How To Do Goth Makeup Looks: A Complete Guide


The term Gothic comes from an early European nomadic group of northern Europeans called the Visigoths, a people who lived by destruction and plunder. Influenced by Christianity, these tribes practiced asceticism in their religion.

Historically, the period from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the beginning of the Renaissance, a period of about 1,000 years is known as the “Middle Ages”, the “Middle Ages” is a pejorative term used by Italian historians of the Renaissance who revered the culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, and they saw this millennium as a time of ancient civilization. They saw this millennium as a dark period between ancient civilizations and the Renaissance. Gothic art, on the other hand, represents medieval art. The word Gothic implies a regressive, crude, uncivilized art.

goth makeup looks

Goth Makeup Looks Features

  • Gothic Style: Strange, Eerie, Eerie, Exaggerated, Alternative, Neutral.
  • Gothic Colors: All types of black, mysterious and solemn. Various solid colors, low lightness and saturation, such as dark blue and dark red.
  • Makeup: Thin eyebrows, thick black eyeliner, black nails, dark lipstick or black lipstick are common. Hair style headdresses are exaggerated and high with black, bleached and very light blonde, red or purple hair.


How To Do Goth Makeup: Step by Step

Gothic makeup is known for its mysterious and eerie, the main color is cold and dark, usually with weak white and sharp black to form a sharp contrast, focusing on the eyebrow makeup, eye makeup and lip shaping.

Gothic makeup has always been the pursuit of contour and line sense, long curved thin eyebrows, thick and long and sharp eyeliner, dark matte lips, these gothic style details, only choose 1-2 to reflect enough.

Gothic makeup


  1. Foundation

According to the prevalent goth aesthetics, white foundation is a necessity because pale skin is a sign of aristocracy. Exaggerated goth makeup rarely appears warm vibe, its choice is the dark cool handsome kind. So this cool blackened sense of the foundation is basically very white (even pale), what lively and lovely blush are next door to the girl makeup of the limited vocabulary.

Goth makeup is more suitable for people with white skin, choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your own skin color. Also remember the foundation that is too white will appear to float on your face.

Foundation of gothic makeup

The key is to choose a matte finish foundation and full coverage foundation. Do apply your foundation as thickly as you can, a sheer foundation doesn’t work well here.

Gothic makeup foundation must be very detailed, any imperfections may ruin the overall effect. You don’t need to use too much contour on your face, as it will give you a dirty look, while highlighter is acceptable.

Des:Goth makeup must be very detailed, any imperfections may ruin the overall effect.


  1. Eye makeup

Use a large black eyeshadow to frame out the eyes, or use gray eyeshadow to bring out the decadent look.

In addition to retaining the charming smoky and dark solid color elements of the classic Gothic makeup, you can also add some tiny elements to the outer V, undereye area or your bottom waterline. Black little stars or moons, metallic beads, and white sequins are all good choices.

Eye makeup of goth makeup looks


Speaking of which, this reminded me of MET GALA 2018, which I was most impressed by. Since the theme of that time was religion, gothic style just happens to be a branch of religion, and therefore we were fortunate to see a lot of beautiful wordless gothic red carpet looks.

One of the most unforgettable is Lily Collins’ dark Madonna look. She wore a strapless black Givenchy gown with a black glowing tiara and earrings.

The tear drop makeup also elevated the look, fitting the theme and emphasizing her own temperament.

Lily Collins Dark Madonna red carpet look


Eyeliner is definitely the focus of the entire goth makeup look.

You can draw the shape first with an eyeliner and then take a heavy liner to fill it in just for insurance. Remember to always go with an eyeliner to get the effect.

For girls with small eyes, start drawing eyeliner 1mm higher than the upper eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

The eyeliner should be drawn with a certain width, gradually getting thicker from the inner corner of the eye outward, and drawing an upward arc to the end of the eye, which is approximately at a 45-degree angle to the end of your eye.

In daily life, if you draw upper eyeliner, you don’t need to draw lower eyeliner. Basically, you don’t need to wear eye shadow, just use light coffee eye shadow to outline the outline.

Eyeliner of your goth makeup

  1. Lip makeup

For lip makeup, of course, go for a thick, dark matte color! Wearing a black gothic headdress is actually not that “special”, but brings a natural mystery and sexiness!

Choose matte lipstick, black is suitable for people with fair skin, and raspberry red lipstick is also a very good choice. If you want to create dry and burnt lips, apply lipstick gradually from the inside to the outside of the lips without being too even.

Lip makeup of your goth makeup

  1. Full body matching

The gothic look is not only related to your makeup, but also to your clothing and hair. We’ve written a more complete article about hairstyles for goths before, you can move over and take a look if interested. We have summarized various gothic hairstyles, including gothic hairstyles for long hair, you can choose the right hairstyle IDEA for you as needed~


Goth Makeup Looks Ideas

  1. Colorful witch makeup

I call this inspired look the “colorful witch” because it’s always associated with color, using light or vibrant colors to create highlights. This style is often associated with hairstyles and hair colors that complement each other and have a pastel goth look.

Colorful witch makeup about goth makeup


  1. Tear stain makeup

Tear stain makeup, as the name suggests, is makeup that looks like tear stains. Unlike Lily Collins’ tear drop makeup above, tear streaks are more irregular, covering the under-eye area in patches, either with sequins or glitter. Tear drop makeup can easily portray a sense of despair – giving a hollow feeling of people gone and tears running out.

Tear stains makeup is also often used in various stage, red carpet and magazine occasions.

tear stains makeup


  1. Red and Black Match

Red eyeshadow + black lips, red eyeshadow + black eyeshadow, black eyeshadow + red lips, no matter what kind of match, the combination of red and black is the most suitable for goth! Unlike the eerie and creepy feeling of all black, red adds blood color and gives a vampire-like charm.

Red and Black Match



In recent years, goth makeup has transcended its niche status and made its way into the mainstream fashion and beauty industries. As I mentioned above about MET GALA 2018. There are also shows, magazines, etc. that are reintroducing the goth style. And my tutorials on goth makeup here today also confirm the re-popularization of the goth style.

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