Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments

Definition and origins of goth hairstyles

Our previous topic also briefly touched on Gothic fashion, and I’m sure that everyone has their own understanding of Gothic fashion now. We all know that typical goth fashion includes dyed black hair, exotic hairstyles, dark lipstick, and dark clothing.

While hairstyle is a characteristic that we can notice when we meet someone for the first time. Goth hairstyles can also effectively create the decadent color of Goth.

Gothic fashion is sometimes influenced by Victorian and Elizabethan fashion. Goth fashion is sometimes confused with heavy metal fashion and emo fashion.


goth hairstyles


Classic Goth Hairstyles

Gothic culture has developed to this day and has been divided into various factions. Here we look at the characteristics of different goth hairstyles in different gothic styles.


Traditional Goth

The biggest characteristic of traditional Goth is black hair, which is princess cut, long and straight, and the classic image of Wednesday from “The Addams Family” as we know it. The classic image of two black braids is also a major hairstyle of traditional Goth.


Wednesday from The Addams Family, the Goth girl
Wednesday from The Addams Family


Punk Goth

Punk Gothic style is often associated with punk rock and features studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Punk Goth hairstyles are more casual than traditional gothic styles and may feature dark hair dyes, such as crimson or deep orange. More typical is medium-length hair that looks a bit messy.


Punk Goth, goth fashion, goth hairstyle
Punk Goth


Emo Goth

Emo is the abbreviation of Emotional hardcore, which is a variety of rock music that focuses on self-emotional expression. In terms of hairstyle, long hair with bangs covering half or most of the face and hair dyed with rich and bright colors are their classic elements.


Emo Goth, a kind of goth fashion, mostly about emotion.
Emo Goth


Pastel Goth

This kind of goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors. Pastel Goth is usually a combination of purple, pink, and silver, and it looks particularly beautiful and cute at first glance. This style is becoming more and more popular nowadays.


Pastel Goth, a kind of goth style nowadays, special unique fashoin.
Pastel Goth


Victorian Goth

Victorian Goths have similar characteristics to traditional Goths, such as sinful paleness, smoky eyes and soft lips, and long hair. Elegant and luxurious, known for its structured corsets, similar garments and graceful hairstyles. Long black curly hair and a hat that adds a mysterious touch to the gothic look.


Victorian Goth style goth style fashion


Cyber Goth

They are the technological outcasts of the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair. Neon hair and crazy glasses are their hallmarks.


Cyber Goth
Cyber Goth


Styling Techniques and Accessories


  1. Backcombing and teasing: Adding volume and texture to the hair

The high crown of the skull is a major feature of Goth hairstyles, and the fullness of the skull is very important to the completion of Gothic hairstyles. If your haircut looks flat, it won’t support the gothic look of this hairstyle.


Backcombing and teasing


  1. Hair dyeing and color techniques: Achieving the desired goth aesthetic

Regarding the dyeing of Gothic hairstyles, it was also mentioned above. The bright colors of Pastel Goth and Cyber Goth, and the dark colors of Emo Goth and Punk Goth are all very good choices. What everyone often overlooks is black dyeing. The deep black of Traditional Goth is actually a good hair dye choice. It is classic and simple, and can easily create a Gothic style.

Hair dyeing of Goth hairstyle


  1. Gothic hair accessories: Incorporating chains, spikes, and lace for added flair

Gothic style seems to be inseparable from various decorations. Decoration is a tool for getting twice the result with half the effort in the Gothic style. Similarly, different styles of goths require different hair accessories. You can return to the second part of this article to choose suitable hair accessories according to different styles. Overall, chains, nails, and lace are all great hair accessories for gothic style.


Gothic hair accessories


Maintaining and Caring for Goth Hairstyles

Gothic style has very strong requirements for hairstyle. You may need to frequently perm, dye and style your hair, so you will naturally need to strengthen the maintenance and care of your hair. Otherwise, your hair will easily become dry and frizzy, which will not only affect the beauty of your hairstyle. , will also affect your mood.


  1. Use conditioner like a spa treatment

Ordinary conditioner can also have a good protective effect. Most people don’t understand hair conditioner well enough, and some people regard conditioner and hair mask as the same thing. In fact, conditioner and hair mask have different functions. Conditioner only acts on the epidermal layer of hair, while hair mask not only has the same effect as conditioner, but also penetrates deep into the hair, providing comprehensive care from the inside out. Although conditioner only works on the surface of the hair, it can have a greater hair care effect if used wisely. We can use conditioner as a spa treatment, because when the conditioner is heated, it wraps more tightly on the surface of the hair, resulting in better gloss.


hair care


  1. The color-locking effect of conditioner

After washing your hair, apply conditioner to the ends or dry parts of your hair, rub theconditioner into your hair, comb your hair, wipe off the conditioner with a towel, apply it again, and wrap your hair with a shower cap to stay 10 minutes and finally rinse.

This method is mainly suitable for dyed hair, especially for the first shampoo 48 hours after dyeing, and has the best effect. Because hair color loss is mainly related to hair washing, after shampooing, strengthen the effect of conditioner, and use the wrapping properties of conditioner to close the hair scales more tightly, so that the rate of pigment loss will be slowed down a lot. If your permed hair is dry, you can also use this method to increase smoothness and gloss.




In this article, we discuss the about typical Goth hairstyles of different styles of Goths, also mention some tips for styling Goth hairstyles, and provide knowledge on hair care. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and gained the knowledge you need or some inspiration on hair styling through it.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to try different hairstyles. I hope you can find the goth hairstyle that suits you and that you like!

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