. If you want to wear a dress with complicated hem and skirt, then the choice of shoes should not be too fancy, otherwise the whole body will feel very heavy, and it will look like a cake with ruffles all over, which is very bulky.

On the other hand, if you choose a more sophisticated top, you can wear shoes and socks with a more complex design to achieve a balanced look for the whole body.

agodor women's goth mary jane lolita platform shoes Bows and Ribbons


Platform Soles

Thick high heels, essence of lolita goth outfits.

Lolita style always gives people a cute girly feel, and it also seems to have the impression of not being too tall. This may be why you always see girls wearing Platform Soles high heels when wearing lolita skirts. , and almost all have thick heels, no thin heels.

A big difference between the impressions given by thick-heeled high-heeled shoes and stiletto-heeled high-heeled shoes is that the slenderness and sharpness of stiletto-heeled high-heeled shoes will give people a sharper and stricter impression, always tending to a sexy style, and the pointed toes of the shoes are also The same; and the round toes of thick heels and shoes give people a natural roundness, which makes them look honest and cute. Moreover, thick heels are more comfortable to wear because of their large force-bearing area.

Therefore, when we choose Goth Lolita style, we must not forget the cuteness brought by thick-soled shoes.

Platform Soles agodor women's goth mary jane lolita platform shoes


Victorian-inspired Silhouettes

The goth lolita style itself was born out of the Victorian clothing style, so it is very close to the Victorian style. The Victorian style is based on the clothing of European aristocratic women in the Elizabethan period of the 16th century and the Victorian period of the 19th century. It has both a sense of classicism and luxury.

Victorian-style classical skirts are generally decorated with ruffle shapes, matched with corsets, and often use lace and tulle designs. We talked about the unique style design of goth dresses in our previous article about Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves “Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves: Unique Combination Charm“. Interested friends can click to read.

Victorian-inspired Silhouettes victorian goth lolita shoes

In terms of item matching, in addition to corsets (if this is considered an item), feather fans, veils and mesh hats, umbrellas with ruffles, etc. are all very common items. We have written an article about Goth Glasses before. You can take a look. I think goth glasses with glasses chains are very suitable for our goth lolita style and the goth lolita shoes we are talking about today.

Victorian-inspired Silhouettes victorian goth lolita shoes


Unique Heel Shapes

If the background color of lolita is cute and complicated, then the background color of goth should be mysterious and eclectic. This unique heel shapes goth lolita shoes embodies the exaggerated and unique characteristics of goth lolita style to a great extent.

“Heels are unrestricted,” says shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. “They are antidepressants.” Unique heel shapes are a favorite among designers because they can highlight style in the most eccentric way. and attitude.

Unique Heel Shapes gothic lolita shoes

However, the biggest hidden danger of unique heel shapes shoes may be that they are easy to fall. If it is a thick heel and hollow design, it is okay to say that it completely changes the shape of the heel and causes uneven force. In fact, it is easier to cause sprains and may cause plantar pain after being worn for a long time. Therefore, please be careful.


Prints and Patterns

There are so many representative elements and images of Gothic style, how can it not be reflected in goth lolita shoes? In addition to printing directly on the shoe, it can also be displayed through various small parts (such as shoelaces, etc.). The picture below shows the use of shoe buckles to make a bat shape. The special-shaped heels mentioned above are also one of the ways.

Prints and Patterns black lolita shoes


Color Contrasts

We all know that the basic color of goth style is black, so the natural contrasting color is black and white. The ultimate contrast between black and white can achieve the highest color saturation, giving people almost the highest attention. Of course, don’t forget our matching tips: If the color contrast cannot be achieved through a pair of shoes, you can completely use socks to complete the effect, such as all-black shoes and all-white socks. In the same way, other colors can also be matched. Black and bright pink are also very good combinations.

lolita heels black lolita shoes


7 Alternative Goth Glasses in 2023: How to Match?

Goth Glasses Types

If you don’t know what types and options there are for goth glasses, then you can read the explanation in this section. There are many styles of goth glasses. Here I list some of the more distinctive goth glasses for reference and matching.


