5 Goth Belt Ideas And How To Style Them

goth belt


Goth belt can be a perfect item for goth style outfits. Though we’ve talked about lots of types of goth styles and all of those matching tips for goth outfits, we don’t really mention goth belt enough. So let’s talk about it more specifically.


Studded Goth Belts

Rivets, of course. We’ve talked about the use of rivets in gothic clothing and pieces almost countless times. It can be said that when it comes to goth, it is all about rivet elements.

They feature metal studs or spikes that add a punk-inspired edge to your outfit, definitely fits punk goth style.

We have also mentioned the use of rivet elements in our previous articles about goth jeans and goth shorts. I believe everyone knows the charm of rivet elements.

goth belt goth Studded Belts

In fact, matching it with a full set of Studded bracelets, necklaces, jackets… seems to be a good choice. Rivet elements always give a special sense of toughness and modernity. It can be decorated in the design of clothing, which can make the original casual clothes more rock and street atmosphere, and more charming.

As an embellishment in the middle part of the body, the belt can also be matched with other accessories. Because the rivet elements are metal elements, most of them are silver, so our suggestion is to use all-black tops and bottoms as the base, highlighting the highlights of the rivets. Because the main color is black, the echo of the rivet elements can be borne by some movable accessories, such as rivet bags, rivet shoes, rivet necklaces and bracelets.

Studded Belts


Goth Corset Belts

Corsets are not very common in daily wear choices, but a good corset can perfectly show the curves of the figure and enhance the design sense of the overall match. Its advantage is that it makes the legs longer and the height more attractive. Capable and neat, etc.

Some corset belts are matched with trousers, and the design is a bit like a vest. You can wear them with a formal feel without having to worry about matching them. This not only relaxes the body, reduces the sense of restraint, but also tightens the waist, giving a sense of security and increasing the sense of neatness and ability. Some corset belts are also designed with tassels, which makes them look elegant and elegant.

Nowadays, the most common outfit is to expose corset belts, that is, wear them outside the top, tie up the waist, and be integrated with the top. The slim-fitting upper circumference and loose fat-legged trousers appear to be loose and relaxed. The lines that need to be shown are perfectly presented.

goth Corset Belts plus size goth belt

Black corsets are not only tight-fitting, but also loose. This design will make the overall look more layered. Paired with a black hat and bag, it will match well. Paired with a white windbreaker, it will feel domineering and powerful.

A belt-style corset paired with a suit jacket is more suitable for daily wear. If it is just an ordinary suit and jeans, the legs will appear very short, but adding the waist corset emphasizes the position of the waistline, extending the length of the legs and the overall line. It will also be slimmer.

Gothic belts are mostly black. If the bottom clothes and trousers are also black, then you need to use the texture of the fabric or some small ideas (eye-catching details such as lace and metal buckles) to highlight the layering effect, don’t let the whole body matching be unfocused, like a black cylinder. The combination of corset belts and lace-up shoes, paired with a rough-textured sweater, not only connects the visual sense of the upper and lower parts, but also clearly marks the waistline, making it appear that the upper and lower parts echo.

plus size goth belt goth Corset Belts


Goth Chain Belts

The chain belt is more of a decorative function. If you need it to tighten the abdomen at the same time, then you need to observe whether it has a “belt” part. If the entire body is designed with a metal chain, then it may be the effect of tightening the abdomen cannot be achieved.

Although the decorative waist chain will not pinch your waist tightly, it can stay on your waist just right and highlight your waistline in a semi-fitting way.

Waist chains are more popular than belts because waist chains can appear dull due to the width and thickness of the belt, and the style of the belt is relatively monotonous.

goth chain belt

Choose a low-key or exaggerated waist chain to make the whole outfit sophisticated and fashionable. Coupled with a good-quality suit or silk skirt, it will also make the whole outfit look noble.

Most chain goth belts are also made of metal, either silver or gold. Gold is luxurious and silver is eye-catching. Nowadays, there are so many styles of chain goth belts that you can’t choose. Whether paired with pants or skirts, it can take the whole body’s look to a new level.

goth chain belt


Goth Harness Belts

Harness goth belt This style of belt originated from harness attire and is a representative accessory of gothic punk. It has also appeared in shows, such as the 2013 shows of Nina Ricci and Jill Stuart. The harness belt has become an element used in many clothes today, and it can also be regarded as a new trend item that has entered the mainstream fashion industry.

The simplest way to wear the harness goth belt is to wear it on a basic white T, or wear it alone or with a jacket, which adds a lot of texture and aura to the simple black and white outfit.

goth Harness Belts

The harness goth belt is worn under the shirt, turning it into a personalized necklace, creating a subtle beauty. Tie it over a loose dress to give it another way to wear it. Or let the harness goth belt become the shoulder straps of a tube top skirt, making the shoulders a little more interesting.

The shape of the harness goth belt itself is also very diverse. Don’t think that leather can’t have a sweet style, and when paired with the previous chain design, it can form a variety of beautiful decorations with a mix and match feel.


Goth Wide Waist Belts

The wide belt is a simple and versatile choice that emphasizes the width of the belt. It is not as narrow as a waist chain, but it does not occupy the entire waist like a corset. It is the one that is just in the middle.

The most obvious effect of wide belts in the field of dressing is that they can create a high waistline, thereby improving body proportions.

Connecting upper and lower garments can be said to be the most basic use of a belt. Whether it is trousers or skirts, a belt can make the connection more detailed, add points to the match, and highlight the proportions.

goth Wide Waist Belts

Using a belt to tighten the one piece and highlight the waist is also an extremely simple and common way.

It is also very common to use a wide belt to separate mid-length coats and suits. The combination gives a chic feel and elongates the lines of the lower body.

In winter, it is also a good choice to tie a wide belt on a bloated sweater to emphasize the waistline. Otherwise, some sweaters that are not so close-fitting will easily make you look like a ball.

goth Wide Waist Belts



In the above article, we have provided you with 5 goth belt ideas and analyzed the usage of different types of goth belts. Welcome to take a look.

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