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Although we mentioned the characteristics of Platform Soles in our previous article about Goth Lolita shoes, this does not mean that all goth shoes are high heels. Although high heels have the benefits of heels, flat shoes are also a popular choice. Some people are uncomfortable wearing high heels, and some people may simply not like high heels, and that’s okay. In order to cater to everyone’s different choices, we have prepared this special edition of gothic flat shoes for everyone!

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Gothic leather flats

Leather shoes are almost the first choice for gothic shoes. After all, leather shoes and elegance are closely related. Convenient and comfortable in terms of function, easy to wear and versatile in style. Although we say that there are many goth types, no matter which category, you can’t go wrong with Gothic leather flat shoes.

It should be noted that flat shoes are not suitable for wearing with tight pants, especially those worn without socks and exposing the ankles, which will make you look like a broken carrot.

When choosing flat shoes online, take a look at the soles. If the store has a picture of the shoes folded in half, you can see the softness of the soles. It would be better if there is a video. Second, look at the heels. Soft leather ones will not rub your heels. Third, look at the size. In addition to size, you should also choose the size of shoes according to the width of your feet. Remember to observe the store’s notes and reviews, and follow the size standards given by different merchants.

Gothic leather flats gothic flat shoes


Gothic ballet lace up flats

George Balanchine once said, “Ballet is woman.” Ballet aesthetics are considered romantic, soft, and full of femininity, but it can also bring out the rebellion of girls.

“Ballet Aesthetics” is inspired by ballet dancers’ performance and rehearsal costumes. The core elements include wrap tops, leotards, delicate tulle skirts, ballet flats, stacked leggings, headbands, and more, creating an elegant look. Charming “ultra-feminine”.

goth ballet flats

Ballet flats are exquisite and compact, making them very suitable for integration into daily wear and matched with different types of long skirts. The styles are different but equally elegant.

Paired with leather pants of the same color, it also has a unique flavor. It is cool and has a soft side at the same time, which is worth learning from cool girls.

Gothic ballet lace up flats


Gothic canvas flats

Canvas shoes, whether lace-up or Slip-Ons, are really lightweight and comfortable. The canvas fabric is quite special and brings a simple but not too luxurious style, making it the first choice for casual shoes. Unlike leather materials, the texture of cloth-textured fabrics is more obvious and can show a sense of layering. And now that DIY canvas shoe uppers are popular, you can buy a DIY set of canvas shoes to create your own creation!

Canvas shoes are generally not suitable for overly formal attire, and a formal ruffled long-sleeved shirt with a pair of espadrilles might look ridiculous. But some cute and breezy skirts and your collection of quirky patterned shorts and tights might work perfectly.

Gothic canvas flats goth flats


Gothic flat sandals

Who says sandals can only be worn in summer! Thick stockings and thick Roman-style strappy sandals are a look that many Japanese styles have long developed. T-strap or Ankle-strap is lightly buckled on the ankle. The sense of restraint highlights the slenderness of the ankle, and at the same time modifies the sole and instep of the foot, making the overall leg line visually longer.

In daily wear, the atmosphere of flat sandals looks like a summer beach, and the salty smell of the sea breeze should be mixed with the softness of the long skirt. The same goes for goth flats. Long skirts and shorts are both suitable. The former is more friendly, while the latter is cuter and cooler.



Gothic Mary Jane flats

Mary Jane shoes are usually high heels and thick soles, but flat Mary Jane shoes are not bad either, revealing a sense of simple elegance.

Mary Jane shoes generally have round toes, with a dull cuteness and not too many decorations. The most classic ones are black, which is versatile and tolerant. The deep burgundy color has a rich sense of elegance, like the beautiful vampire duchess, and feels very suitable for holding a glass of red wine.

Gothic Mary Jane flats goth ballet flats

Most of the Mary Jane models of gothic flat shoes on the market have round toes and matte surfaces. In addition to the simplest styles, some are embellished with gothic elements, such as rivets, roses, bat patterns, etc.

The simplest Gothic Mary Jane flats are the best to match. No matter what kind of Gothic style clothing, whether it is complicated with several layers, or simple everyday style, wearing these Mary Jane shoes will look very good, Mary. Jane flat shoes are more suitable for skirts that reach to the knee. They can expose half of the calf and look great with or without pantyhose.

Gothic Mary Jane flat goth boots


Gothic flat shoes matching rules

Although there are many ways to wear them, there are two combinations of the flat shoes I mentioned above that you can’t go wrong with.


Black dress and fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings, pantyhose, stockings, whatever. Either a dress or a skirt is fine. Don’t make your upper body too bulky, and don’t wear a coat that is too long. A plush coat is not OK, but a short ruffled coat is fine.

The key point of this look is that the skirt ends at the knees, exposing the calf, and the hem of the skirt contrasts with the leg line to highlight the beauty of the leg line. And the purpose of wearing pantyhose is to prevent your legs from looking too empty and top-heavy.

vgothic flat shoes


Black miniskirt and leather jacket

If the above set of outfits are sweet, then this set of looks focuses on sweetness + coolness. The cuteness of the mini skirt and the retro coolness of the leather jacket are paired together, making her look like a rebellious high school girl who can not only get first place in her grade but also play bass in rock concerts.

For inner wear, you can choose a tight-fitting tube top or suspenders, which contrasts with the loose leather jacket. The texture is rich, sublimating the overall look to another level, and giving you a confident and fashionable look.

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