Goth Glasses with eyeglasses chain

The glasses chain is just like the waist chain, it is a very eye-catching detail. You can even pair eyeglass chains with waist chains. If you are wearing velvet clothes, you can pair them with metallic chains to add luster and coolness. Gorgeous retro clothing and Goth style are very suitable for this item. After all, at the beginning, we all knew that the old ladies in some retro dramas wore eyeglasses chains. But if we think about it from another angle, we can find that the waist chain itself is like crossing the river of history and coming to Now, it brings a retro feel.

Goth Glasses with eyeglasses chain


Studded Goth Glasses

Although in daily wear, it is rare to see glasses decorated with rivets. But for the Gothic style, the relationship between rivets and punk goth is like fish and water, unable to leave each other. You can check out our previous article 5 Goth Belt Ideas And How To Style Them, which also mentions the matching of Studded Goth Belts. For goth outfits, the combination of rivet elements is consistent for both Goth Belts and Goth Glasses. It should not be too many, but it cannot be one alone.

Studded Goth Glasses


Round Frame Glasses

When I think of round glasses, in fact the first image that comes to my mind is Harry Potter. This style of glasses with a British feel at the end of the last century not only has a retro elegance, but you can also find it from Harry Potter: it is perfectly suitable for those dark scenes.

You may find that most of our clothes are rectangular and angular, while round-framed glasses are rounded and not as obvious as square-framed glasses. They are more suitable for people with long faces and can neutralize them. The lines of the whole body, especially the face, make the whole body show the beauty of lines. People with round faces are also advised to avoid this style, otherwise it will become rounder when it comes to round faces and accentuate facial flaws. But if you really want to try round glasses, maybe start with these slightly larger round sunglasses.

round frame glasses goth with glasses


Wastelander Goggles

This is actually a specific product of steampunk goth. Combined with leather jackets, masks, etc., it is the classic look of steampunk goth.

The steampunk style itself is an imaginary theme based on the British Victorian era. Contrary to cyberpunk, it mainly expresses people’s expectations for the future development of science and technology when capitalism has come to the stage in the industrialization era, the aristocracy has not yet withdrawn from history, and imperialism has not yet emerged. A positive and enterprising romantic spirit.

Nowadays, many games with the steampunk label show a decadent and dark style that is a combination of multiple elements such as Cthulhu, Gothic, and magic elements.

Steampunk clothing style was created based on the Victorian era in England.

“Dressing women up like flowers”, shirring, lace, ruffles, puff sleeves, bows, lace, cake skirts… The complex combination of elements of Rococo, Baroque, Gothic and various exotic styles is Victoria’s The biggest feature of clothing.

Wastelander Goggles goth prescription glasses


Gear Goth Glasses

Gears are also a characteristic element of the steampunk era. We can imagine the spliced combination of leather and gears.

In the industrial era under the background of steampunk, people’s clothes must be streamlined, and sometimes late-Victorian costumes are used to make them more concise. In order to highlight the characteristics of steampunk, leather has a greater proportion in the clothing, and clockwork, gears, chains, rivets and other industrial elements are also integrated into the clothing.

Because of the romanticism of steampunk and the open and inclusive characteristics of the Victorian era, the stacking of elements and the mixture of multiculturalism are also major characteristics of steampunk. It is natural for industrial parts to become clothing accessories, and most of these parts are used in the story. Be practical.

Of course, some costumes are becoming more and more exaggerated and weird, and even have magical elements. This is actually the result of the gradual integration with other styles. Steampunk creators are unconstrained, and there is no strict standard to define steampunk. Many of them have the costumes of steampunk-style works may not necessarily have steampunk elements.

Gear Goth Glasses


Bat Goth Glasses

The bat is actually one of the icons of Gothic style, along with roses, thorns, skulls, etc. This pair of glasses is a pair of special-shaped glasses. The shape itself is very beautiful, but it serves more of a decorative purpose. Bat glasses actually fit perfectly with our vampire goth style. Although I have also seen rose-shaped glasses, rose-shaped glasses are actually consistent with Victoria goth style because they focus more on elegant beauty, while bats are more Dark, mysterious, and dangerous, just like Gotham City as rendered in the movie Batman.

