8 Goth Christmas Sweater Ideas in 2023

      goth christmas sweater


      It wouldn’t be Christmas without grandma forcing her to wear an ugly Christmas sweater she knitted herself! How do you deal with the ugly sweater party at Christmas? Want to show your personal style at your family ugly sweater party at Christmas? Even an ugly sweater can’t lose! Put aside all the dressing guides and fashion rules, and use the simplest styles and the plainest patterns to decide the ugliest Christmas sweater!

      In fact, there is a saying that the completion of fashion depends on the face. Good-looking people can look beautiful even in ugly sweaters.

      How to use goth Christmas sweater to show off your style skills at an ugly sweater party?

      ugly christmas sweater goth


      Plain Ugly Goth Christmas Sweater

      Remember Mark Darcy wearing an ugly Christmas sweater in “BJ’s Diary”? Today, the ugly Christmas sweater is as indispensable to Christmas as candy canes, red and green decorations, and Christmas trees!

      If you want a goth Christmas sweater, you can actually start here. Finding an ugly goth Christmas sweater is actually easier. In fact, the ugly goth Christmas sweater just reflects the combination of Christmas and gothic style in the most simple and original way!

      ugly christmas sweater goth



      In our previous article Goth Hairstyles: Unleashing the Dark and Edgy Charm- Dark Enchantments, we mentioned the hair characteristics of various sub-genres of Goth style, which you can use as a reference.

      The hairstyles that are more suitable for our goth Christmas sweaters are mostly those that expose the neck, with long black hair, two buns, and twin tails. The focus can be on hair color and hair accessories. The hair color can be black or platinum, both are beautiful.

      christmas sweater goth



      Gothic style headdresses are generally more exaggerated, such as tiara, fascinator, hairnet, veil, etc., which are usually in a gorgeous style. But our goth Christmas sweater may not necessarily match this eye-catching hair jewelry, because sweaters in the Christmas atmosphere are usually simple and plain, with big-headed cartoon patterns and uncomplicated crochet. The nature of sweaters is casual and informal. If you insist on matching it with a piece of formal or luxurious jewelry, it will definitely destroy the harmony of your entire outfit.

      The headdress I recommend is hairpins, grippers or headbands. These are more casual and cute hair accessories that can be matched with your goth Christmas sweater to form a whole without ruining the tone.

      christmas sweater goth



      In fact, for goth Christmas sweaters, there are many choices of earrings. Whether you choose a Christmas theme (red and green) or a Goth theme (black and white), they are both good, because black and white and red and green are not mutually exclusive colors. Black and white can take a step back and become the background color, which is versatile, and red The color system will be the colors that will be available everywhere that day. Even if you only have a little red and green embellishment on your body, you don’t have to worry about being out of touch or exaggerating, because it will echo the entire environment.

      goth ugly christmas sweater



      If it is a necklace that means something special to you, such as a newly received New Year gift, or a ring that is important to you, then there is no problem! Wearing meaningful jewelry to celebrate the holidays is a very ritual gesture.

      If you don’t have this plan and just want to look good, then I recommend you wear a choker. A choker can effectively show off the slenderness of your neck, elongating your neck vertically. It will not hang down on your neckline like a necklace and get mixed up with the pattern of your sweater. Instead, it will be self-contained and become a highlight on its own.

      goth ugly christmas sweater



      Regarding goth nails, we have previously written an article called Dark Enchantments: Let Your Goth Nails Be Your Own Canvas. If you want to learn more about it or get goth nails ideas, you are more than welcome to check it out.

      For me personally, the nails suitable for goth Christmas sweater have to be black and white, but you can add small Christmas tree decorations as embellishments. This small detail combination is really cute.

      goth ugly christmas sweater


      Show legs

      This means wearing a short skirt or shorts with your goth Christmas sweater. Because the goth Christmas sweater itself is relatively wide and looks bloated. If you wear loose trousers or a long skirt, it will look like a real Christmas tree…

      Wearing short skirts or trousers can expose your legs and make them look longer. It is also common to pair oversized tops with shorts and you can’t go wrong.

      goth christmas sweater


      Long socks/fishnet socks

      This combination actually echoes the previous pair of shorts. This wearing method not only provides a visual sense of familiarity, but can also effectively adjust the body proportions, making your leg lines look more slender. When paired with long boots, it can also modify the shape of the legs.

      In addition to matching short skirts and shorts, fishnet stockings can also be paired with distressed ripped jeans. The whole body look is a casual and lazy retro street style.

      Casual style, sports style, street style, all perfectly matched with fishnet socks. And as I said above, goth Cshristmas sweaters are far from formal wear, and they just match fishnet stockings.

      ugly goth christmas sweater

      As for stockings, compared with other items, socks are a relatively inconspicuous accessory in the fashion circle, but they are indispensable whether in winter or summer, and their role in embellishment of the style should not be underestimated.

      For sports style, pure white socks are already a versatile choice. For black, you can choose some patterned stockings.

      The combination of stockings, shorts and goth Christmas sweater forms a perfect look that is both lively and cute, catering to the festive atmosphere. The presence of stockings adds a sense of chic and sophistication to the look, completing the look.

      This combination is also very suitable for boys, looking casual and energetic.

      Our previous article about goth shorts is here: 9 Goth Shorts Ideas: How To Pair & Match, you can use it as a reference for matching.

      ugly goth christmas sweater



      So far, this article has found 8 goth Christmas sweater ideas from different angles and aspects for you. You can use them as a reference. Dressing directly according to the illustrations is also an option!

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