goth flowers

Purple goth flowers

When it comes to goth flowers, black and purple are the main ones. Let’s first take a look at the purple goth flowers.



When it comes to purple flowers, the first thing that comes to mind must be lavender, known as the “Queen of Vanillas.” The leaves and colors of lavender are all beautiful and elegant, and the blue-purple inflorescences are long and beautiful. They are suitable for planting in clusters or strips along the flower path. The continuous blue-purple flowers are the ultimate dream. The flower language of lavender is “waiting for love”.

Lavender gothic flower



Agapanthus has linear-lanceolate leaves, umbels, and funnel-shaped flowers. It is a flower of love full of mystery and romance. The flower language of Agapanthus is: the visit of love, the communication of love.

Agapanthus flower goth



Violet has lush flowers, bright colors, strong fragrance, long flowering period and long inflorescences, making it suitable for potted viewing. The flower language of purple violets is: Falling in love with you in dreams, you will always be so beautiful to me.

Violet goth flower



The purple of lilac is a lavender red, which is more gentle and elegant, not ostentatious or gaudy. The flowers are elegant in color and luxuriant in leaves. When they bloom, they are fragrant, bright and lovely. They are quiet and full of vitality, giving everyone a comfortable visual enjoyment and perfect healing effect. The flower language of purple lilac: It is first love, it is a flower of love.

Lilac gothic flowers


Platycodon Flower

The blue-purple flowers of Platycodon flower are beautiful in shape, quiet and elegant, and very eye-catching. The flower language of purple platycodon flowers: it is both eternal love and hopeless love.

Platycodon Flower gothic flowers


Snake Whip Chrysanthemum

The snake-whip chrysanthemum has small, slender petals, and its small head-shaped petals are gathered into dense and long spike-shaped flowers. The small flowers bloom in sequence from top to bottom. Snake whip chrysanthemum flower language: vigilance and hard work, as well as the burning love.

Snake Whip Chrysanthemum pastel goth flowers


Purple Rose

The calm and calm purple rose has a sweet aroma and warms the heart. It can regulate depressed mood and enhance vitality. It also has the function of balancing hormones. The flower language of purple roses: quiet, waiting, protecting love.

Purple Rose flowers for goths



The purple color of wisteria has another flavor, perhaps because of its low-hanging inflorescences, which are elegant and appear more gentle and sentimental. When the flowers bloom every spring, they are like a curtain of romantic purple dreams, and they are also purple waterfalls, swaying in the wind, and the beauty is not like the scenery on earth. The flower language of wisteria: intoxicating love, Yiyi’s yearning.

Wisteria flowers for goths


Black Goth Flowers

As we all know, black is the main color of goth flowers. Let’s take a look at what black goth flowers are.


Black Tulip

Black tulip is one of the flower colors of the Liliaceae flower tulip. It was cultivated by three students from the Singapore Polytechnic in early February 2005. It is commonly known as the “Queen of the Night”. It is one of the rare tulip varieties. This flower color is still rarely available in the market. See. The deep purple petals, because they reject the refraction of light, are completely immersed in their own world. Isolated from the world, it looks lonely and a little strange.

Black Tulip flowers for goths


Black Rose

There are two common types of black roses, one is called “Black Magic”: the flower shape is regular and beautiful, with thick petals that are black with red, and red with black, giving it a thick velvety feel.

The other type is called “Black Beauty”, the flower shape is slightly smaller, but it is more exquisite and unique. The flower color is black and red, and it shines like black gold velvet. Everyone should have seen it.

Black roses are actually black roses, or dyed black roses.

black rose flowers for goths


Black Peony

The black peony is the king of peonies. Not only are black peonies rare in number, they are also very difficult to find. Black peonies refer to peonies that are almost black, not really as black as charcoal. The most famous ones are Oolong Womochi, Qinglong Womochi, Guanshi Moyu, Smoke Velvet Purple, etc. It is very difficult to artificially create black flowers, and even through crossbreeding, the chance of obtaining black flowers is extremely slim. Therefore, among the colorful flowers, black peony has become very precious because of its scarcity.

Black Peony goth garden flowers


Black Iris

The best growing environment is sandy soil with good drainage at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level. The sunshine should be more than 8 hours, and the temperature should not be too low. Humidity and frost will affect its growth. It is endemic to Jordan.

It has extremely high ornamental value. The shape of the black iris is like an orchid, mysterious and noble. Its posture swaying in the mountain wind is like a beautiful Middle Eastern girl covered with a veil. The cold and glamorous appearance hides a burning passion, which is confusing and dizzy. It is the national flower of Jordan. Symbolizing royalty, hope, faith, bravery and wisdom.

Black Iris goth garden flowers


Black Datura

Black Datura is the noblest and rarest species of Datura. Datura in the dark is a flower that looks like a lily and has a light and elegant fragrance, but the real black datura is a fragrance that can cause you to have slight hallucinations if you smell it too much. It is beautiful, with enchanting branches and leaves, but it is highly poisonous and has no cure, so it is also called the love flower.

The flower language of black mandala – endless love and revenge! Represents unpredictable death and love.

Black Datura Stramonium aesthetic goth flowers


Black lily

Black lily grows on high mountains with an altitude of 2,400 to 2,500 meters, and is known as a lonely flower.

Because of the special growing environment, it is almost impossible to see it in ordinary flower shops.

Black lily aesthetic goth flowers


Black Calla Lily

Black calla lilies are very rare. “Black calla lilies are very tenacious. Because they are black, they absorb all colors of light and the temperature will rise, but they will adjust themselves to protect themselves from being burned.” Black calla lilies The language of flowers means beautiful hope, pure love, purity, elegance and happiness. Because the flower language of the calla lily itself means eternity, and the color black represents nobility and elegance, the flower language of the black calla lily means eternal happiness.

Black Calla Lily goth flowers



If you just want to make a bouquet, then the first choice should be the combination of black roses and purple tulips. If you want to make a flower basket to decorate your room, or create a goth garden, then the above flower types can be your choice!

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