Bat Glasses goth with glasses


Cat Eye Goth Glasses

The biggest feature of cat-eye glasses is the lines of the frame, which are straight up. For the Cat Eye Glasses with metal frames, this combination of metal and thin does not have the bulkiness caused by thick plastic frames and the feeling as if the whole person is being weighed down by the glasses. However, Cat Eye Goth Glasses with plastic frames are more likely to be colorful and have a more lively atmosphere, which is more suitable for pastel goth style.

The lenses of some Cat Eye Glasses are very small, which makes the sunglasses become a facial decoration. Not only does it not cover the eyes, but it also highlights the beauty of the eyes themselves and highlights your eye makeup. Moreover, the overall size of the glasses is smaller, but they are more angular and aggressive.

Cat Eye Glasses goth with glasses


How to look goth with glasses?

The first suggestion I want to make is to choose a pair of goth glasses. You can directly choose a style from the above according to the style you like, because the styles I mentioned above are already very suitable for goth style glasses.

Secondly, I want to emphasize that your clothing style needs to echo your glasses style. You can’t choose a pair of Bat Goth Glasses, but wear a complicated Victoria Goth skirt, it will look weird. For goth dresses, you can take a look at our previous article: Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves: Unique Combination Charm.

vampire glasses goth makeup with glasses

In addition, what needs to be emphasized is makeup. Even if you wear glasses, it does not mean that you have to give up eye makeup. As I wrote above, some glasses (such as Cat Eye Goth Glasses) have narrow lenses and can even In turn accentuate your eye makeup. If you are interested in goth hairstyles and goth makeups, you can check out: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments and Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial.


5 Goth Belt Ideas And How To Style Them


Goth belt can be a perfect item for goth style outfits. Though we’ve talked about lots of types of goth styles and all of those matching tips for goth outfits, we don’t really mention goth belt enough. So let’s talk about it more specifically.


Studded Goth Belts

Rivets, of course. We’ve talked about the use of rivets in gothic clothing and pieces almost countless times. It can be said that when it comes to goth, it is all about rivet elements.

They feature metal studs or spikes that add a punk-inspired edge to your outfit, definitely fits punk goth style.

We have also mentioned the use of rivet elements in our previous articles about goth jeans and goth shorts. I believe everyone knows the charm of rivet elements.

goth belt goth Studded Belts

In fact, matching it with a full set of Studded bracelets, necklaces, jackets… seems to be a good choice. Rivet elements always give a special sense of toughness and modernity. It can be decorated in the design of clothing, which can make the original casual clothes more rock and street atmosphere, and more charming.

As an embellishment in the middle part of the body, the belt can also be matched with other accessories. Because the rivet elements are metal elements, most of them are silver, so our suggestion is to use all-black tops and bottoms as the base, highlighting the highlights of the rivets. Because the main color is black, the echo of the rivet elements can be borne by some movable accessories, such as rivet bags, rivet shoes, rivet necklaces and bracelets.

Studded Belts


Goth Corset Belts

Corsets are not very common in daily wear choices, but a good corset can perfectly show the curves of the figure and enhance the design sense of the overall match. Its advantage is that it makes the legs longer and the height more attractive. Capable and neat, etc.

Some corset belts are matched with trousers, and the design is a bit like a vest. You can wear them with a formal feel without having to worry about matching them. This not only relaxes the body, reduces the sense of restraint, but also tightens the waist, giving a sense of security and increasing the sense of neatness and ability. Some corset belts are also designed with tassels, which makes them look elegant and elegant.

Nowadays, the most common outfit is to expose corset belts, that is, wear them outside the top, tie up the waist, and be integrated with the top. The slim-fitting upper circumference and loose fat-legged trousers appear to be loose and relaxed. The lines that need to be shown are perfectly presented.

goth Corset Belts plus size goth belt

Black corsets are not only tight-fitting, but also loose. This design will make the overall look more layered. Paired with a black hat and bag, it will match well. Paired with a white windbreaker, it will feel domineering and powerful.

A belt-style corset paired with a suit jacket is more suitable for daily wear. If it is just an ordinary suit and jeans, the legs will appear very short, but adding the waist corset emphasizes the position of the waistline, extending the length of the legs and the overall line. It will also be slimmer.

