Get Perfect Goth Tattoo Ideas In 2023

Want to get a goth tattoo? We have prepared a series of goth tattoo ideas that you can draw from.


Common Elements of Gothic Style Tattoos

Gothic tattoos generally use dark as the base color, which is suitable for those who like black patterns and can easily create an ancient and mysterious atmosphere.

Iconic elements: horror, death, supernatural, castle, vampire, skeleton, bat, black wings, etc.


goth tattoo ideas


Architectural Goth Tattoo Ideas

Gothic architectural style originated in France in the second half of the 11th century and became popular in Europe from the 13th to the 15th century. We can usually see the Gothic architectural style in the design of Catholic churches. The most obvious features are: the towering spiers and the huge and colorful glass paintings on the windows.


This style not only has a huge influence on architecture, but is also a great source of inspiration for our tattoos. The cold feeling of the building is suitable for the Gothic style, reflecting the mysterious, sad and sublime atmosphere.


goth tattoo ideas


French tattoo artist Lahhel is 34 years old. He left Paris and moved to Bordeaux, his beloved city, and opened Noir Tattoo Studio.

He defines his tattoo style as “architecture”, which of course also includes decoration, graphics, blackwork, etc. His style will also involve the Middle Ages, sacred geometry, etc…


Lahhel Tattoo


Lahhel started tattooing 5-6 years ago. Prior to this, he worked in the advertising industry as an art director. But he hated the job and hated living in Paris. So Lahhel returned to the south of France and began to follow his own interests and create many paintings. After his sister saw it, she suggested he become a tattoo artist.

Prior to this, although Lahhel had some tattoos on his body, he had never considered becoming a tattoo artist.


Lahhel Tattoo


Then Lahhel immediately began his tattooing career. He traveled to several tattoo studios and worked as an apprentice in them for a period of time. He had to learn all the tattoo techniques, colors, realism, oldschool tattoos, all aspects of tattooing.

For him, continuing to learn and making new friends is a priority in life.

When Lahhel started tattooing, British illustrator Iain Mac Arthur was his idol. Lahhel likes the rigor of lines, as well as mandalas and other decorative graphics. Mosques, synagogues, temples, ruins, architectural works, and sometimes even forests can give Rahel new ideas.


Lahhel Tattoo

Since many Gothic tattoo designs echo hairstyles, you can also take a look at our article on hairstyles: Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments.


Gothic Font Tattoo

The main characteristics of Gothic fonts are: thin, slender, weird, retro, gorgeous, dark and sacred colors, and clear black and white.

Gothic fonts are mainly used in Latin alphabet systems (English, German, Russian, French, etc.), and are especially suitable for ancient book covers, scripture transcriptions, etc. Of course, Gothic fonts are also particularly suitable for tattoos.

Whether it is a letter with extraordinary meaning, a lucky number, or a sentence that impresses you, it can all serve as a wonderful source of inspiration for simple goth tattoo.


Gothic Font Tattoo


One of the biggest features of Gothic fonts is their magnificence, which is an exquisite painting in itself. You can also ask a tattoo artist to design a pattern based on Gothic fonts for you, or even design it yourself, write a Gothic calligraphy work yourself, and then Ask the tattoo artist to copy it onto your body.


Animated Goth Tattoo

If you want to get some cute goth tattoo ideas, then animated goth tattoos will be your best choice!

Before I learned about it, I never thought that Gothic and animated characters could be combined so well! If you want a mix of cuteness and gothic noir style, try this animated tattoo.


Animated Goth Tattoo


Dark Flora Tattoo

Plant elements are also very common in Gothic tattoo designs, such as roses, thorns, beautiful but dangerous flowers, etc.

Roses and thorns often appear together and can be colored in deep red to echo the black background. Generally speaking, beautiful roses imply painful thorns, withered future and other meanings, showing the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

It is generally believed that the thorns on the rose represent the suffering of love.

I don’t know if you have heard of the two-choice question: once owned, or forever?

Is the beauty of a red rose something that can only be immortalized in memory?

Looking forward to your answer.


Dark Flora Tattoo, rose tattoo


Dark Fantasy Creatures

Vampires and werewolves have always had a fascination, and their mysterious imagery and medieval origins make them perfect inspiration for gothic tattoos.

Vampires, synonymous with power, immortality and taboo, wear gorgeous black dresses, have pale skin and cold eyes. They are played by the most charming actors in various film productions, and thus have become the most fascinating creatures.

Meaning: Exploration, fascination, and mystery of death and supernatural powers.

Werewolves almost correspond to vampires. Unlike vampires who are strict and restrained, werewolves represent wildness and freedom. Werewolf tattoos often show a half-man, half-animal image, emphasizing the fusion between human and animal nature. This type of tattoo takes on a free and indulgent feel.

Meaning: wildness, freedom, the power of transformation, exploration of animal instincts.

Another choice: werewolf or vampire?


Dark Fantasy Creatures, tattoo ideas


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