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Goth Glasses Types

If you don’t know what types and options there are for goth glasses, then you can read the explanation in this section. There are many styles of goth glasses. Here I list some of the more distinctive goth glasses for reference and matching.


Goth Glasses with eyeglasses chain

The glasses chain is just like the waist chain, it is a very eye-catching detail. You can even pair eyeglass chains with waist chains. If you are wearing velvet clothes, you can pair them with metallic chains to add luster and coolness. Gorgeous retro clothing and Goth style are very suitable for this item. After all, at the beginning, we all knew that the old ladies in some retro dramas wore eyeglasses chains. But if we think about it from another angle, we can find that the waist chain itself is like crossing the river of history and coming to Now, it brings a retro feel.

Goth Glasses with eyeglasses chain


Studded Goth Glasses

Although in daily wear, it is rare to see glasses decorated with rivets. But for the Gothic style, the relationship between rivets and punk goth is like fish and water, unable to leave each other. You can check out our previous article 5 Goth Belt Ideas And How To Style Them, which also mentions the matching of Studded Goth Belts. For goth outfits, the combination of rivet elements is consistent for both Goth Belts and Goth Glasses. It should not be too many, but it cannot be one alone.

Studded Goth Glasses


Round Frame Glasses

When I think of round glasses, in fact the first image that comes to my mind is Harry Potter. This style of glasses with a British feel at the end of the last century not only has a retro elegance, but you can also find it from Harry Potter: it is perfectly suitable for those dark scenes.

You may find that most of our clothes are rectangular and angular, while round-framed glasses are rounded and not as obvious as square-framed glasses. They are more suitable for people with long faces and can neutralize them. The lines of the whole body, especially the face, make the whole body show the beauty of lines. People with round faces are also advised to avoid this style, otherwise it will become rounder when it comes to round faces and accentuate facial flaws. But if you really want to try round glasses, maybe start with these slightly larger round sunglasses.

round frame glasses goth with glasses


Wastelander Goggles

This is actually a specific product of steampunk goth. Combined with leather jackets, masks, etc., it is the classic look of steampunk goth.

The steampunk style itself is an imaginary theme based on the British Victorian era. Contrary to cyberpunk, it mainly expresses people’s expectations for the future development of science and technology when capitalism has come to the stage in the industrialization era, the aristocracy has not yet withdrawn from history, and imperialism has not yet emerged. A positive and enterprising romantic spirit.

Nowadays, many games with the steampunk label show a decadent and dark style that is a combination of multiple elements such as Cthulhu, Gothic, and magic elements.

Steampunk clothing style was created based on the Victorian era in England.

“Dressing women up like flowers”, shirring, lace, ruffles, puff sleeves, bows, lace, cake skirts… The complex combination of elements of Rococo, Baroque, Gothic and various exotic styles is Victoria’s The biggest feature of clothing.

Wastelander Goggles goth prescription glasses


Gear Goth Glasses

Gears are also a characteristic element of the steampunk era. We can imagine the spliced combination of leather and gears.

In the industrial era under the background of steampunk, people’s clothes must be streamlined, and sometimes late-Victorian costumes are used to make them more concise. In order to highlight the characteristics of steampunk, leather has a greater proportion in the clothing, and clockwork, gears, chains, rivets and other industrial elements are also integrated into the clothing.

Because of the romanticism of steampunk and the open and inclusive characteristics of the Victorian era, the stacking of elements and the mixture of multiculturalism are also major characteristics of steampunk. It is natural for industrial parts to become clothing accessories, and most of these parts are used in the story. Be practical.

Of course, some costumes are becoming more and more exaggerated and weird, and even have magical elements. This is actually the result of the gradual integration with other styles. Steampunk creators are unconstrained, and there is no strict standard to define steampunk. Many of them have the costumes of steampunk-style works may not necessarily have steampunk elements.

Gear Goth Glasses


Bat Goth Glasses

The bat is actually one of the icons of Gothic style, along with roses, thorns, skulls, etc. This pair of glasses is a pair of special-shaped glasses. The shape itself is very beautiful, but it serves more of a decorative purpose. Bat glasses actually fit perfectly with our vampire goth style. Although I have also seen rose-shaped glasses, rose-shaped glasses are actually consistent with Victoria goth style because they focus more on elegant beauty, while bats are more Dark, mysterious, and dangerous, just like Gotham City as rendered in the movie Batman.

Bat Glasses goth with glasses


Cat Eye Goth Glasses

The biggest feature of cat-eye glasses is the lines of the frame, which are straight up. For the Cat Eye Glasses with metal frames, this combination of metal and thin does not have the bulkiness caused by thick plastic frames and the feeling as if the whole person is being weighed down by the glasses. However, Cat Eye Goth Glasses with plastic frames are more likely to be colorful and have a more lively atmosphere, which is more suitable for pastel goth style.

The lenses of some Cat Eye Glasses are very small, which makes the sunglasses become a facial decoration. Not only does it not cover the eyes, but it also highlights the beauty of the eyes themselves and highlights your eye makeup. Moreover, the overall size of the glasses is smaller, but they are more angular and aggressive.

Cat Eye Glasses goth with glasses


How to look goth with glasses?

The first suggestion I want to make is to choose a pair of goth glasses. You can directly choose a style from the above according to the style you like, because the styles I mentioned above are already very suitable for goth style glasses.

Secondly, I want to emphasize that your clothing style needs to echo your glasses style. You can’t choose a pair of Bat Goth Glasses, but wear a complicated Victoria Goth skirt, it will look weird. For goth dresses, you can take a look at our previous article: Gothic Dress Detached Sleeves: Unique Combination Charm.

vampire glasses goth makeup with glasses

In addition, what needs to be emphasized is makeup. Even if you wear glasses, it does not mean that you have to give up eye makeup. As I wrote above, some glasses (such as Cat Eye Goth Glasses) have narrow lenses and can even In turn accentuate your eye makeup. If you are interested in goth hairstyles and goth makeups, you can check out: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments and Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial.


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