Gothic belts are mostly black. If the bottom clothes and trousers are also black, then you need to use the texture of the fabric or some small ideas (eye-catching details such as lace and metal buckles) to highlight the layering effect, don’t let the whole body matching be unfocused, like a black cylinder. The combination of corset belts and lace-up shoes, paired with a rough-textured sweater, not only connects the visual sense of the upper and lower parts, but also clearly marks the waistline, making it appear that the upper and lower parts echo.

plus size goth belt goth Corset Belts


Goth Chain Belts

The chain belt is more of a decorative function. If you need it to tighten the abdomen at the same time, then you need to observe whether it has a “belt” part. If the entire body is designed with a metal chain, then it may be the effect of tightening the abdomen cannot be achieved.

Although the decorative waist chain will not pinch your waist tightly, it can stay on your waist just right and highlight your waistline in a semi-fitting way.

Waist chains are more popular than belts because waist chains can appear dull due to the width and thickness of the belt, and the style of the belt is relatively monotonous.

goth chain belt

Choose a low-key or exaggerated waist chain to make the whole outfit sophisticated and fashionable. Coupled with a good-quality suit or silk skirt, it will also make the whole outfit look noble.

Most chain goth belts are also made of metal, either silver or gold. Gold is luxurious and silver is eye-catching. Nowadays, there are so many styles of chain goth belts that you can’t choose. Whether paired with pants or skirts, it can take the whole body’s look to a new level.

goth chain belt


Goth Harness Belts

Harness goth belt This style of belt originated from harness attire and is a representative accessory of gothic punk. It has also appeared in shows, such as the 2013 shows of Nina Ricci and Jill Stuart. The harness belt has become an element used in many clothes today, and it can also be regarded as a new trend item that has entered the mainstream fashion industry.

The simplest way to wear the harness goth belt is to wear it on a basic white T, or wear it alone or with a jacket, which adds a lot of texture and aura to the simple black and white outfit.

goth Harness Belts

The harness goth belt is worn under the shirt, turning it into a personalized necklace, creating a subtle beauty. Tie it over a loose dress to give it another way to wear it. Or let the harness goth belt become the shoulder straps of a tube top skirt, making the shoulders a little more interesting.

The shape of the harness goth belt itself is also very diverse. Don’t think that leather can’t have a sweet style, and when paired with the previous chain design, it can form a variety of beautiful decorations with a mix and match feel.


Goth Wide Waist Belts

The wide belt is a simple and versatile choice that emphasizes the width of the belt. It is not as narrow as a waist chain, but it does not occupy the entire waist like a corset. It is the one that is just in the middle.

The most obvious effect of wide belts in the field of dressing is that they can create a high waistline, thereby improving body proportions.

Connecting upper and lower garments can be said to be the most basic use of a belt. Whether it is trousers or skirts, a belt can make the connection more detailed, add points to the match, and highlight the proportions.

goth Wide Waist Belts

Using a belt to tighten the one piece and highlight the waist is also an extremely simple and common way.

It is also very common to use a wide belt to separate mid-length coats and suits. The combination gives a chic feel and elongates the lines of the lower body.

In winter, it is also a good choice to tie a wide belt on a bloated sweater to emphasize the waistline. Otherwise, some sweaters that are not so close-fitting will easily make you look like a ball.

goth Wide Waist Belts



In the above article, we have provided you with 5 goth belt ideas and analyzed the usage of different types of goth belts. Welcome to take a look.

Christmas is coming, if you want to buy a Goth Christmas Sweater, you can read our previous article: 8 Goth Christmas Sweater Ideas in 2023.

8 Goth Christmas Sweater Ideas in 2023


It wouldn’t be Christmas without grandma forcing her to wear an ugly Christmas sweater she knitted herself! How do you deal with the ugly sweater party at Christmas? Want to show your personal style at your family ugly sweater party at Christmas? Even an ugly sweater can’t lose! Put aside all the dressing guides and fashion rules, and use the simplest styles and the plainest patterns to decide the ugliest Christmas sweater!

In fact, there is a saying that the completion of fashion depends on the face. Good-looking people can look beautiful even in ugly sweaters.

