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Goth Foundations Recommendations

I have prepared five recommendations for goth foundations in this section. Because of the characteristics of gothic makeup, they are basically foundations with strong concealer characteristics.


MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation

This foundation focuses on goth makeup. It can show a velvety white, matte finish and is friendly to Cosplay and Everyday Use. In addition to Goth White, there are also Black Raven, Blue Moon, Poison Ivy Green, Translucent and Vampire’s Kiss Red colors. Of course, we all know that if you only apply foundation on your face, the boundary between your face and neck will be very obvious. This foundation can end your worries: it can be used for both face and body!

goth makeup white face MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation


Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation

This foundation is a popular choice among goth makeup enthusiasts, known for its high coverage and long-wearing effect. Also offers a matte finish, and is available in a wide range of shades to suit different skin tones.

It is said that many people use it to cover tattoos. Now you know that its covering power is really good! It is said that only 2 pea-size droplets are needed to achieve complete full coverage.

white face goth makeup Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation

This foundation also provides the ultimate skin realism effect and with 26 shades to choose from, including pale tones often favored in goth aesthetics. This foundation also has a matte look, but with a subtle sheen. Although the makeup is sheer, it can be built up, making it ideal for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts, as it can switch from a transparent and natural base to a rich and flawless base. I like to use a fluffy round brush to layer the skin’s base, starting in the middle of the face, closer to the nose, and blending in circular motions.
white face goth makeup Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation


NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

The bottle of this foundation has a dropper design, which is my favorite cosmetic bottle design, more convenient and cleaner than any other.

Before use, use the dropper to add an appropriate amount to your brush and beauty blender to control the coverage of this matte foundation.

white face makeup goth NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

Tips for advanced makeup artists: Simply adjust the number of drops of foundation for different foundation shades to create your perfect color match.

It also has strong coverage and a soft matte finish.


Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation

Another Manic Panic product. Manic Panic Dreamtone Perfecting Liquid White Foundation and Toner is a favorite among goths, vampires, clowns, pantomimes, zombies, cosplay, theatre, stage, SFX and makeup artists. Professional makeup artists who want to create a white base for their face. Dreamtone Liquid Foundation is also suitable for people with pale or very pale skin tones as a semi-matte – a fine, oil-free white face base or as a foundation mixer.

goth white face makeup Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation

The main difference between Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid Flawless Foundation and MANIC PANIC Goth White Cream To Powder Foundation is that the former is Demi-Matte, the latter is Matte, the former is Sheer to Full Coverage, and the latter is Medium to Full Coverage, but there are no applicable occasions. Big difference. The former is Liquid Foundation and the latter is Cream-to-Powder Foundation. You can choose the product that is suitable and familiar to you.


Application techniques of goth foundation

We’ve mentioned gothic makeup in two previous articles: Step By Step Trad Goth Makeup Tutorial and How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide.

Regarding facial foundation, people with fair skin are more suitable for gothic makeup. Usually, the foundation color can be one shade lighter than their own skin color. Foundation that is too white will feel like it is floating on the face.

goth white face makeup

Of course, this is for daily makeup. If your purpose is to create a mask-like stage makeup effect, such as dress up like Edward Scissorhands, then a mask-like pale face is what you need.

Try to choose a matte foundation and a foundation with strong covering power. The foundations we recommend above all meet this requirement. Be careful not to apply the foundation too thinly, because Gothic makeup requires a very detailed foundation, and the slightest flaw may destroy the entire Gothic effect.

No matter what style of foundation you choose, you need to ensure that your skin tone is even, so after choosing a color, focus on applying your foundation evenly. The makeup tools suitable for each person’s skin type are also different. Some people use makeup brushes, some use soaked sponges, and some use powder puffs. Just choose the one that suits you.

goth white face makeup

Generally speaking, the coverage power of these foundations I recommend should be sufficient. If that’s not enough, before you put on foundation, lightly apply concealer on blemishes and dark circles to effectively ensure the makeup effect. Also, don’t hesitate, I asked the makeup artist, concealer can be applied before or after foundation, the order doesn’t matter.

There are no fundamental rules for Gothic makeup, but it basically has to meet three conditions: the color contrast between weak white and dark, distinct contours and lines, and the overall dramatic effect. Therefore, the base must be pale and matte. Light-colored foundation is the foundation of Gothic makeup. When applying foundation, you can use a foundation that is one or two shades lighter than usual, and use the lightest color powder to set the makeup.


Goth makeup tips

Gothic makeup is basically a sharp contrast between pale white and sharp black. White foundation is a must. If you want a smooth skin texture, you can use products with moderate coverage and only cover areas that are easily noticeable, such as under the eyes and around the nose. After that, finish the look with a slightly brighter powder of the same tone.

The three-in-one BB cream that conceals, isolates and foundation can create a natural, flawless effect and make large pores and uneven skin tone disappear. Combined with mineral powder, the look becomes more matte and flawless.

Natural eye makeup: Use natural colors such as beige and flesh to modify the eye shape without revealing anything.

goth foundation

Eyeliner: It is best to use eyeliner, which is easy to operate, you can freely control the thickness, the color is obvious, and it has a luxurious feel.

Lipstick: Full red lipstick. It is best to outline the lip line with a lip liner to prevent the lipstick from spilling out and make the lip makeup look more refined and stylish. This red lip is a cool-toned red.


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