Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas


      Goth, as a unique subculture, has led a generation of trends. What comes to mind when you think of Goth?

      Dark, lace, or even witch?

      Draw inspiration from the mysterious darkness, today Dark Enchantments will take you to experience the unique charm of goth nails!


      goth nails


      The concept and fashion trends of goth nails

      Goth nails, as the name suggests, are nail art derived from gothic culture.

      Let us first take a look at the definition of goth nails. Goth nails rely on Gothic culture, inherit its dark and mysterious characteristics, and get inspiration from Gothic art.


      Create interest in goth nails

      Goth nail is dark, sophisticated, and full of mystery. If you like goth and happen to be a nail art lover, you will definitely love this!

      Or maybe you just want to try out a new manicure style. That’s OK! Although we say that goth is a niche culture, we always welcome new members to join. With goth nail’s dark and edgy aesthetic, it can be your perfect first step to join us!


      Features and design of goth nails


      Color selection

      Well, BLACK!!! The first color that comes to mind when thinking of Gothic culture is obviously black! The emptiness and mystery that come with black are unmatched by other colors. Actually, did you know that black also has different classifications? There are carbon black, iron black, pitch-black, dull black and so on…

      Of course, in addition to black, there are also some colors that go well with goths, such as red and purple. What I mean here is obviously deep red and deep purple, if you wear fluorescent red nails it will be difficult to match the goth style.

      There is also a special color – Metallics! Whether it is gold, silver or brass, it can echo the retro Gothic colors.


      Deep red goth nails
      Deep red goth nails

      Patterns and Textures

      Friends who have seen manicures know that manicures are not just about painting your nails a u-color, but also having a variety of patterns and textures!

      So what patterns can be made with goth nails?

      Crosses, spider webs, skulls…sounds like they not only go well with goths, but are also perfect for painting on Halloween night!

      Talking about textured nails, let me share you a little tip: tell your manicurist (or your own hands) to use matte nail polish to create velvet textured nails. This will make the texture of your goth nails look very noble—— just like the duchess of the last century.


      black goth nail
      Black goth nail with gothic patterns

      Glitter and Decoration

      If you want to do an advanced version of manicure, glitter and decorations are essential.

      In the previous section, I mentioned the beauty of matte nail polish. Well, the glitter accent nails can combine the hazyness of matte nail polish and the sparkle of glossy nail polish. You can only choose one or two nails to achieve this effect, which saves time and provides a more scattered look than doing it all.

      As for accessories, today we have many options: nail stickers, rhinestones, charms, and nail art pens. Just choose any one or several you like.

      The only difference between decorations and patterns is their irreplaceable three-dimensionality. A cross pattern and a genuine cross give people completely different feelings. Three-dimensional accessories are more eye-catching, but they also add to the inconvenience of daily life – however, this level of inconvenience is completely acceptable to me.

      In addition, if you are good at painting, perhaps nail art pens will be the most suitable for you. Since they allow for the most precise detailing. Also, creating your own unique goth nail art can be truly attractive.


      Glitter and Decoration
      Glitter and Decoration of goth nails.


      Tips and maintenance suggestions for goth nails


      How to implement the design of goth nails

      If you plan to find a manicurist to do your goth nails, you can actually skip this chapter, because all you have to do is “find your manicurist/nail salon”- “state your needs clearly” and “pay”.

      But if you plan to complete this design alone, then I may be able to provide you with some empirical suggestions:

      1.Prepare your nails:

      It is not enough for you to just have “nails”, but also to have “repaired and polished nails”. You don’t want to see the look of nail polish on uneven nails.

      2.Base Coat:

      Believe me, this step is really important!! Although applying a layer of base coat in advance increases the time of the whole process, it can help you avoid a lot of subsequent troubles: it not only protects your nails, but also creates a smooth surface for the following nail polish.


      Base Coat nails
      Applying Base Coat


      3.Apply the base color and design:

      This step is the comprehensive reflection of the above chapters. Just enjoy designing your own goth nails!

      4.Top Coat:

      I call it a great invention that goes hand in hand with Base Coat. Base Coat and Top Coat are like the bread at both ends of a sandwich, wrapping the filling. It not only protects the inside from the outside world, but also prevents your hands from getting inside.



      How to maintain and care for goth nails

      It’s a cliche to talk about protecting your nails. Don’t touch sharp objects, don’t touch chemicals… everyone knows this. So, the following suggestions I make are based on my friends and my personal experiences. I hope they can help you:

      1.Hand Cream:

      Yes, you can still use hand cream even if you have a manicure. If you are still doubtful, check the ingredients of your hand cream or ask the merchant’s customer service for confirmation.

      Hand cream can not only protect hands, but also prevent nails from becoming dry and brittle. In fact, there are already many creams specially used for nail protection on sale, you can also choose armor cream as appropriate.

      2.Use Nail Strengtheners:

      Consider using a nail strengthener or hardener to help fortify your nails and prevent them from breaking or splitting.

      3.Professional Care:

      Consider visiting a professional nail technician for regular manicures or nail treatments. Sometimes we have to admit: professional things still have to be left to professionals.


      pretty goth nails
      Pretty goth nails



      As I said at the beginning, trying goth nails will be a bold but special decision. To me, goth nail is not only about aesthetics, but a form of self-expression. Just imagine, you are walking down the street after getting a goth nail, and you meet another person who has done the same. You look at each other and smile through the crowd. This is a tacit pleasure, and I believe many people share my passion for Gothic culture and desire to embrace the uniqueness and charm of it.


      Perhaps our nails can be the canvas through which we express ourselves.

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