How to use goth Christmas sweater to show off your style skills at an ugly sweater party?

ugly christmas sweater goth


Plain Ugly Goth Christmas Sweater

Remember Mark Darcy wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in “BJ’s Diary”? Today, the ugly Christmas sweater is as indispensable to Christmas as candy canes, red and green decorations, and Christmas trees!

If you want a goth Christmas sweater, you can actually start here. Finding an ugly goth Christmas sweater is actually easier. In fact, the ugly goth Christmas sweater just reflects the combination of Christmas and gothic style in the most simple and original way!

ugly christmas sweater goth



In our previous article Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments, we mentioned the hair characteristics of various sub-genres of Goth style, which you can use as a reference.

The hairstyles that are more suitable for our goth Christmas sweaters are mostly those that expose the neck, with long black hair, two buns, and twin tails. The focus can be on hair color and hair accessories. The hair color can be black or platinum, both are beautiful.

christmas sweater goth



Gothic style headdresses are generally more exaggerated, such as tiara, fascinator, hairnet, veil, etc., which are usually in a gorgeous style. But our goth Christmas sweater may not necessarily match this eye-catching hair jewelry, because sweaters in the Christmas atmosphere are usually simple and plain, with big-headed cartoon patterns and uncomplicated crochet. The nature of sweaters is casual and informal. If you insist on matching it with a piece of formal or luxurious jewelry, it will definitely destroy the harmony of your entire outfit.

The headdress I recommend is hairpins, grippers or headbands. These are more casual and cute hair accessories that can be matched with your goth Christmas sweater to form a whole without ruining the tone.

christmas sweater goth



In fact, for goth Christmas sweaters, there are many choices of earrings. Whether you choose a Christmas theme (red and green) or a Goth theme (black and white), they are both good, because black and white and red and green are not mutually exclusive colors. Black and white can take a step back and become the background color, which is versatile, and red The color system will be the colors that will be available everywhere that day. Even if you only have a little red and green embellishment on your body, you don’t have to worry about being out of touch or exaggerating, because it will echo the entire environment.

goth ugly christmas sweater



If it is a necklace that means something special to you, such as a newly received New Year gift, or a ring that is important to you, then there is no problem! Wearing meaningful jewelry to celebrate the holidays is a very ritual gesture.

If you don’t have this plan and just want to look good, then I recommend you wear a choker. A choker can effectively show off the slenderness of your neck, elongating your neck vertically. It will not hang down on your neckline like a necklace and get mixed up with the pattern of your sweater. Instead, it will be self-contained and become a highlight on its own.

goth ugly christmas sweater



Regarding goth nails, we have previously written an article called Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas. If you want to learn more about it or get goth nails ideas, you are more than welcome to check it out.

For me personally, the nails suitable for goth Christmas sweater have to be black and white, but you can add small Christmas tree decorations as embellishments. This small detail combination is really cute.

goth ugly christmas sweater


Show legs

This means wearing a short skirt or shorts with your goth Christmas sweater. Because the goth Christmas sweater itself is relatively wide and looks bloated. If you wear loose trousers or a long skirt, it will look like a real Christmas tree…

Wearing short skirts or trousers can expose your legs and make them look longer. It is also common to pair oversized tops with shorts and you can’t go wrong.

goth christmas sweater


Long socks/fishnet socks

This combination actually echoes the previous pair of shorts. This wearing method not only provides a visual sense of familiarity, but can also effectively adjust the body proportions, making your leg lines look more slender. When paired with long boots, it can also modify the shape of the legs.

In addition to matching short skirts and shorts, fishnet stockings can also be paired with distressed ripped jeans. The whole body look is a casual and lazy retro street style.

Casual style, sports style, street style, all perfectly matched with fishnet socks. And as I said above, goth Cshristmas sweaters are far from formal wear, and they just match fishnet stockings.

ugly goth christmas sweater

As for stockings, compared with other items, socks are a relatively inconspicuous accessory in the fashion circle, but they are indispensable whether in winter or summer, and their role in embellishment of the style should not be underestimated.

For sports style, pure white socks are already a versatile choice. For black, you can choose some patterned stockings.

The combination of stockings, shorts and goth Christmas sweater forms a perfect look that is both lively and cute, catering to the festive atmosphere. The presence of stockings adds a sense of chic and sophistication to the look, completing the look.

