Goth Jeans: All You Want To Know

      goth jeans

      When everyone is matching goth clothing, they will definitely be confused about goth pants. What kind of pants are goth pants? What are the unique features of goth pants? How to match goth pants? We will answer you all of these questions for you in this article.


      Gothic-Inspired Jeans

      What kind of jeans are gothic jeans? In this chapter, we will list the unique characteristics of various goth jeans. It can be said that jeans that contain these characteristics can be called goth jeans, or in other words, they can be matched with goth style outfits.

      It should be mentioned in advance that goth jeans are almost dark colors, black for 90%, also gray and white.

      Denim blue, which is most commonly seen in daily life, is rarely seen in Gothic jeans. (If it is cyber goth or pastel goth, light colors are more suitable)


      Zipper goth jeans

      The design of zippers is mainly divided into real zippers (which can be opened, the fabric is revealed after opening) and fake zippers (which are put purely for decorative purposes). In fact, I think the design of real zippers is more interesting. By using the zipper and exposing the skin, you can create different color blocks on your legs easily. Not to mention goth pants are always black, which means the contrast between the color blocks is more obvious and outstanding.

      The color of zippers is generally metallic silver. Remember that when matching, you can match the metallic color of the zipper with the metal embellishments on other clothes, such as tops with zippers, or metal necklaces, bracelets, backpacks, etc.

      If you want to DIY, zippers are also a small item that is easy to use. You can buy the zipper ready-made and sew it onto the pants.

      zipper goth jeans


      Rivets goth jeans

      Rivets have always been an important element in goth style. They combine the characteristics of cold, hard, and metal. They are most suitable for punk goth fashion in gothic style. These small metal fasteners are usually placed at the pockets or seams of the jeans.

      Of course, when wearing rivets goth jeans, you should also remember the echo between the elements of the overall outfit. You can try wearing spiked bracelets, leather cuffs, and statement rings and other small accessories to increase the echo between the elements of the overall outfit.

      rivets goth jeans


      Strappy goth jeans

      For strappy goth jeans, I divide them into two types here, one is belt-style lace-up, and the other is ballet-style lace-up. In the simplest way to say, the former is a cool style, and the latter is a gentle style. The former is more suitable for punk Gothic style and death metal rock Gothic style, while the latter is more suitable for more elegant and aristocratic styles such as Victorian Gothic style and Vampire Gothic style.\

      strappy goth jeans

      Belt-style laces are the ones just like belts, usually placed on the thighs, whether vertically or horizontally. Some are just for decoration, but some can be tightened like real belts. Because this style of pants is generally in the style of overalls, which are very wide and have many pockets, you can tighten the decorative belt to highlight the leg lines you want to modify.

      Strappy ballet goth jeans

      Ballet lace-up style jeans are more diverse and generally expose the skin directly, allowing the skin color to serve as the base color to highlight the presence of the laces. The laces can be made of silk or leather, and both wide and thin straps have a unique flavor, just like ballet shoes revealing the faint instep, which is very beautiful.


      Ripped goth jeans

      Ripped jeans are very common in our daily wear, usually with intentional tears or distressing in the fabric. Because of its worn appearance, it already has a grunge-inspired element.

      Ripped goth jeans emphasize the Gothic theme, highlight the distressing style, expose the skin neatly, contrast the skin color with the clothing, and highlight an eerie and mysterious atmosphere.

      It is worth mentioning that distressing is a very common way to treat denim. The denim fabric itself is very suitable for distress and can show a street aesthetic and chaotic beauty.

      ripped goth jeans


      Chain goth jeans

      Chain is one of the essential items of Gothic style. Most chain goth jeans come with their own chains, and some chains are detachable or separate from the pants themselves.

      Thinking about it from another angle, you can actually just buy a chain and match it with the jeans you already own! in this way, you can even enjoy the process of picking out a chain!

      Chains are basically metal chains, and there are also cloth chains, just like the ballet laces I mentioned before, which have a sense of elegance. Jeans chains are usually hung at the waist and hips. The installation method is very simple, just insert them into the buckle hole of the belt.

      chain goth pants


      Distressed goth jeans

      As I mentioned above, denim is almost the easiest fabric to distress. Distressed jeans add a grunge-inspired and vintage touch, and have a sense of rebellion that breaks away from the stereotype.

      Many Gothic styles are inseparable from retro and rock.

      If you want to distress your jeans by yourself, you can choose a pair of jeans that are already worn out, or jeans that have become a little soft after being worn for a while. Place a board, (wood or cardboard, doesn’t matter) under the place you want to do the distress. Choose a tool that can make dull cuts, (scissors are not quite OK, the cuts are too flat so have no distressed effect) like serrated knives, nail files, etc. You can use a nail file to grind out the holes little by little, not too fast, preventing an irreparable hole.

      distressed jean


      Gothic pattern jeans

      This is easy to understand, it is jeans with gothic patterns, bats, skulls, roses, thorns, or some niche, original patterns, or even patterns you draw yourself. Small patterns can add the most detailed embellishments to your goth jeans, while large patterns highlight your style in an almost exaggerated way.

      Gothic pattern pants



      It should be noted that all the above goth jeans do not need to be single, but are features that most goth jeans have, and a single pair of goth jeans may have one or more of the above features. Similarly, if a pair of jeans does not contain any of the above characteristics, you cannot say that it is not a pair of goth jeans, because it may only play a role in the overall outfit, and the overall look may need to highlight the presence of the top.


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