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Different designs of goth lolita shoes

Goth lolita style, simply put, is a new style that combines Gothic and Lolita styles. It is like the middle part of the Venn diagram between the Gothic circle and the Lolita circle.

Speaking of goth lolita shoes, the main categories are Mary Janes, Tea Party shoes, boots, and rocking horse shoes. Next we will talk about some unique designs of goth lolita shoes.

goth lolita shoes


Lace and Ruffles

The clever use of Lace and Ruffles is not only outstanding in the field of goth lolita shoes, but also highly respected in all fields.

Lace and ruffles themselves have an elegant and soft nature, so style and sweetness are bound. Although we say that gothic style has little to do with sweetness, goth lolita style is indeed the sweetest branch of all goth styles. Therefore, the use of lace and ruffles elements on goth lolita shoes is an unmistakable choice.

In terms of clothing matching, you can also choose a match with lace and ruffles elements according to the shoes, otherwise only lace on the shoes may appear a bit abrupt. In addition to the lace of the shoes themselves, you can choose socks with lace and ruffles to match. A pair of socks that are beautiful in themselves can often add a lot of points to your outfits.

Lace and Ruffles goth lolita shoes


Bows and Ribbons

As I said above, bows and streamers are also elements bound to cute and sweet styles, but black bows and streamers can always give people a black angelic sense of mystery.

The top can be paired with a classic shirt characterized by a stand-up collar and exaggerated ruffles on the front, in black, of course. Adding a bow from the collar to the chest can further emphasize the impression of a lady.

The principle of matching is harmony and balance. If you want to wear a dress with complicated hem and skirt, then the choice of shoes should not be too fancy, otherwise the whole body will feel very heavy, and it will look like a cake with ruffles all over, which is very bulky.

On the other hand, if you choose a more sophisticated top, you can wear shoes and socks with a more complex design to achieve a balanced look for the whole body.

agodor women's goth mary jane lolita platform shoes Bows and Ribbons


Platform Soles

Thick high heels, essence of lolita goth outfits.

Lolita style always gives people a cute girly feel, and it also seems to have the impression of not being too tall. This may be why you always see girls wearing Platform Soles high heels when wearing lolita skirts. , and almost all have thick heels, no thin heels.

A big difference between the impressions given by thick-heeled high-heeled shoes and stiletto-heeled high-heeled shoes is that the slenderness and sharpness of stiletto-heeled high-heeled shoes will give people a sharper and stricter impression, always tending to a sexy style, and the pointed toes of the shoes are also The same; and the round toes of thick heels and shoes give people a natural roundness, which makes them look honest and cute. Moreover, thick heels are more comfortable to wear because of their large force-bearing area.

Therefore, when we choose Goth Lolita style, we must not forget the cuteness brought by thick-soled shoes.

Platform Soles agodor women's goth mary jane lolita platform shoes


Victorian-inspired Silhouettes

The goth lolita style itself was born out of the Victorian clothing style, so it is very close to the Victorian style. The Victorian style is based on the clothing of European aristocratic women in the Elizabethan period of the 16th century and the Victorian period of the 19th century. It has both a sense of classicism and luxury.

Victorian-style classical skirts are generally decorated with ruffle shapes, matched with corsets, and often use lace and tulle designs. We talked about the unique style design of goth dresses in our previous article about Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves “Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves: Unique Combination Charm“. Interested friends can click to read.

Victorian-inspired Silhouettes victorian goth lolita shoes

In terms of item matching, in addition to corsets (if this is considered an item), feather fans, veils and mesh hats, umbrellas with ruffles, etc. are all very common items. We have written an article about Goth Glasses before. You can take a look. I think goth glasses with glasses chains are very suitable for our goth lolita style and the goth lolita shoes we are talking about today.

Victorian-inspired Silhouettes victorian goth lolita shoes


Unique Heel Shapes

If the background color of lolita is cute and complicated, then the background color of goth should be mysterious and eclectic. This unique heel shapes goth lolita shoes embodies the exaggerated and unique characteristics of goth lolita style to a great extent.

“Heels are unrestricted,” says shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. “They are antidepressants.” Unique heel shapes are a favorite among designers because they can highlight style in the most eccentric way. and attitude.

Unique Heel Shapes gothic lolita shoes

However, the biggest hidden danger of unique heel shapes shoes may be that they are easy to fall. If it is a thick heel and hollow design, it is okay to say that it completely changes the shape of the heel and causes uneven force. In fact, it is easier to cause sprains and may cause plantar pain after being worn for a long time. Therefore, please be careful.


Prints and Patterns

There are so many representative elements and images of Gothic style, how can it not be reflected in goth lolita shoes? In addition to printing directly on the shoe, it can also be displayed through various small parts (such as shoelaces, etc.). The picture below shows the use of shoe buckles to make a bat shape. The special-shaped heels mentioned above are also one of the ways.

Prints and Patterns black lolita shoes


Color Contrasts

We all know that the basic color of goth style is black, so the natural contrasting color is black and white. The ultimate contrast between black and white can achieve the highest color saturation, giving people almost the highest attention. Of course, don’t forget our matching tips: If the color contrast cannot be achieved through a pair of shoes, you can completely use socks to complete the effect, such as all-black shoes and all-white socks. In the same way, other colors can also be matched. Black and bright pink are also very good combinations.

lolita heels black lolita shoes


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