This combination is also very suitable for boys, looking casual and energetic.

Our previous article about goth shorts is here: 9 Goth Shorts Ideas: How To Pair & Match, you can use it as a reference for matching.

ugly goth christmas sweater



So far, this article has found 8 goth Christmas sweater ideas from different angles and aspects for you. You can use them as a reference. Dressing directly according to the illustrations is also an option!

Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves: Unique Combination Charm


In this article, we have prepared various matching suggestions and tips for gothic dress detached sleeves. If you are interested in gothic dress detached sleeves, come and take a look.


Detached Sleeves

Detached sleeves are a type of clothing in which the top has no shoulders and the sleeves are separated from the main body of the clothing. It is also one of the cute attributes in ACG subculture.

Split sleeves are a kind of half-sleeved clothing that is worn directly next to the forearm and fixed near the elbow or above.

The main body and clothing theme are generally consistent.

This kind of clothing is not common in reality, but in the ACG cultural context, its settings (length, shape, tightness, skin exposure, etc.) vary according to different works, and some settings are very gorgeous. (Some of them are based on real clothing, with the sleeves cut off and set into sleeves). In order to match the sleeves, ACG characters often wear sleeveless clothes or short-sleeved clothes.

gothic dress detached sleeves


Key points for matching gothic dress detached sleeves

How to match gothic dress detached sleeves? What items are suitable for gothic dress detached sleeves? Need some outfit inspiration? In this part we will introduce you one by one.


Retro Aristocrat

The first thing everyone needs to know is that the Gothic era was the second largest international era in Europe that began in the mid-12th century and entered the Middle Ages. Therefore, even today, when it is integrated with modern clothing styles, Gothic clothing is also a style of clothing with a retro flavor.

Moreover, since the 13th century, clothing has become more luxurious and colorful, and the clothing trends generated and formed by the court life of the emerging nobles show the unique clothing cultural characteristics of the Gothic era. From this, we can also know the aristocratic nature of Gothic clothing.

This is a retro, aristocratic clothing style. Gothic dress detached sleeves are certainly no exception.

gothic dress detached sleeves



In early Gothic clothing, the gender distinction between men and women was still not obvious, and the clothing was mainly spacious and tubular.

By the 13th century, the sense of body-hugging fit that emerged in the Romanesque era was developed and emphasized, and three-dimensional tailoring methods emerged, making the clothes that wrap the human body develop from the past two-dimensional space to a three-dimensional space.

In the 13th century, influenced by architectural style, there were new breakthroughs in the cutting methods of clothes. In the past, the clothes in the loose clothes era had a strong planarity, and their cutting was classical or oriental “straight-line cutting”. Although clothes in the Romanesque era were also waisted, they were only cut inward from both sides, still trying to get rid of the frame formed by ancient clothing.

gothic sleeve

At this time, the new method was to remove the excess part between the chest and waist from the front, back and side. What is particularly noteworthy is that from the sleeve heel to the hem, several shuttlecock boards were added to the side. Triangular cloth, between these irregular triangular cloths, many prismatic spaces are formed at the waist. This is the “dart” on our clothes now. In English, it is called Dart (meaning throwing gun or shuttle mark, because the shape when pinched is prismatic. named after shape)

This creates a side profile that has never been seen on garments in the past. It is precisely because of the formation of this side that the legal cutting method was completely separated from the ancient wide clothes composed of two-dimensional space, and the basic type of narrow clothes composed of three-dimensional space in modern times was established.

gothic sleeve

Dart changed the unsightly horizontal pleats that appeared when the waist was only tightened from both sides, and showed the natural shape of the torso without any effort. The graceful curves of the human body (especially the female body) were born. On the other hand, the volume of the lower body skirt is greatly increased by adding many triangles of fabric in four directions, forming many long longitudinal pleats, emphasizing the feeling of vertical lines, which is in line with the rising vertical lines of Gothic architecture.)


Emphasis on shoulders and neck

The general characteristic of clothing in the 13th century was to hide the skin as much as possible. Sometimes even the neck and chin were not allowed to be exposed and had to be wrapped with a neck cloth. This is a manifestation of religious rules suppressing human nature.

