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Don’t know if you have seen the article we wrote before about goth tattoo ideas: Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023? If you haven’t thought about what kind of tattoo you want to get and are hesitant, or you just want a temporary tattoo to attend a gothic-themed party or prepare for Halloween, then you should consider a temporary tattoo. We also have goth temporary tattoos ideas for you.


Black Cross Tattoo

The preferred color for goth temporary tattoos is the same as goth tattoos, which is of course black, and black is also the most common color for tattoos.

Cross tattoo designs are relatively common even among tattoos that do not have a specific style. Gothic style cross tattoos are mostly modified and beautified crosses. The body of the cross is basically made like a Gothic font. Special style embellishment.

In addition, many gothic iconic elements will be added. Although the Gothic cross itself can be used as a symbolic image, other elements are usually added, such as roses, thorns, etc. Roses and thorns are usually wrapped around the cross. on it, turning it into a beautiful, luxurious, yet dangerous and mysterious gothic cross image.

Black Cross Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Flower Sleeve Tattoo

The reason why it is flowers is because the vine and flower patterns are particularly suitable for spreading and covering an entire arm. If you want to make an eye-catching sleeve tattoo that can be seen at a glance, then Flower Sleeve Tattoo can surely be your first choice.

Like I mentioned above, flowers and thorns work well together. But now there are so many types of goth temporary tattoos, you can definitely find a unique pattern that attracts you. For example, in this picture there is a scene of clocks and flowers entwining.

There are also different types of flowers. The most common ones are of course roses. In addition to black and white, there are also bright red roses. Lotus is also widely used. The petal tips of Lotus are very beautiful and have special significance in Buddhism, symbolizing the realm beyond this world and the awakening of the soul.

Flower Sleeve Tattoo goth temporary tattoos


Neck Tattoo

I mentioned in my previous article the benefits of chokers on the completion of goth outfits, so you can imagine the benefits of a ring-neck choker on goth style.

Whether it is a tattoo that wraps around the neck or a half-circle tattoo on the front, it can perfectly modify the neck. Remember to pair it with a tube top skirt or a square collar top or a small suspender belt to ensure that your entire neck tattoo is exposed.

And in view of the special position of the neck, the tattoo pattern here can be conceived with some special ideas, such as surrounding it in a circle, such as using soft and sharp lines to create a sense of agility as shown in the picture below. Paired with a pendant, then they would be like some magical aura released from your magical necklace.

Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Arm Ring Tattoo

You can actually find that the pattern of this tattoo is the same as the previous neck tattoo. This also illustrates the flexible way of temporary tattoos: you can use them anywhere.

Temporary tattoos that can be used as a ring on the neck can naturally also be used as a ring on the arms and calves. If the detail you want with temporary tattoos is small enough (you can definitely cut out the parts you want to the size you want), you can also attach it as a real ring (on your finger!).

Arm Ring Tattoo Neck Tattoo gothic temporary tattoos


Skull Tattoo

Another classic goth temporary tattoos pattern.

There’s one pattern that’s almost inevitable when creating a gothic look: skulls. Moreover, the image of a skull is particularly suitable for goth temporary tattoos because its size is controllable and it can be made very small. You can also stick one on each finger. It will be a very interesting creation.

But if it is too big, it may not exist alone. Some background decoration must be done. You can cut out other goth temporary tattoos (such as large flowers and thorns) as the background and stick them together with the skull tattoo. This kind of stacking Be careful not to overlap the two. It is best to wait twenty minutes for the previously applied tattoo to dry completely before attaching the other one.

In addition, there are many styles of skull patterns, because this is a relatively popular pattern, so naturally there are all kinds. You can find any style of skull pattern and stick it wherever you want.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Tiny Pattern Tattoo

Gothic designs such as flowers, space, moons, snakes, and other gothic-inspired elements. Likewise, these tattoos can be placed on the arms, neck, shoulders, collarbones, or any other part of the body you want.

Tattoos of this size are really the most flexible. Like I suggested for skull tattoos, you can also try sticking several tiny pattern tattoos together, such as the knuckles of four fingers, or around the thigh. in a circle. Of course, don’t forget to match it with your outfit. If your outfit is backless, wear it at the shoulder. Trust me, that’s a fantastic spot.

Tiny Pattern Tattoo gothic face tattoos


Lower Back Tattoo

Although it is a lower back tattoo, this kind of slender-shaped tattoo is very easy to use and can be used in many places, such as the arm rings and neck rings we just talked about, as well as the lower abdomen, collarbone and other places. These are all popular places that people mostly sticked on.

Like the one in the picture, the shape of a bat’s spread wings is used to outline the appropriate size well. Moreover, popular patterns include hearts with wings, extended flower vines, intertwined snakes, sun, moon and stars, etc.

Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

Butterfly patterns are also a very popular category in the tattoo industry. I specifically mention the butterfly tattoo on the collarbone here, because in my opinion this is the most appropriate location. I wonder if you have ever watched the Japanese movie “Swallowtail Butterfly”? The heroine in it just has a butterfly tattooed on her chest.

The butterfly tattoo represents fragility and beauty, mystery and freedom, and it rests on the collarbone, giving it a feeling of spreading its wings and ready to fly.

Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo Lower Back Tattoo easy gothic tattoos


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