pastel gothic aesthetic


When it comes to the Gothic subculture, there’s also the image of a gloomy man in a black robe that precedes it. The image is complemented by a “noir” style of makeup and accentuated by dark accessories. So, who are pastel goths and how do they differ from ordinary ones?


Gothic subculture framework

Modern gothic fashion is a popular subculture that grew out of the British post-punk scene, when goth fans began wearing leather jackets, chains, combat boots, and dark makeup. The formation of modern Gothic fashion has gone through about 40 years. They are:

1960s: The Velvet Underground, The Doors and Nico were among the first bands to be labeled “Gothic”.

1970s: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and Joy Division began to embrace the “Gothic” genre.

1980s: The rise of goth music inspires London’s first goth club called The Batcave.

1990s: Gothic music influenced other rock bands, such as Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, and Portishead.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Thus was born Gothic fashion, a style so unique that goth fans aspired to look like the badass musicians they saw on stage and imitate their outfits.

Over the past 40 years, modern goth fashion has consisted of some iconic goth clothing styles. I will list a few for you below:

Punk Goth: A more casual take on traditional gothic style with studded bracelets, lace-up boots and plaid.

Pastel Goth: This goth combines a love of culture with bright pastel colors.

Gothic Lolita: Lolita refers to a beautiful young lady whose innocent appeal was contrasted by Japanese fashionistas with the not-so-subtle theme of death to create Gothic Lolita.

pastel gothic aesthetic

Cyber Goth: They are technological outcasts from the future, often decked out in crazy neon colors, gas masks, and wild, shaggy hair.

Victorian Goth: Victoria is a traditional style, elegant and luxurious, famous for its structured corsets, similar clothing and beautiful hairstyles. When Victoria is combined with Goth, it becomes a new Goth style.

Vintage Goth: Like a gothic 1920s masked girl wearing vintage clothes and a tiny feathered hat. Retro goths use red lipstick instead of black lipstick.

Fetish Goth: Sexy NDSM goths love leather and latex, featuring figure-hugging silhouettes, thigh-high boots, fishnet stockings, and more.

Steampunk Goth: Steampunk blends classic medieval costumes with elements of a futuristic dystopia.

Vampire Goth: Well, Vampire Goth combined with the vampire craze at that time.

gothic pastel aesthetic

What is pastel gothic?

Pastel Goth, aka “scary cute,” is all about mixing cuteness, innocence, and the very disturbing. This look features pastels, glitter, decay, blood, tears, and bandages. Often wearing colorful 80s T-shirts, Japanese comics, children’s jewelry and eye-catching eye contact. This is a fashion associated with Gothic Lolita.

Pastel gothic is a new gothic style that has only become popular in recent years. It first became popular on Tumbler. Pastel Goth originally originated in Japan and has a crossover with Confident Goth. But there are distinctions: pastel goth looks like a cross between Lolita and death rock, while also following current fashion trends like leggings, tank tops, and more. Pastel Gothic uses typical Gothic elements such as crosses, pentagrams, bats, and lots of spikes and rivets, but some things are presented through softer tones such as light pink, lavender, lavender, or mint green. of. They prefer light eye makeup, dye their hair a light color, or wear a light-colored wig. The overall style is simply creepy and cute.

gothic pastel aesthetic


Pastel gothic aesthetic makeup

One of the main points of pastel goth makeup is to emphasize the piercing of various parts, especially on the face. Decorations such as lip rings, nose rings, and tongue studs are common, and earrings are often in the shape of rivets, closely following the crazy feeling of death rock style. .

The second point is the heavy eye makeup, which paints almost the entire eye area in thick black, almost covering the entire eye socket, showing the depth of the eyes, as mysterious as wearing a mask. This is one painting method, and of course there is another lighter painting method: you can choose a light-colored eye shadow that is similar to or matching your hair color, and apply the base color to the entire eye socket. The eyebrows need to be long and thin to highlight the thickness of the eye makeup.

gothic pastel aesthetic makeup

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Pastel gothic aesthetic hairstyle

The most obvious thing about pastel goth is their hair color. Just like when you think of cyber goth, they are all highly saturated red, blue and green, and when you think of pastel goth, their hair color is light pink or light purple.

Many people choose wigs, but hair dyeing is also good. Some people choose wigs because they are not firmly committed to the pastel goth style, and their usual look will change between pastel goth and trad goth.

aesthetic pastel goth

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Pastel gothic aesthetic headwear

Goth headwear is rarely used, and more are earrings, necklaces, etc., but headwear is also good, especially when used in pastel goth. Match light pink with light purple headdress, light purple with light pink headdress, bow hairpins, and love-shaped hairpins.

aesthetic pastel goth

For a cool style, you can choose a headband with multi-rivet elements, while for a romantic and cute style, you can make a vine-structured garland, which has a soft and beautiful aesthetic.

aesthetic pastel goth


Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

From the 13th century to the first half of the 15th century, which was the late Middle Ages, Gothic architectural style blew into jewelry art. Pointed shapes replaced rounded forms, and the fineness of lines was also greatly improved. Pearls were inlaid at the tips of jewelry. Softening the sharp lines, pins, belts, rings and headdresses are the most typical jewelry accessories of this period.

Gothic jewelry flows with the oldest black blood, with mysterious magnificence, mixed with a little romance, spreading power in silence.

Advocating the ultimate complexity in darkness, with a bit of weirdness, it carves out the eternal soul, penetrating the line of sight like the beautiful smile of the Gothic princess, and staying in your bone marrow.

Pastel gothic aesthetic jewelry

Gothic jewelry has a very eye-catching performance in major brands. The American jewelry brand Bochic is inspired by the Gothic style. Its earring series is embellished with black, white, gray, brown and other diamonds, and uses exquisite hand-carving techniques to present a gothic classic style full of charm.

The mysterious black diamonds and metallic platinum create a magical dark night atmosphere; while a huge star inlaid in the middle reflects the shining of the lone star in the dark night.

Pastel gothic jewelry is matched with a variety of colors.

pastal goth


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