But the development of modern clothing does not emphasize this point. One of the great features of our gothic dress detached sleeves is that they can expose the skin of the shoulders and neck. Because of the problem of the heavy hem of the skirt mentioned above, by cutting the upper body part The fabric can reduce the heaviness of the entire dress and will not make people feel like you are wearing a curtain cloth.

2 piece black wedding dress


Here are two other tips that can deepen the lines of your shoulders and neck:


The dressing logic is to separate the color blocks on the wrist, which can make the arms look longer and show the beauty of the curves.


A choker is a necklace that is above the collarbone and at the bottom of the neck. The biggest difference between a choker and a necklace is the position. The position of a choker is mentioned earlier, while a necklace falls downwards. If it is a gemstone necklace, it can become a highlight, but the choker is mainly for firmness. The perfect fit can directly show the slenderness of the neck, especially the black satin choker, which not only shows fair skin color, but also has a luxurious feel that fits the gothic style.

Waist chain

A belt embellished with metal plates and gemstones adorns the hipline, marking the dividing line between a fitted upper body and a roomy lower body. This was a very popular combination in the 14th century, a unisex style of outerwear called cote hardi.

2 piece black wedding dress


Gothic Accessories

In the 14th and 15th centuries, it was popular for French men and women to hang various strange little silver bells on their necks or belts, and the chain belts they wore were large and heavy. Women’s gold, silver, gemstone necklaces, bracelets and rings are also eye-catching. In the 14th century, it was fashionable for women to wear fingerless gloves, and violet perfume gloves were the most fashionable. In the 15th century, it was fashionable for men to use canes, and fans became a must-have for women after being introduced from the East. They had ivory or gold handles, decorated with ostrich, parrot and peacock feathers and set with precious stones. There was already a mirror-making industry in Venice in the 1st century. Fashionable men and women carry small mirrors in small silk bags.

These are all accessories that can be used for reference, as well as the gloves, chokers and waist chains I mentioned in the previous section, which are very suitable for our gothic dress detached sleeves.

gothic sleeves



Of course, Gothic fashion is “not afraid of not being able to make it, just afraid of not being able to think of it”. Sometimes, you can wear a wide black tie or simply tie some black ribbons around your snow-skinned neck, which can have an unexpected decorative effect.

If you want to know more, such as goth hair style or makeup, you can read our previous articles: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments and How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide.


9 Goth Shorts Ideas: How To Pair & Match


We have talked about goth jeans in the previous article, and today we are going to talk about goth shorts. Goth jeans have their unique style and details, of course goth shorts are the same.

If you don’t know what goth shorts look like, or are curious about how to match your goth shorts, let’s take a look.


Rivet Goth Shorts

Needless to say, a good partner of punk gothic style: rivet elements. The compatibility between rivets and Gothic style can be seen from Gothic churches. Rivets are almost the epitome of the slender spire of Gothic churches, with the same sharpness and coldness.

Rivets are generally divided into blunt rivets and sharp rivets. Sharp rivets are dangerous, so remember to choose according to your needs. If you want to remove the rivets, remember to find a vice. There is usually a metal buckle on the back of the pants. Use the vice to clamp the metal buckle and apply force, and the rivets will fall off. At this time, a small empty hole will be left in the pants. You can remove a few rivets and leave regular round holes. This is also quite interesting. Or, you can also use elements such as pins and chains to pass through the round hole to make it a completely new design. Goth style DIY does not stick to the form, it all depends on your heart, which is really interesting.

Rivet Goth Shorts


Garter goth shorts

Ta-da! The most unique type of goth shorts from my point of view!

Garter is a leg ring used to secure knee-high socks, and its history can be traced back to ancient Egypt. By the 16th century, the combination of knee socks and shorts became popular. In fact, there are still some men’s shirt clips (a kind of reverse garter) that also play a fixed role, but they are used to fix the shirt and prevent it from sliding.

However, with the development of the clothing industry, this kind of garter gradually only has a decorative role. Because it was popular among nobles in history, it has an elegant aristocratic atmosphere.

It also has a magical function, like a pocket that can be stuffed with things. I believe everyone has seen the sexy female agent who lifted up her skirt and took out a pistol from the garter.

The design of leg rings is sexy and powerful. They can be seen in many fashionable designs. They are simply chokers worn on the legs. The choker on the neck can directly attract attention, divert and enrich the focus of the upper body. garter is the same.

Garter cuts the color blocks vertically and combines them with shorts to divide the legs into more parts and make the legs look slimmer. And psychologically, there is a sense of taboo, which makes it even more fascinating.

Garter goth shorts


Leg chain goth shorts

Or should I say, trouser chain? Pants chain can modify the shape of your legs to the greatest extent. Because we are talking about shorts here, sometimes the length of the leg chain may be longer than the length of the pants, so it looks more obvious. Not to mention those double-chain designs, which are like stacked jewelry and are at the forefront of fashion. Generally speaking, shorts are tighter, and staggered three-dimensional chains can create a three-dimensional effect.

Goth shorts usually have black base, so the metallic trouser chain stands out.

Leg chain goth shorts


Lace-Up goth shorts

The lace-up design is generally used for shoes, and ballet shoes are the most popular style recently. The appropriate use of hollows, straps and pleated elements can produce extraordinary effects!

Victorian Gothic style is almost inseparable from lace elements, lace skirts, lace headbands, lace shirts, and of course lace goth shorts. This corset-like design wraps the legs with a tight sense of restraint, but exposes part of the skin through the interlaced lace straps that are not tight. It is the same as the principle of Garter we mentioned before, except that Garter It divides the area vertically, while the lace up design usually cuts it horizontally.

In addition, this design can also be used in many aspects of overall body wear, such as shirts with lace up necklines, etc.

Lace-Up gothic shorts


Streamer goth shorts

Many of these goth shorts have streamers that are actually detachable, so you can choose to wear them or not. Many streamers also come with metal rings, like a belt design. The strap element can not only add three-dimensionality and agility to ordinary clothing, but also bring a looming visual effect. This design is also very common on overalls. The color of the streamer is not necessarily the same as the color of the pants. It may be a more vivid, bright, and conspicuous color.

Streamer goth shorts


Velvet goth shorts

When it comes to velvet fabrics, many people may think of tablecloths and curtains in gorgeous palaces…but of course there are also the velvet sportswear suits that were popular in the 2000s, and the velvet cake skirt dresses on the red carpet. Colorful velvet shorts, using outstanding color combinations to create high fashion.

The pure black velvet goth shorts can be said to be the most advanced color. If paired with dark patterns, it is simply a vampire family suit.

Velvet goth shorts


Detachable skirt goth shorts

Detachable, am I the only one who has always been attracted to this word? Detachable is gradually becoming a trend. It starts from deconstruction and satisfies people’s dual pursuit of fashion and practicality.

Skirts of this design are usually long skirts or gauze skirts, and only the back half is exposed. Most of the legs are exposed from the front. The superposition of lace and fabric creates a nice hollow effect. Pale skin is vaguely exposed under the hollow fabric clothing, which is one of the characteristics of Gothic style.

Detachable skirt goth shorts


Flounces goth shorts

If you have seen tiered skirts, then you should also have a certain understanding of the effect of flounces goth shorts. Although flounces are usually associated with cuteness, in fact its biggest representative should be elegance and nobility, because pleats and large collars were more commonly used in aristocratic clothing in the past.

Then you know how perfect flounces goth shorts are for our Victorian Gothic style. Elegant and revealing the beauty of layers, the waist-cinching tailoring design outlines the slender and charming figure. Although the layered pleats look a bit bloated, they are very suitable for matching your other items, and sometimes you can even wear it as a pannier.

Flounces goth shorts


Fishing net goth shorts

In fact, fishing net is an item that can be paired with shorts, but there are also many shorts that come with fishnet stockings. Fishnet stockings combine women’s mystery and overall fashion sense. Shorts can be chosen in high-waisted styles, which can highlight women’s waistlines and add to the overall sexiness and wildness.

In addition, the fishing net element is one of the essential elements of punk goth. You can see them appearing in large numbers on almost all clothing items. In fact, you can also find that fishing net is a very thin strap, which is a variation of the lace up design we mentioned earlier. It not only divides the skin into two parts, but also divides it into many grids, creating a large attractive portion.

Fishing net goth shorts